Jun 292015

Naughty America Anklet


I am so excited to have been chosen to receive the very first “Naughty America” anklet! (NOT worn by one of their performers) This was sent to me by MJ at Naughty America and I am honored to wear it with pride! As a HotWife, this makes me very happy and WET! I am looking forward to being picked up while wearing this beauty! I can just imagine the video I will be making for hubby to watch after I get home from my SEXY HotWife adventure! I am sure I will post it for you all to see too. Maybe one of you will be the one to break it in? How exciting! I can’t wait for some pictures of it in the air, or while I am bent over, or wrapped around you, or….. (insert your favorite position here!) Maybe Naughty America will want the video you and I make together?

Thank you again Naughty America! www.NaughtyAmerica.com  

CUM and get me boys!!!

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Jun 252015

Well it is time YOU join the Wicked Jelly Belly Club!

This is a few. I have 5 FULL!

This is a few. I have 5 FULL!

I just started a new jar … I have 5 completely full already and that is just 3 1/2 years! (Hubby isn’t going ANYWHERE but I may share him with some sexy ladies if you are interested!) For those of you that don’t know … I like to add a Jelly Belly to the jar for each orgasm. They are color coded as well. Pink for myself giving me orgasms (fun when someone else is watching), white for when hubby gives me orgasms (and as you can see I am a VERY satisfied woman!) and blue for misc lovers (NOT enough of those). I’m thinking I need more of them! If we become playmates, maybe I will give you your own color? (Something to work for!) Let’s see how many Jelly Belly’s I can add this weekend! Anyone want to PLAY?  www.heywicked.com


Licks & Kisses

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Jun 222015

Take me SHOPPING!!!          Something sexy from behind!

So I want to thank all of you that send me gifts and pick things for my “Wish List.” It is so nice and SEXY when I come home from a race or get an anonymous package from a fan with nothing but an email address and what they want me to do for them in their special outfit! It makes me SO wet!!! I LOVE taking “special” pictures for you or making hubby video me while I make you your own personal video, VERY HOT!!! But what I REALLY want and need is someone to cum take me shopping! Maybe we go get lunch and talk about what your fantasy is. We make a plan of what store to go to and after we are done with lunch, we head to the stores where you pick things out you want me to try on. Than I model them for you and pick out your favorites! (Maybe you could cum into the dressing room to “Zip me UP!”) Then maybe head out for dinner in one of those SEXY outfits and after, we head back to your place and see how they come off! (Or maybe you just FUCK ME out of them! Videoing the whole affair for hubby of course! Maybe we have him chauffeur us around?) Anyone interested in taking me shopping? Send pictures of yourself and what you have in mind and let’s get those juices flowing!!! WickedVegas@gmail.com is a GREAT way to get started!


Where’s Wicked Fathers day weekend

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Jun 172015

“Where’s Wicked” Fathers day weekend!

Well it is time for another “Where’s Wicked” play time! This is for all you So-Cal fans! This fathers day weekend (6/19-21/2015) I will be at an event in Southern California. (First clue, I LOVE cars) You may ask me questions and I will post the answers! Use the tumblr mail system (hard to call it that, but WHATEVER!) Use the “submit” option from my profile so all of the other fans can have the clues as well. Who knows, maybe we can have a little fun when you find me! You can also email me directly ANYTIME with stories about our “dream date” and of course all those SEXY pictures you want to send! WickedVegas@gmail.com for the good stuff! Okay California boys AND GIRLS, CUM AND GET ME!

For those of you that are just surfing around and may not know what tumblr is, here are my links

and of course I allow hubby to have one too