Our PornHub Channel is back current and updated REGULARLY with NEW content!

I have continued to post MORE videos on my PornHub page. We posted our first video in 2013 and posted about 40 videos or so over 2 years and then just stopped. Recently, hubby noticed that there was a “model” program so because he and I were thinking about making MORE videos for others to watch and even thinking of starting a channel, we signed up and guess what, they paid me for the previous views from the past 4 years! That’s right, PornHub sent me almost $2000 from BEFORE we signed up so now we are obviously BIG fans of PornHub. If you have videos posted and you are not verified, Get verified, sign up for their model program and get paid for having sex with your lover! LoL!!!

Please, if you sign up, use my referral code or link and I will get a little credit. Once you have received your fist check, you will be able to refer people too!

All that being said, ENJOY our PornHub channel and let us know what you would like to see and we will see what we can do!

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