DSC06201This is my sexual side. A side I never knew existed. I feel like a virgin in this new world I have discovered with my husband. Unexplainable ecstasy with just a smile from him. A look. Oh and his touch … Mind blowing. I’ve never felt more free to speak without judgment, ridicule or shame. And he has found the same in me. We are discovering sex as pure pleasure. Our bodies as play grounds that we share with others. And now my sexy alpha male wants to be my cuck … WOW … Though I have some issues with treating this amazing man who has blessed my life as a cuck, I couldn’t be more excited because we have redefined the image of what a cuck can be!! Can this predominately submissive woman be the Cucktress he deserves? I am not a writer, just speak from my heart. Follow my journey … I hope you enjoy.

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  1. How do you sign up to be a member?

    • What membership are you look for Jim? Would you like to be one of my lovers or site membership? The site is COMPLETELY open to everyone however I am going to start a subscription side where you will get some “Special” privileges soon! Thank you for enjoying http://www.HeyWicked.com

  2. i think it is totally awesome that you and your husband can have such a free and sexually hot relationship like y’all do and be so happy. maybe, just maybe, one of my three marriages would have worked if we had done it! lol cheers to y’all! i sure do wish i was in vegas!!

    sincerely, Sonny

    • Thank you Sonny. The good news is if there is another marriage, you know how to start it and have a much better chance for success! If you are ever in Vegas, let us know!

  3. Love your tumblr and your site. I sent you a nice little BBC story. I know you will love it

  4. May I fall at Your feet and obey? I would obey Your every command

  5. I hope that everything turns out correctly for you both. All the best

    • All is GREAT and we LOVE our life!!! Thank you for following up and for your comments. Sorry it took so long to reply. We will do better in the future. We are on the road 28 weeks a year so it sometimes is difficult.

  6. I would love to “visit” you when we make our trip there sometime in April. My wife is going for the Magic Mike live, figured I’d do some magic wife live or something like that.

    • VERY sexy Idea! Maybe we can find another ticket and you can sit between the 2 of us? Send me pictures and maybe a SEXY introduction video of you and your wife? Hope to hear from you directly! WickedVegas@gmail.com or SEXT me at 702.481.4811

  7. Damn you are hot! When you ever visit Amsterdam please let me know!

    • IIf I ever get there, I will let you know but you could always arrange to fly me in for a visit! LoL!!!

      Have a “WIcked” day!

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