Feb 072016


1st Annual TumblrBowl!

Okay Sports Fans, Hubby and I have decided to start a NEW tradition and call it “TumblrBowl!” The idea is to send in your sexiest pictures in your FAVORITE Superbowl clothing or SEXIFIED Superbowl clothing. This will be modified team gear and anything to do with the superbowl. Send us your SEXIEST pictures all of today. The best ones of course will be during your party in NAUGHTY situations but sneaking of with someone and taking a quick picture or naughty little video will be GREAT too!


We will post them in a special “TumblrBowl” gallery on the Gallery page and you will vote for the BEST TumblrBowl” picture to receive a gift certificate from the HeyWicked toy store to buy something SEXY for yourself or lucky playmate!

Remember, the NAUGHTIER the Better! I personally want to see what you will dare to do in front of others with the GAME on in the background! Alright SEXY guys and girls, It is TumblrBowl Kickoff time!!!

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