This is the section I dedicated to my Cucky! I will from time to time make him write stories about how he is feeling, post pictures of him in various states of chastity, service or anything else I deem appropriate. I will also have him answer any questions you may have for him as well as possibly post your requests of him as well. You may email me on his behalf to

He also has his own blog where I allow him to write what he likes and post some of our SEXY videos after my approval. Feel free to follow him

Cucky's cock safely in his cage

Cucky’s cock safely in his cage


I sign Wicked’s Contract!

After signing Wicked’s KeyHolder Contract on January 8th, she demanded to see my cock. She immediately grabbed it and put it in her mouth and sucked me until I begged her to stop. You see, I am not allowed to ask her if I may cum. I am NOT allowed to cum without permission. She continued to edge me with her mouth. She asked me if I wanted to cum and then I was allowed to answer but she didn’t answer as she continued to suck until I was ready to cum and I begged her to stop but she just looked at me and smiled with my cock in her mouth and she made me explode. While my cock was so sensitive she continued to suck me to the point of pain but she continued until she had sucked every drop and then she ordered me to put my cage on. Wicked said my punishment for cumming was the torture of her continuing while I was sensitive. All I am allowed to say is “Thank you Wicked”



Fucking Wicked for one of her lovers!

I gave Wicked 5 orgasms while she was texting and thinking of one of her Lovers!

Wicked woke up early the other morning and she started to text one of her lovers and she decided she wanted SEX! She grabbed my cock and made me fuck her for about 45 minutes and she was texting and imagining it was him fucking her. She had 5 orgasms and when she was done with him, she got up and didn’t allow me to cum. Thank you Wicked!



Wicked in a Skype session with one of her on line playmates!

Today Wicked had a rare video Skype session with one of her online playmates. He has sent her pictures of his cock and Wicked wanted to see if it was a gorgeous in  real life as it was in the pictures. During and after starting the Skype session Wicked had me orally please her while she was imagining having him for real. Wicked did make him cum but he was in a bit of a hurry to take care  of her so Wicked allowed me to fuck her. As I was inside of her, After making Wicked cum, I could hardly control myself and was ready to cum myself when Wicked denied me and forced me to ruin my orgasm. Thank you Wicked!



Fucking Wicked for Scotland!

Wicked has a “Friend “ she REALLY wants to fuck in Scotland!        

This morning I was stirring as usual and spooning with Wicked. When I moved little, Wicked felt my hard cock and moved it into place so I would split her soaking wet pussy. At this point I hadn’t even opened my eyes or I would have seen that she was already on her “sext” phone playing with any of the 30 or so guys she’s enjoying erotic texts with on a daily basis! As I was moving in and out of her pussy and she was moaning, I opened my eyes to realize she was indeed focused on the phone while I pumped her dripping pussy. as the moans become louder, she sets the phone down and starts to really move on my cock. Out of nowhere, she explodes on my cock with her first of 7 orgasms in our 1 hour sex session. after the second hard orgasm, she exclaims that she was enjoying Scotland’s cock and the orgasms I was giving her were for him. A couple more later, and she proclaimed that I gave her one of those and then the final 2 and she wouldn’t tell me who she was fucking for those. after her 7th orgasm, she told me she was done with me for now and thanked me for being a good boy for not cumming and that maybe later I would get to cum. Who knows how, sometimes she demands her cock and sucks it, other times she makes me stroke for her and still others she makes me fuck her without climax again. No matter what, how or if, Thank you Wicked for allowing me to pleasure you this morning no matter who you were fucking in your mind!



Wicked’s rules for her cucks!

Wicked has rules for her cucks when caged and when free.

Universal rules:          You will address Wicked as “Wicked” or may include  “Mistress” or “Goddess” before Wicked for example “Mistress Wicked” She will be addressed this way without exception!

When NOT in Wicked’s presence, She STILL owns your cock. If she asks you to present your cock, you must text her a picture. If you are in a public place, find a place to snap a picture. You may receive special favors or EARN a release if the picture is taken in the presence of others OR in a place you could get caught! (Please DON”T scare any children!) Get creative!

Uncaged:       If Wicked should ALLOW me to share her bed, I am Wicked’s alarm COCK! She expects to wake up with my hard cock penetrating her. I am NOT allowed to cum until Wicked is  finished with me. I am NOT allowed to ask to cum. If I cum without permission, I will finish pleasuring Wicked however she likes and there will be a punishment that Wicked deems necessary and appropriate. If I fail to wake Wicked with her alarm cock, she will insert my cock and NO release will be allowed under ANY circumstances during the session. I will pleasure Wicked until she is satisfied!

Uncaged:     I am allowed and encouraged to ask to fuck er anytime I wish but I am NOT allowed to cum without permission. I am NOT allowed to ask if I may cum while I am fucking her unless Wicked asks me first. If I cum without permission and she is NOT finished, I will pleasure Wicked anyway she wishes and I will receive some sort of discipline that Wicked deems necessary and appropriate!

Uncaged:     If Wicked initiates the act of sex while I am uncaged, I am  ONLY there for her pleasure! I will NOT be allowed to cum and I will NOT even be asked if I want to cum. I will be used for Wicked’s pleasure ONLY. If I cum, I will be caged and not allowed to be uncaged until Wicked want’s my cock again. There may be other punishment as Wicked deems necessary and appropriate.

Uncaged       I am here for Wicked’s pleasure. I will perform for Wicked sexually anyway she wishes on demand. If she wants to watch me masturbate, I will comply without hesitation or complaint. If she wishes me to edge myself or if she withes to play with my cock, I will present it at will and follow all instructions to the letter. I acknowledge that I am there for Wicked’s entertainment and no orgasms are implied unless Wicked gives me verbal permission.

Caged:      I am not allowed any contact with my cock without Wicked’s permission with the exception of restroom visits. I am not allowed to ask for release unless permanent harm or medical attention is eminent. I will present my caged cock at her will to whomever she wishes to show and will answer any questions anyone she instructs may have. I will NOT in anyway try to remove the cage without Wicked’s permission. I will comply with anyone Wicked gives control of my cock to in the event I have a cucksitter while Wicked is out.

These rules may be amended to Wicked’s desires at ANY time without notice!



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  1. how to get wife to cuck me

    • It really starts with LOTS of communication and patience. I was VERY reluctant at first thinking it was some sort of test or way for him to move on or a way for him to be able to have a woman on the side too. Not that there was anything wrong with our relationship but WHY would hubby want to share me and have me fuck others when he wasn’t even in town? Then he wants me to video my sex sessions (WHICH I LOVE BTW!!!) and send him pictures while it is all happening. This was VERY foreign idea to me being a devoted, faithful wife. But, here we are. I realized that he wasn’t kidding, he REALLY wanted me to do these things. I truly knew it was real when I started to talk his fantasy during sex and he would cum almost immediately. I started to call his cock my “Truth Stick.” So my advise is to be patient and be honest. Also, our Cuckold relationship is not traditional. There is ZERO disrespect! I could not see being that way to the man i am CRAZY in love with, so don’t be afraid to have your own terms whatever you want them to be. This has to be for both of you, so make sure you write the rules yourselves!

      Hope this helps!
      Licks & Kisses

      xx *´¨)
      x ¸.•´¸.•*´¨)¸.•*¨)
      (¸.•´ (¸.•` Wicked

      • Unreal. I keep mentioning I want my wife to dress up real sexy. High heels mini skirt white sheer blouse no bra holding in her 36 d tits. Go out and tyr to geten to hit on her for me to watch. She has full disclosure to do what she wants and to go as far ad she Wants. But she just laughs and says who would hit on a 55 year old woman. She’s sexy and a great cock sucker. Can’t wait till it happens for real.

        • Well when you finally get her to try it, she will be surprised! Have her wear the anklet and sit at the bar and she will see! Sexy women of ANY age can get laid anytime they wish especially if she puts out the vibe that she wants too! Keep me informed and ENJOY!!!

  2. Hello What type off chasty toy u use on this pic?
    and where to buy one?


  3. Hello, my name is Vince. I live in the vegas area. Seeing the cucky above caged makes me want to share my long time fantasies. Ive had them for over 15 years and they have evolved in ways i never ever would have imagined. Let me start by thanking you for your amazing blog and for all your amazing pics and your super fun personality. Your pages actually male me feel like you might be someone i could share all the things ive kept inside for so long. I know many of the things you post are clear that you prefer more studly partners for your encounters. Im average in looks and build but not studly everywhere. Would you have any interest or be open to any type of encounter with more of a cuckold. One with next to zero real life experience. Just amazinng fantasies needing to be explored like i believe you could. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope to hear from you and im more than willing to answer any and all of your qusstions and as many requests as i can. Thanks again.

    • I am sorry for the delay. To answer you question, YES< I would be interested in other cuckold relationships. I would like to hear more of what you are interested in. I don't believe in a "cookie cutter" type of fetish. I believe everyone is different with different boundaries and rules. So please be as descriptive as possible when describing what you would like in this relationship. Send pictures, please include the whole you and REMEMBER that average to some is handsome to others so no matter if I am attracted to you, someone else WILL be! If it isn't me, I may be happy to help whomever you find with your fantasy. email me at and put “New Cuckold” in the subject so I know it’s you!

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