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Jan 292016

Well I had a VERY interesting experience at SEMA in 2014 and it has inspired me to play a little game! Honestly, I was very embarrassed and taken back but the more I think about it, the more I REALLY liked it. I had a fan see me at the 2014 SEMA show and was basically staring at me and I could feel it and didn’t know why until he came up to me and reached out his hand and then then said, “I REALLY love your blogs!” (with a VERY sly little smirk) My face turned BRIGHT red and then a friend that was with me and didn’t know about this site or my blogs which made me even more embarrassed but I liked it! It really knocked me off my feet that someone would recognize me, but OH WHAT FUN!!! So here is the deal, I would like to play the “Where’s Wicked” game and from time to time I will be posting a general area or event I will be attending. The challenge is to find me and say “Hi” and let’s take a picture together! (Don’t forget to email the photo’s to me PLEASE!) Once you find me feel free to post that you did, but make sure you DON’T post or announce exactly where you see me so we can make this a REAL game!!! I look forward to meeting more fans in person! (I may ask for your contact info for later just in case we NEED to make arrangements for a more intimate meeting!) I will be posting pictures on the “Where’s Wicked” page.

Good luck and CUM find me!!!

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Jan 172016

Make sure YOU are ready for what YOU ask for!

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I get MANY requests for MANY types of guys and girls so I would have thought this was obvious but I will spell things out as CLEARLY as I can for all.

1st,        I can NEVER get enough sex. I am CONSTANTLY horny and when I see a SEXY cock or BEAUTIFUL woman I want, it does effect me! I am NOT the best at starting conversations, but once started, I am VERY open, HONEST and awkward! I am NOT polished in my conversations but you will know EXACTLY what I think! I have been with guys and had a VERY sexy relationship with a women for about 7 months so I am open to all when mutual attraction is there! I love relationships with women but I NEED cock too!

2nd,          I am NOT here to cause infidelity between you and your spouse. If you are married and have a hall pass, that is GREAT! If you are married and coming to Vegas cheat on your spouse, please call someone else. I am looking for consensual sex. That means if you are married, you are ONE with your spouse and if he or she isn’t on board, you are cheating! Please leave me out of this!

3rd,          I have NO problem being your 3rd with your wife but PLEASE make sure she knows your plans BEFORE you make plans with me! I have been all dressed up and headed for a meet and get the text, “I will let you know, I need to clear it with my wife.” This is VERY upsetting! It takes time to get ready, hubby gets excited and I clear plans and then you FLAKE !I don’t have time for this!

4th,           I am NOT a prostitute! I have a good life with a husband and family that loves and takes care of me! I am NOT saying that sex for money isn’t appealing, It is, but I am not a professional! If you would like to take me shopping, or anything else, I am fine with that but the text, “Are there any “Fee’s” expected” is NOT what I want to see. I have a friend that dated a guy that had a fetish that he wanted to pay for sex and my friend got to keep the money! If you are in to that and we are attracted to each other, BRING YOU WALLET because I will fuck you silly and you will get your money’s worth! (I am sure I would spend the money to make n=me SEXIER for you anyway or buy SEX TOYS!)

5th,        I AM going to record and film our encounter for hubby! Once we get to know each other and if you become a regular, this may become optional, but know when we get to the room, the cameras are going to be set up! I PROMISE we will NEVER release anything without consent. There are many out there that will attest to that. Your privacy is safe and we expect the same.

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