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I get many questions on Tumblr everyday and there are some pretty good ones that might help others in “Lifestyle” living or Cuckolding or any other fetishes this is where you can “ASK Wicked”.  We will be creating pages with your questions and answers so that we can reference them and as our experience grows, so will the post! Fell free to weigh in on any question or topic with your positive or constructive feedback so we can enjoy or together or avoid the pitfalls that we sometimes don’t see coming.  Remember, we are smarter when we learn TOGETHER!!! Please feel free to add any information or experience you may have so we can all be better together!

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  1. so what kinda pics do you want and did you get the fan mail describing what I wante to do for my bday while I am out there?

  2. Do you like fucking guys with a strap on? Do you ever peg guys other than hubby? Are you going to share your pegging pictures in your gallerys?

    • I LOVE fucking hubby with a strap it is very erotic, but I don’t do it very often. Of course I will share! I don’t really peg anyone else at this time although I am open to it with the right fuck buddy.

  3. I would like to load up your Starbuck card, but how does it work? It asks me to get a card, not add to yours.

    • Thank you Mike. They have changed their system so I will be doing something different. Hope this finds you well and thank you again!

  4. I love your site. I also have a couple cock pics and video I will send if you care to watch and decide if I am qualified for posting. Just let me know how to get them too you if you decide.

  5. When are you on for chat next ?

    • Not sure. This is a VERY busy next few weeks but I will try to sneak a couple in there. We are racing every weekend for the next 4 weeks so it get’s difficult. It will probably be during the week. What timezone are you in? I usually start weekday chats about 9:30 PST. You should send me pictures of yourself to my email and maybe we can make a plan?

  6. Hey! Naughty America is presenting a new concept that we would love your input on. We have been following your blog for a while, and would be honored to give you a free membership to our site, so that you can give us your feedback. Can we talk over email?

    Thanks so much!

    Naughty America

  7. Hey Wicked,
    Wondering if you had any recommendations for parties in Vegas. My wife and I are heading to Vegas in the next couple weeks. Looking to explore or voyeur and exhibition ways. We have not got into the lifestyle scene yet, currently we are trying to find another female to come have some fun with us. Any Vegas parties you reccomend? We are a mid 30’s couple looking to be around similar age and would like to find a party that we would not feel pressured to do anything we are not currently comfortable with. Just looking to explore a couple fantasies watching others or letting others watch us.
    Thanks for your help.

    • There are a couple of places you can go but it really sounds like you need a couple to be with. maybe you could take turns filming each other or just the watching and being watched part. Hubby and I started at the Red Rooster in the Voyeur room. NO pressure from anyone. The room was full while hubby fucked me. We drew quite an audience and there were guys all around stroking themselves while hubby fucked me for about 45 minutes. VERY HOT! You can also sign up on Swing Lifestyles and see if you can find a Unicorn to play with. They are hard to come by, but they are out there. I have been couples Unicorn a couple of times and it is VERY sexy and fun! There are usually a group the meets at the bar in the middle of Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday nights. They will be easy to find if you head there about 9pm. Good luck and most of all HAVE FUN and enjoy the adventure! Hope this helps!


  8. Love dreaming of you sledding on my big 9 inch black cock. Have you ever had that baby if so tell me. Damn ur hot baby m?mmmmmm yep I’m cummmming

  9. I wanted to know how to get my wife to be more dominant in bed. She is already dominant in our life. She is control over finances and I do the house work. I have asked her to buy me panties but she still has not. I am not sure she thinks she is into this lifestyle even though I think she could be a very sexy dominant women

    • Well this is a hard one. The panties for her man may be too much for now. Hang in there and continue to talk to her about what you desire!

  10. Hello Wicked. I am going to send a couple of Stocking Stuffers your way. Your Amazon Wish List says ship to Chicago IL. Is this correct ? Thought you were in Vegas. Sorry it’s not a Sybian wanted to deliver that in person. Maybe SEMA next year. Happy Holidays!! Dogg

    • Dogg

      I am SO sorry for the delay in posting this and even seeing it. On an update, I stopped getting notifications. Anyway, I do live in Vegas, not sure what the Chicago address is but I will fix that for sure! Don’t forget, you can always “SEXT” me at 702.481.4811 ANYTIME!!!

  11. I travel a lot for buisiness, vegas is a regular stop. I’d love to buy you dinner sometime…

  12. Hey Wicked, big fan of your blog on tumblr! I noticed your 2point0 one was deactivated what happened?

    • They were ALL deleted and they said I violated some policy and never told me what it was so I have NO idea what I did. Anyway, I have now and we will see how long it lasts!

  13. How do I get involved???? Amazing work. Do you ever come to Canada or do production from Canada?

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