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Oct 272017

Our PornHub Channel is back current and LIVE!

I have continued to post MORE videos on my PornHub page. We posted our first video in 2013 and posted about 40 videos or so over 2 years and then just stopped. Recently, hubby noticed that there was a “model” program so because he and I were thinking about making MORE videos for others to watch and even thinking of starting a channel, we signed up and guess what, they paid me for the previous views from the past 4 years! That’s right, PornHub sent me almost $2000 from BEFORE we signed up so now we are obviously BIG fans of PornHub. If you have videos posted and you are not verified, Get verified, sign up for their model program and get paid for having sex with your lover! LoL!!!

Please, if you sign up, use my referral code or link and I will get a little credit. Once you have received your fist check, you will be able to refer people too!

All that being said, ENJOY our PornHub channel and let us know what you would like to see and we will see what we can do!

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A HotWife Story

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Feb 102016

I am writing a lengthy story about helping a woman become a HotWife after she finds out about me and her husband. This is a work in progress and will be updated regularly. If you would like to subscribe to my updates here on, there is a box up there to your left to subscribe to. Please feel free to and look forward to any feedback you have, positive or constructive.

The HotWife Story



HotWife Training

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Feb 092016

I started a page to help answer one of the most answered questions I get, How do I make my wife/girlfriend a HotWife? I am no professional and only can give advice on what I have researched and done with our own journey into this Lifestyle. I am posting it as a working project so please come back and visit often for more!

I welcome all feedback, positive and constructive! I would love to hear about your journey as well! You can reach me at

You would not believe the emails, notes and messages I get on how do I get my ____________ (insert wife, girlfriend or significant other here) to be just like you?

I want to be a cuckold or I want my own HotWife! HELP!!

Well lucky for you, she is unique and special just as she is! As for wanting your own HotWife yourself, well, that is a horse of a different color now isn’t it?

1st things 1st … Answer these questions:


  • Why do you want to do this?
    • Does she even know about your desire to do this?
    • Have you talked about this at any length at all?
  • What kind of HotWife do you want to have?
  • What kind of cuckold do you want to be?

Read on here for more or go to the Wicked HotWife Training tab up top!!


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Jan 172016

Make sure YOU are ready for what YOU ask for!

WickedVegas             Wicked Sext Phone

I get MANY requests for MANY types of guys and girls so I would have thought this was obvious but I will spell things out as CLEARLY as I can for all.

1st,        I can NEVER get enough sex. I am CONSTANTLY horny and when I see a SEXY cock or BEAUTIFUL woman I want, it does effect me! I am NOT the best at starting conversations, but once started, I am VERY open, HONEST and awkward! I am NOT polished in my conversations but you will know EXACTLY what I think! I have been with guys and had a VERY sexy relationship with a women for about 7 months so I am open to all when mutual attraction is there! I love relationships with women but I NEED cock too!

2nd,          I am NOT here to cause infidelity between you and your spouse. If you are married and have a hall pass, that is GREAT! If you are married and coming to Vegas cheat on your spouse, please call someone else. I am looking for consensual sex. That means if you are married, you are ONE with your spouse and if he or she isn’t on board, you are cheating! Please leave me out of this!

3rd,          I have NO problem being your 3rd with your wife but PLEASE make sure she knows your plans BEFORE you make plans with me! I have been all dressed up and headed for a meet and get the text, “I will let you know, I need to clear it with my wife.” This is VERY upsetting! It takes time to get ready, hubby gets excited and I clear plans and then you FLAKE !I don’t have time for this!

4th,           I am NOT a prostitute! I have a good life with a husband and family that loves and takes care of me! I am NOT saying that sex for money isn’t appealing, It is, but I am not a professional! If you would like to take me shopping, or anything else, I am fine with that but the text, “Are there any “Fee’s” expected” is NOT what I want to see. I have a friend that dated a guy that had a fetish that he wanted to pay for sex and my friend got to keep the money! If you are in to that and we are attracted to each other, BRING YOU WALLET because I will fuck you silly and you will get your money’s worth! (I am sure I would spend the money to make n=me SEXIER for you anyway or buy SEX TOYS!)

5th,        I AM going to record and film our encounter for hubby! Once we get to know each other and if you become a regular, this may become optional, but know when we get to the room, the cameras are going to be set up! I PROMISE we will NEVER release anything without consent. There are many out there that will attest to that. Your privacy is safe and we expect the same.


Nov 242015

What Does Wicked Want From You

I’d like to start off this post as saying that I get a ton of emails each day. About 80% of the emails are sad to say unsubstantial. “Hey Babe, lets fuck”  “You are hot, lets fuck” “If you let me have your ass, you can have mine” And then there are my all-time favorites … “Hey” “Sup” and “Yo” Even more sad to mention is that more than half of the words will be misspelled and flipped around in the wrong order in these unsubstantial emails. Now to some writers defense, they are checking to see if this is a true email and not some kind of spam or scheme, but that has always been mentioned and therefore I will tell them that this is the honest to real goodness  Wicked in the flesh writing them back and then immediately ask for sexy pictures and get the conversation going.

I get it life is busy! In the land of technology, emailing, texting, calling, pc, MAC, tablets, iPads galore you can get a hold of anyone with a swipe of the finger and quickly drop notes. The thing is … I need more of your time because you have MY incredibly valuable time. I am a full time mom, have very fulfilling work to do and my naughty hobby of trying to find cocks to enter my married pussy. Quite the multitasking wizard I have become let me tell you! When I open my email, I used be soooo excited to see what someone would say to me to make me want to write back! I have not had that in quite a while. I want it back. I crave it. I NEED it!! Give me something that makes me want to write back. Pictures that make me want my lips wrap around those cocks and get my throat fucked. Show me those sexy smiles and handsome faces. I will NEVER post the pics you send me unless asked to. Be that email that makes me drop everything that I am doing to write you back and ask how soon can I show up on your doorstep, PLEASE?!

Or do you really think I am THAT easy that I do not need any kind of stimulation at all? I am not. I am very picky. I do not NEED any of this … lifestyle I am talking about. I have everything a woman/wife/mother could ever hope to have all in the beautiful package of the family and husband that I have already. No one is getting replaced although I would like to find guys and gals that make me WANT to leave hubby for the weekend or spend the night so I can have another fuck session  before returning to my husband that just happens to love the thought of others fucking his wife!  I also love the idea of sharing my married pussy and if I am going to play in the lifestyle, I WANT it all. Need and want are two totally different things. I want fit. I want muscular. I want beautiful, long, thick cocks to stroke with my long fingers, to wrap my supple mouth or wet pussy lips around. I have to have D and D free. Less body hair the better, but not a showstopper, I just won’t run my tongue all over your balls and body which I love to do. I have never had a black cock, and do not plan on having any anytime soon. Nothing personal at all. There is no rhyme or reason for my non interest. It just does not turn me on and all of this is about turning ME on! I want to talk for an hour or less when we meet and if we feel the magic right away, I won’t wait an hour. Once you have me, USE ME! I want you to take control and use me as your fuck toy. I want to be thrown around the bed being flipped this way and that way for you to enjoy fucking the married pussy you have your cock buried in! And just in case you have a friend you want to play with me as well, ask! I would love to meet them and decide how turned on I am by him/her to have you both have your way with me! All the while letting me Video, take pictures and Skype with the hubby to show him what he is missing and that his wife is being very well taken care of! Simple, right?

The more intriguing and thoughtful your email or conversation is to me, the more believable and turned on I will be towards you wanting me to make stuff happen to meet you! SO many flakes and fakes out there and I my dear, am not one of them.

So, I wrote this telling you what my intentions are … What will YOUR intentions with Wicked be? Please tell me every luscious detail to me! Do you really want to be NEXT? SHOW ME!! That is what Wicked wants from YOU!

Nov 202015

Wicked SEXT phone!!!

Wicked has a NEW Sexting phone!!! I am going to GIVE the number out for free. I am going to have a subscription section of the website soon and offer PREMIUM services for my subscribers.I travel quite a bit so I have hours of just riding in the passenger seat next to hubby. I can think of nothing FUNNER than SEXTING with SEXY followers while sitting next to hubby! I would LOVE for hubby to look over seeing me with a big grin on my face while he notices I am touching myself while reading a SEXY story you text me or a video you made for me of your cock!!! Remember, this is a SEXT phone and when and if we get to the next level and become one of my “SEXY Playmates”, I will give you calling privileges. Until then, SEXTING only please!!! (pictures are a GREAT way to say hello!!! Include the WHOLE you please!!! How else will I know if I want to fuck you? 😉 

Are you READY for the number? (It will ONLY be posted for a SHORT time!!!)


I LOVE playing SEXY dress up!

CUM and get me boys!!!

Hot Date!

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Aug 312015

HOT Date!

Well guys, gals or SEXY couples, I am looking for a HOT Date this week! Hubby’s cock will be caged and home so I am trying to decide what direction to go. Send me YOUR ideas, pictures and what you would do with me. I have a VERY rare free 10 days. I would really like to find a HOT STUD to take me out for some “FUN”!!! Maybe some shopping, watch a show, nice dinner, maybe a naked pool party? Hubby will be home waiting for text updates and blow by blow videos so fuck me well enough and we can make want to stay the night or maybe a second  hot date (and 3rd, 4th…. you get the picture!) I LOVE having hubby reclaim me but it would be GREAT if you were so good I would say, “Hubby can wait!” You MUST be camera friendly so I can send pictures and video for hubby!!! Send me a SEXY picture, a tentative plan and maybe a little something to make me WET anticipating our evening/weekend! Email me at and put “HotDate” in the subject line! Let’s have some FUN!!!

(¸.•´ (¸.•` Wicked


I know you want me NAKED, but I have to dress to get there! I will wear whatever you buy me if you like!

I know you want me NAKED, but I have to dress to get there! I will wear whatever you buy me if you like!


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Jun 222015

Take me SHOPPING!!!          Something sexy from behind!

So I want to thank all of you that send me gifts and pick things for my “Wish List.” It is so nice and SEXY when I come home from a race or get an anonymous package from a fan with nothing but an email address and what they want me to do for them in their special outfit! It makes me SO wet!!! I LOVE taking “special” pictures for you or making hubby video me while I make you your own personal video, VERY HOT!!! But what I REALLY want and need is someone to cum take me shopping! Maybe we go get lunch and talk about what your fantasy is. We make a plan of what store to go to and after we are done with lunch, we head to the stores where you pick things out you want me to try on. Than I model them for you and pick out your favorites! (Maybe you could cum into the dressing room to “Zip me UP!”) Then maybe head out for dinner in one of those SEXY outfits and after, we head back to your place and see how they come off! (Or maybe you just FUCK ME out of them! Videoing the whole affair for hubby of course! Maybe we have him chauffeur us around?) Anyone interested in taking me shopping? Send pictures of yourself and what you have in mind and let’s get those juices flowing!!! is a GREAT way to get started!


Feb 132015
Sybian in Purple!

Sybian in Purple!

I WANT a Sybian!

Well I have been enjoying my newly discovered SEXUAL appetite (I have actually ALWAYS been hungry, I now have a lover that is the best I could have imagined and he allows me to explore with others to see what else is out there) and after finally using my Hitachi that was in storage for over 2 years, I want to step it up! I actually want to try EVERYTHING but for now, with my limited budget, I am picking and choosing but the Sybian is TOP on my wishlist! I have put a donation button on my page for anyone that wishes to help and of course I will share me experience and some “Special” videos and photos with those that help. For bigger donors, I am sure we could arrange a more “personal” video session and let you work the controls and maybe see where it goes from there! Of course if you would like to see me with some other toy or special outfits, please send your requests in the comments of your donation or you may wish to cum take me shopping personally while you are in Vegas! Thank you to my Tumblr fans that have already sent me clothes, shoes and toys and I have enjoyed performing and photographing and videoing for you! Also for the girls out there, as soon as I get my Sybian, we are going to have a special all girl party and test it out. I am thinking some suite overlooking the Vegas strip in front of a big window so others can see! What a GREAT party idea?

Licks & Kisses

(¸.•´ (¸.•`  Wicked

Jan 312015
Have a great lover but he/he can’t quite get you there … Get the Hitachi!
Have great orgasms but want better ones … Get the Hitachi!
Having sex just to have sex and he/she sucks … Get the Hitachi!
Having fabulous sex and just want to have better … Get the Hitachi!
Here is my humble opinion of the Hitachi Magic Wand. Read then BUY it!!! It is an absolute must to have in every single toy collection out there!!! Then pop on over to the store here and treat yourself to the best investment for your sex play ever!!
Read my review and please let me know what YOU think about the Wand!!

Licks & Kisses

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