Date Wicked

Something sexy from behind!

Something sexy from behind!

Date Wicked is to let you know I am ACTIVELY looking for Playmates and SPECIAL fuck buddies!

I am actively looking for “Playmates.” Whether you live in Vegas or just visiting, if you are chosen to be my playmates, I will be happy to attend events or if you need a “date” for a special function, I will be there. If you are horny at lunch, and want sex, I will be there. Want someone to watch the game, attend your friends bachelor party, or maybe take me shopping for something to make you hard, I am there! Maybe even take a weekend trip somewhere with you, I will be your little “Wing Slut” for the adventure. Just let me know what and how you want me!!! Doesn’t that sound like fun? So send me your idea of what you have in mind and remember, my pussy will be choosing so make it drip with anticipation!!! Also remember that we will be filming and sending hubby LOTS of pictures so I hope you aren’t camera shy!!! Please include pictures and stories of your fantasy time with me! and put “PlayMate” in the subject line or SEXT me at 702.481.4811!

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  1. Does that pussy have a taste for some fat black cock? Found your link on Tumblr. Check me out, the blog is called ifuckswithwhitehoes6969 and all my pictures are tagged #me. mrhanglow6969 is my Kik, Yahoo, Gmail, and Skype. Get at me.

  2. I wanna eat you out and make you mine. I’m into bdsm and really really rough stuff. How do you feel about being tied up and having a dildo drill inside you as i fuck your ass 😉 i’m looking forward to hearing back from you 😉

    • I don’t know about the REALLY rough stuff but the rest sounds like a fun way to prepare for a GangBang!!! Tell me a story of what you would like to do in detail so I understand “rough stuff”

  3. Turning 21 in February going to vegas and i would love to fuck a gorgeous milf like you are you into creampies? maybe my buddys and i could give you a creampie gang bang

  4. WOW!! I would love to have her as a Fuck Buddy for a night, but for a month??!! OH HELL YES!! That would blow my mind!! Not that I haven’t tried, but I have NEVER had a fuck buddy before! I do know I would most definitely keep her busy and I would be able to cross a few fantasies off my “Bucket List”!! I would be extremely excited to have her for a month, it would definitely have an everlasting impact on me!! Oh well, I know it cannot happen, but I can at least look at her dexy photos and dream.:)

  5. Hello
    very clean in shape las vegas man
    would love to be your fuck buddy. Even your suck buddy at lunch time
    take video for your man to watch and show it on your blog

  6. Hello beautiful i would love to be your fuck buddy. In vegas quite often. Let me make you scream my name. Definitely will have your toes curling and dripping wet. Talented fingers & tongue with a great sized penis. One scorpio that knows how to please a woman

  7. Please pick me. I want your husband to see you squirt!

  8. I am headed to Vegas in April and I have been a follower of you for almost 2 years. I love your blog and what you do to cucky. Are you ever interested in having another sissy attend to your needs? I would be interested if you are. Let me know

    • Sounds like fun but I think you misunderstand hubby. He is not a sissy, just a cuck. He is here for MY pleasure. If I understand the sissy thing, you are a cuck that likes to be dressed like a girl? All good with me and I am ALWAYS up for net things. Please send me some pictures and let’s see what we can do in April. I have never done the sissy thing before!

  9. Ever in Beloit or Janesville Wisc, Id love to rub my head all over & into your body.

  10. one of these days I’m going to be there don’t wear that thing out before I get to it to it luv ya…..

    • Just let me know when you are cumming! You need to send me pictures or no promises! Now if we make that SEXUAL connection, I’ll pick you up at the airport!

      • what kind of pictures do you need.full body shots sexual pictures . I will send you whatever you need

        • Send ANYTHING that makes YOU hard but I would like to see ALL of you! Since I will NEVER leave hubby, physical attraction is very important to get the ball rolling, after that, you have to be able to perform just like you say, so please be honest! This is the best way for me to see whether I have to reel you in before you get here and I also get to see what I have to play/work with!

  11. I’d hate to see you go but I’d love to watch you leave. 😉

  12. i will be visiting soon, and would love for you to fuck me. do you have a strapon?

  13. Me and a friend could take turns
    I would like you to come over and see you let yourself go
    I would love to see how wet you would be if I let another guy touch you
    Let him feel your curves
    Run his fingers down your neck and over your shirt
    And pinch your nipples, I am sure when he did that your hips would start to grind the air like it did when I would touch you.
    One hand on your throat and the other gliding over your body Down to your hips
    Pulling on the loops of your pants
    And trace the out line of your pants
    From front to back
    He tugs on your pants button his finger nail ride down your zipper and “click click click” over your zipper without unzipping it just yet.
    When he reaches the crease in your pants he opens his palm and let’s his fingers touch the “Y” in your pants
    His palm on your pussy and his fingers directly over your slit;-)
    Probably feel the direct heat coming off
    I come up behind you and grab your ass and let my fingers ride up your hips
    I see him kiss your neck as I kiss the opposite side of your neck.
    He whispers “I can’t wait to have you”
    I whisper on the other ” we want you”
    My hands slide up your shirt and his hands start to help me free your breast
    Your arms go up and let us help you
    When it comes off I can see his eyes go straight to your tits and he helps you take my shirt off
    Amazed at how big they are I know he cannot wait to play with them and tastes them
    You feel my hand go around your throat and my other hand slip down your pants and under your panties
    You feel my fingers opening you up and sliding down into your wetness
    As this is going on he starts to kiss on your chest he WANTS your titties! I see your hand reach down and back to my cock, and with the other onto his …. We both have wet spots on our pants
    He is kissing your chest and enjoying you as I play with your pussy. My hand still on your neck then you feel one of his hands go opposit of mine when you grab his cock.
    I pull my fingers out of you and as I bring them to your mouth
    Well I see his eyes following them
    He his licking his lips wanting a Taste
    As I put them to your mouth. I put it to your lips and get your lips wet, the I see him come up to your lips and lick your lips and taste you
    I see you get soo turned on and you kiss him
    And he kisses back
    I feel his hands grab my hand that was in you… And put it into his mouth and staring deep into your eyes he sucks it off your juice.

    • OMG!!! When can we do this? Make sure you send me pictures of you and ALL your friends that would participate! and JUST SAY WHEN!!! Of course we need at least a couple of camera men or women too! (Well, maybe I would make hubby operate the cameras! The other men and women could join in on the FUN!!!)

  14. The next time I am coming to Vegas I will have to remember Wicked! I am sure you could show me around and I am sure I can show you a good time.

  15. damn wicked what sexy lady you are. I would love lying on my back, looking up into your eyes, as you face fuck me. Then watch your eyes and listen to your moans as you cum all over my face. Want to force you to cum two or three times before i fuck you.
    What are your thoughts?

  16. Well I won’t be in Vegas maybe you wood be willing to fuk here and make real videos for ur hubby to get off to, I’ll lock ur pussy till its dripping.. I’ll lick that asshole n go deep in you until ur dripping dwn my cock. Lemme kno if u ever wanna trade pics r vids, r watch me cum on skype or if u really wanna cum dwn n taKe a spontaneous trip

    • Well that sounds like REAL fun!!! Where is “here?” Pictures and videos are a GREAT start and let’s see where it leads! I am WANTING a nice hot cock for a regular thing and road trips with LOTS of sex sound like fun! Email me at and lets see what we see!

  17. The wife hasn’t been interested in sex for about 10 years now. I’d like a little afternoon delight (all afternoon). I like to use oral sex to get things started. Does that interest you? Do you like to take it the ass? Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • I LOVE to receive oral almost as much as I love giving! As far as anal, I have had anal several times and was not pleased with the outcome but I will say that DP has been REALLY on my mind lately and I can’t wait to have my first DP experience!

  18. Hmmmm…I’d love to spend some time with you. If you’re ever in the Memphis area,,,let’s have some fun!

  19. I think you are cool as the flip side of the pillow! I am married and I would take a bullet in the head for my wife, she truly is the love of my life. That being said I have a fantasy of bringing another woman in for some extra fun! I have always wanted to treat the other woman like a little slut, making her do whatever me and my wife wanted her to do and talking to her real nasty! My fantasy goes sumpin like this…we meet in a pre determined place and get to know one another a bit, then go somewhere and get he party started, I start off by kissing my wife and running my hands all over her sexy body while flashing you looks that say, don’t you wish this was you slut? Then I push her down to suck my cock while you watch and begin to feel your hot pussy gettin wet with anticipation. I motion for you to come over and lick my balls as she sucks me long and slow. She grabs the base of my cock and points it to your wet sloppy mouth and I thrust it down your throat. We move on to me on top of you while my wife guides my diamond hard cock into your aching pussy. She smacks my ass and says fuck that little slut silly! I fuck you slow and steady at first building speed and force at an excruciatingly steady pace. I flip you over like a rag doll and plow back into you rubbing your swollen clit until you squirt all over the three of us. Throwing you off to the side I grab my wife’s hot ass and throw her on the bed and start fucking her as you get closer so you can see I grab you by the hair and make you lick my balls as I pound her cunt from behind. I almost come, but at he last second you get away from me and run to the bag you brought with you and grab something out of it. I can’t see what you’ve got and I can’t stop fucking my wife as I want to cum so bad. I’m just ready to blow my load and I feel something wet pushing at the crack of my ass! Before I can protest your big strap on cock is deep in my ass and I’m cumming buckets into my sweet wife’s pussy, all this pushes her over the edge and she begins to cum, shooting lady juice all over my face and chest. But you won’t stop fucking my ass until you’ve gotten your revenge for being treated like a little slut.. You are fucking me so hard that I am fucking my wife again, but not under my own power. And I can’t believe it but you are about to make me cum again. But this time I pull out of my wife and turn around and gush hot cum into your and my wife waiting mouths. WHEW! Hold on ill be right back!…… That’s better! Lol if you would be into this or something like it. I’d love to meet and talk about it! I would love something like this but I don’t know if you’d be in to it. And more importantly I’m not sure I could talk her into it either. I’d love some feedback from you about how to go about making this happen, if it turns out that you are interested. I read the story of the woman who called you in tears and I thought to myself, she is very comfortable and respectful to talk to her about it the way that you did. I’m not asking you to talk to my wife for me initially, I will handle that but I really think that if I could get her at least willing to think about it and read your site she would start to love the idea. Even if it turns out that you weren’t into it and we wound up trying it with someone else. Who knows maybe I could even enjoy watching my beautiful wife riding some lucky guys cock too! Thanks for any consideration and please keep posting more hot stories of all your fun!

  20. My next trip to Las Vegas, this is my fantasy of you and I.
    We meet in a lounge at the hotel I am staying and have a few drinks. Your husband is with us and you playfully flirt with me in front of him. Sitting beside me I slip my hand under you and lightly play with your pussy getting it wet. You are telling your husband that your pussy is getting wet and ask if he is ok that you and I go up to my room. He looks sad, so you give him an Ipad and tell him we will call him in a few minutes so he can watch us with face time
    As we walk away you glide your hand behind my back until you rest your hand on my ass.
    We get in the elevator with a few other couples. I stand behind you leaning on the elevator wall while you reach behind and start getting me hard for our upcoming fuck session. We get to the room where you set up the Ipad so your husband can watch us licking, sucking and fucking each other. Before you even get to the bed I drop down and lift your skirt up and start licking you sweet pussy while you have one leg up on the bed. You are moaning and looking at the Ipad and telling your husband how good my tounge is on your pussy and my fingers are deep into you.
    You buckle with an orgasm and after kissing me deeply, you undress me so that you can get your lips around my hard cock. We can hear you husband through the Ipad but not clearly to understand him.
    I lift you up from sucking me and get you to lay on me in the bed in a 69 with you facing the Ipad. I know you are liking the licking and sucking I am doing as I can feel you loaning onto my cock.
    After you have another orgasm, you get up and squat over my cock telling your husband that you are about to sit on me, telling him every inch I enter you how much you are enjoying this new cock.

    Is this a good start, would love to finish the story with you one day.

  21. Ever fucked a soldier? I got me and some friends coming to Vegas for a long weekend, and we’d love to gang bang you!! Hubby can either come work the camera or watch? We’d love to start by parading you around the strip and going to some diffrent clubs, then going back to one of our rooms for the real party!

    • Sounds like FUN!!! Send me pictures of you all and let me know when you are going to be here! and make sure you let me know who you are. I get SO many requests, it is hard to keep the all straight.

      I look forward to hearing AND seeing you!
      Thank you SO much for your service. It may be VERY fun to thank you in PERSON!!!

  22. this pic is just sensational I am not looking for anything special or to hook up u caught my eye and thought you may like to know…I was trained by my 1st real girl friend to kiss her ass to show her proper respect just because she allowed me to kiss her beautiful ass.. all the rest of proper behavior a woman like her deserved..sorry for rambling I am in decent shape for a guy 70 years learned to love licking pussy and asses by my wife now she is disabled so regular sex of any kind is hard on her body we once cracked her rib just by rolling over thanks for listening if u got this far frank

  23. Sign me up sexy!?? I’d love to be your fuck buddy

  24. I would like to meet somewhere in Vegas, while talking over drinks I’d like to slip my hand under the leather mini skirt you’d be wearing and start gently thudding your clit to get you hot, bothered, and wet… all while your husband watched…..
    I would do this until you almost cum on my fingers…..At this point I’d like you to start rubbing my already hard cock..we would then go to our room.
    Inside the room we would kiss and continue to fondle each other until your desire to have your pussy licked over came you. We would get into the 69 position and orally satisfy each other, if you had a dildo with you I would push it in your pussy while I licked and sucked your clit.. I would, and only if you asked, finger you ass while doing this…..
    After you came, and I came too we would go back to kissing and caressing each other, after all I would need time to recuperate…… and you should probably need to cum again….
    When I was hard again I would like to finally slide my hard cock in your wet pussy. I would try to give you another mind blowing organism, then if you were up to it, I’d like to fill your ass with my cock….and blow my final load….

    Tell me if you’d like this

  25. Hey Wicked,

    What happened to your tumblr pages?

    • That is a SAD story! They deleted ALL my profiles so my new profile is and I lost over 90,000 followers and have to start over again. About 10,000 and building.

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