Jan 312015
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Read my review and please let me know what YOU think about the Wand!!

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Where’s Wicked 2

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Jan 212015

Where’s Wicked 2

Well I had a VERY interesting experience at SEMA last year and it has inspired me to play a little game! Honestly, I was very embarrassed and taken back but the more I think about it, the more I REALLY liked it. I had a fan see me at the 2014 SEMA and was basically staring at me and I could feel it and didn’t know why until he came up to me and reached out his hand and then then said, “I REALLY love your blogs!” (with a VERY sly little smirk) My face turned BRIGHT red and then a friend that was with me and didn’t know about this site or my blogs which made me even more embarrassed but I liked it! It really knocked me off my feet that someone would recognize me, but OH WHAT FUN!!! So here is the deal! I will be at Grand National Roadster Show January 23rd thru January 25th, 2015 at the LA County Fairplex in Pomona and I would like to play “Where’s Wicked?” The challenge is to find me and say “Hi” and let’s take a picture together! Once you find me feel free to post that you did, but make sure you DON’T post or announce exactly where you see me so we can make this a REAL game!!! I look forward to meeting more fans in person! (I may ask for your contact info for later just in case we NEED to make arrangements for a more intimate meeting!) I will be posting pictures on the “Where’s Wicked” page.

Good luck and CUM find me!!!

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Jan 182015


Submit you SEXY CockShots to me for my “Special” Gallery! We will incorporate a rating system along with allowing others to post comments! I am EXCITED to see your package! Who knows, Maybe I cam make an appearance in a future photo of yours?! Send your CockShots to CockShots@HeyWicked.com and we will get them posted!

You can view your competioion here!

Cam SEX Erotic story

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Jan 142015

Cam SEX erotic story

So I am stalking the social networks for my FIRST young STUD playmate for a cam adventure. I post that I am looking for online fun and to cam with and I am looking for pictures to make your selection. I post the ad and the pictures start POURING in! Every guy wants me from 18 year olds to guys in the 50’s. I look through the pictures and I cum across this HOT STUD with a GREAT looking cock. He is 22 years old but his cock is more than I can resist! I start to tingle the moment I open the picture! “That is my guy” I say. I email him and tell him he is the lucky guy!


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