Jelly Belly Club!


Well it is time YOU join the Wicked Jelly Belly Club!

This is a few. I have 5 FULL!

This is a few. I have 9 FULL!

I just started a new jar … I have 9 completely full already and that is just 6 years! (Hubby isn’t going ANYWHERE but I may share him with some sexy ladies if you are interested!) For those of you that don’t know … I like to add a Jelly Belly to the jar for each orgasm. They are color coded as well. Pink for myself giving me orgasms (fun when someone else is watching), white for when hubby gives me orgasms (and as you can see I am a VERY satisfied woman!), Red for misc lovers (NOT enough of those) and red for when hubby is fucking me but I am TOTALLY thinking about someone else! (those are increasing RAPIDLY!) I’m thinking I need more colors so if we become playmates and you are AWESOME, maybe I will give you your own color? (Something to work for!) Let’s see how many Jelly Belly’s I can add this weekend! Anyone want to PLAY?