A Wicked picture of the Day

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Oct 302014

So my wonderful Wicked friends … I was thinking of adding a new album on here that I could add daily pictures. Not older pictures that you have already seen a thousand times … do you get tired of them though? ;) A Wicked picture of the Day I think is what the Dr. ordered! See me in my daily glory, whether it be a good hair day or not who cares, right? When my Husband and I were living apart for work, he longed and lived for those daily pics! I was like really? You see this every single day, but he loved them and me and couldn’t get enough. So my Sweet Friends, I think I shall carry on for you, my loyal followers. Cum check out what I am up to today … I promise to make The Daily Pics interesting. Most of the time only me, or a hot pic of hubby fucking me or if I am really really lucky, a new fuck buddy!! We shall see how it goes and I really hope you like it. You are also welcome to send me your requests and I will do my best to fulfill those requests. Of course there are things I WON’T do, but if it makes me wet, I will get you a SEXY shot! Wicked@HeyWicked.com or WickedVegas@gmail.com is a GREAT way to send me your requests. I look forward to hearing from you!

Wicked picture of the day!

Wicked Chat TODAY 10-27-2014

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Oct 262014

It is a great day and I am thinking a chat room GANG BANG might be fun!! Any HOT STUDS or Sexy women in Vegas should jump in! I am looking forward to a little SEXY chat so cum make me wet and maybe you can talk me into putting on a little show! Hubby will be close by so let me know what you would like to see! I do like to chat and LOVE to get all wet with you. I am excited to chat with you! See you in the “Wicked” Chat room!

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Oct 212014

Well guys, gals or SEXY couples, I am looking for a weekend date for the weekend of 10/24 – 10/26! I am trying to decide what direction to go so send me YOUR ideas, pictures and what you would do with me. I will be in Vegas this weekend for the first time in a while and would really like to find a HOT STUD to take me shopping, a nice dinner, maybe a movie and of course some “FUN” afterwards!!! If things are going really well, I am sure we can make a weekend out of  it! You MUST be camera friendly so I can send pictures and video for hubby or maybe we will just have him chauffeur us around all night/weekend? It would be fun getting fucked while he was driving us around!!! Send me a SEXY picture, a tentative plan and maybe a little something to make me WET anticipating our evening! And don’t worry, hubby is just an option, not a must! Email me at WickedVegas@gmail.com and put “DateNight” in the subject line! Let’s have some FUN!!!

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Oct 202014

Okay, I have started the “Wicked Galleries” tab and you will find pictures posted here from time to time. I am still just processing some of the pictures but I will keep posting different galleries as more cum to mind. Let me know what you think and please give me your ideas!

Wicked Galleries

Licks & Kisses

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Halloween SALE!

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Oct 172014

We are having a Halloween sale at the WickedVegas toy store! Pick and choose your FAVORITE toys and receive 10% off your entire purchase at checkout when you use the coupon code SPOOKY10 in all caps. When you receive your toys, please send me a review of them that I can publish (Pictures and video included if you like! Keep it anonymous, no face shots please) and I will send you another code to get 20% off EVERYTHING you order for the rest of the year!!!

Click the link below to go to our store

Large Wicked banner  <—Link

My Shower

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Oct 162014

My husband and I lived for 2 years apart for logistical reasons that you need not concern yourself with. But for what it seems like the longest 2 years of my life, we stayed strong in our marriage and built the amazing foundation that our marriage stands proudly on today. It made for long, cold lonely nights until we could be in each others arms again and this is what would often happen after our phone talks and I would send hubby pics and video. Enjoy!!



Licks & Kisses

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Wicked SALE!!!

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Oct 082014

Head over to the “Wicked” toy store for our WICKED SALE and receive 10% off your complete order now through October 10th when you use the coupon code WICKED10 (all CAPS) at checkout! Once you have received your order, send me a review of the products (include pictures IF you like) to publish and I will send you another code for an even DEEPER (Let’s be real, we all like it deeper!!!) discount for your next order! Thank you SO much for shopping with us! I would recommend ANY woman that doesn’t have a Princess Plug or a Hitachi to GET ONE!!! I had my Hitachi in a box for YEARS before I tried it and I am SO SO disappointed I didn’t open it sooner!

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Broadcasting TONIGHT!!!

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Oct 072014

Tonight at 9:30ish PST we will be “playing” on cam! I will have my chat window open and when not Orgasming, I will try to chat with you! I am sorry, I still can’t stream sound with the broadcast but I am working on it!

Click on either of the links, some may only be able to log onto one or the other but that is all I can do. I will NOT be able to give you tech support so PLEASE don’t ask, you will ruin my ORGASMS!!! http://www.heywicked.com/wicked-live/

Click here for the ChatRoom and chat with me here! http://www.heywicked.com/wickedchat/

See you at around 9:30 PST TONIGHT!

Licks & Kisses

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Hubby is in the chatroom

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Oct 052014

Well I have Hubby in the Chatroom so if you would like to “Ask him ANYTHING” about being my cuck, how we do things differently or ANYTHING about me, feel free to stop by the ChatRoom and ask. I will be popping in later so we can chat as well!!! Please address him as “Cuck” or “Cucky” or “Wicked’s Cuck”