SEXY Forums!

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Nov 012017

Sexy Forums!

So I have posted a NEW Sexy Forums message boards. I am looking forward to questions and comments from any and ALL of my fans! Please feel free to ask me anything and if you can think of another category and topics that should be added, please let me know. I will be monitoring the new Sexy Forums page daily and most likely SEVERAL times a day. I look forward to any and all of your questions!

As ALWAYS, Have a “Wicked” day!
Licks & Kisses
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Oct 272017

Our PornHub Channel is back current and LIVE!

I have continued to post MORE videos on my PornHub page. We posted our first video in 2013 and posted about 40 videos or so over 2 years and then just stopped. Recently, hubby noticed that there was a “model” program so because he and I were thinking about making MORE videos for others to watch and even thinking of starting a channel, we signed up and guess what, they paid me for the previous views from the past 4 years! That’s right, PornHub sent me almost $2000 from BEFORE we signed up so now we are obviously BIG fans of PornHub. If you have videos posted and you are not verified, Get verified, sign up for their model program and get paid for having sex with your lover! LoL!!!

Please, if you sign up, use my referral code or link and I will get a little credit. Once you have received your fist check, you will be able to refer people too!

All that being said, ENJOY our PornHub channel and let us know what you would like to see and we will see what we can do!

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Wicked Has to Ask for a Hall Pass

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Aug 212016

Sitting alone, longing for my husband who is way too far away and daydreaming of all the things I wanted him to do to me, I was bored and incredible horny.  Glancing out of the window I see the rain lashing down, I couldn’t help but feel relieved I didn’t have to go out in it. It was then I see him pulling up, my new neighbor that I’ve said hello to a few times but hadn’t really talked to, and he is a very good looking guy.

He had been living next door for a few weeks when he came round to introduce himself; Chris was a few years younger than me but I could feel an instant attraction between us. But the mood I was in, this could be trouble if I opened the door. Good sexy trouble! I quickly sent my husband the text. Baby, I would like a hall pass. May I PLEASE have a hall pass? Anxiously waiting for his response, I open the door.

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New story, New York FINALLY cums to Wicked!

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Jul 302016

New York FINALLY cums for Wicked!

I have been texting him for a few weeks and he was finally going to be here in Vegas tonight. I was very excited. Trading pics and going over what we liked and didn’t like. Telling each other what we were going to do to each other. As many times as I could, I would text him and play with my pussy. This man knew what I wanted. We turned each other on from the 1st text. He sent me a pic of his handsome face and sexy sexy smile … I love a sexy smile! Then, of his beautiful cock. Just right, the whole package.

New York FINALLY cums for Wicked!

Wicked Confesses to Having a Crush

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Jul 302016

I follow so many sexy blogs on Tumblr and the range is so wide. From complete submissiveness to complete domination. Those two are my least favorite kinds of blogs, but to each their own and I use them to educate myself on what people want and enjoy. I also bend their desires to fit my own personality and put my own spin on my sexual escapades. Then there is the in between … pure lust and sex. The craving of a sexual desire and wanting every bit of it. My crush has a very sexy blog and I love seeing his posts …

Wicked Has a Crush on One of Her Tumblr Followers!


A HotWife Story

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Feb 102016

I am writing a lengthy story about helping a woman become a HotWife after she finds out about me and her husband. This is a work in progress and will be updated regularly. If you would like to subscribe to my updates here on, there is a box up there to your left to subscribe to. Please feel free to and look forward to any feedback you have, positive or constructive.

The HotWife Story



HotWife Training

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Feb 092016

I started a page to help answer one of the most answered questions I get, How do I make my wife/girlfriend a HotWife? I am no professional and only can give advice on what I have researched and done with our own journey into this Lifestyle. I am posting it as a working project so please come back and visit often for more!

I welcome all feedback, positive and constructive! I would love to hear about your journey as well! You can reach me at

You would not believe the emails, notes and messages I get on how do I get my ____________ (insert wife, girlfriend or significant other here) to be just like you?

I want to be a cuckold or I want my own HotWife! HELP!!

Well lucky for you, she is unique and special just as she is! As for wanting your own HotWife yourself, well, that is a horse of a different color now isn’t it?

1st things 1st … Answer these questions:


  • Why do you want to do this?
    • Does she even know about your desire to do this?
    • Have you talked about this at any length at all?
  • What kind of HotWife do you want to have?
  • What kind of cuckold do you want to be?

Read on here for more or go to the Wicked HotWife Training tab up top!!

1st annual TumblrBowl

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Feb 072016


1st Annual TumblrBowl!

Okay Sports Fans, Hubby and I have decided to start a NEW tradition and call it “TumblrBowl!” The idea is to send in your sexiest pictures in your FAVORITE Superbowl clothing or SEXIFIED Superbowl clothing. This will be modified team gear and anything to do with the superbowl. Send us your SEXIEST pictures all of today. The best ones of course will be during your party in NAUGHTY situations but sneaking of with someone and taking a quick picture or naughty little video will be GREAT too!


We will post them in a special “TumblrBowl” gallery on the Gallery page and you will vote for the BEST TumblrBowl” picture to receive a gift certificate from the HeyWicked toy store to buy something SEXY for yourself or lucky playmate!

Remember, the NAUGHTIER the Better! I personally want to see what you will dare to do in front of others with the GAME on in the background! Alright SEXY guys and girls, It is TumblrBowl Kickoff time!!!

Where’s Wicked 1-29-2016 1-31-2016

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Jan 292016

Well I had a VERY interesting experience at SEMA in 2014 and it has inspired me to play a little game! Honestly, I was very embarrassed and taken back but the more I think about it, the more I REALLY liked it. I had a fan see me at the 2014 SEMA show and was basically staring at me and I could feel it and didn’t know why until he came up to me and reached out his hand and then then said, “I REALLY love your blogs!” (with a VERY sly little smirk) My face turned BRIGHT red and then a friend that was with me and didn’t know about this site or my blogs which made me even more embarrassed but I liked it! It really knocked me off my feet that someone would recognize me, but OH WHAT FUN!!! So here is the deal, I would like to play the “Where’s Wicked” game and from time to time I will be posting a general area or event I will be attending. The challenge is to find me and say “Hi” and let’s take a picture together! (Don’t forget to email the photo’s to me PLEASE!) Once you find me feel free to post that you did, but make sure you DON’T post or announce exactly where you see me so we can make this a REAL game!!! I look forward to meeting more fans in person! (I may ask for your contact info for later just in case we NEED to make arrangements for a more intimate meeting!) I will be posting pictures on the “Where’s Wicked” page.

Good luck and CUM find me!!!

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