Hitachi Magic Wand

I LOVE my Hitachi!

I LOVE my Hitachi!

In 2009, in my vanilla life, I had a married man gift me the Hitachi Magic Wand and he told me that I would love it with a snicker. Being naive as I was, I did not have a clue to what he was referring to and yes, I used it once or twice to massage my shoulders then packed it away not giving it another thought … Until 2o12. My husband and I got more involved in Tumblr and all things wickedly naughty and I kept seeing the Hitachi Magic Wand being used as a sex toy. I was like, whoa … I have one of those! But if the dammed thing wasn’t packed in storage as we were in between homes … where it stayed for a year all the while I longed for it to see how it felt. Then I couldn’t take it any longer and went to the storage unit and rummaged through nearly every box that was labeled bedroom and finally laid my fingers on it. No outlet in storage, damn! Home I go. What an amazing toy to use by yourself! Powerful orgasms! But the secret to the Hitachi I believe is using it while having sex! Having your partner fucking you and using the Hitachi Magic Wand is the most mind blowing orgasm you will ever have, in my most humble opinion. I keep the Hitachi Magic Wand on the spot I like throughout the orgasm and the orgasm lasts forrrrevvveeerrrr!! Then you can also use it on your significant other too! The last time I used it, I was riding on top and reached around and touched the Hitachi to his balls and the poor man exploded immediately! I can almost promise you that you will want a Hitachi Magic Wand orgasm over your normal orgasm all the time! They are quite addicting!
The Hitachi has zero complaints from me! I can only withstand it on the low setting as the high setting is a bit too strong for me. I have a few attachments as well and have only tried 1 or 2 and though I enjoyed them, I cannot give a proper review of them and will save that for another time. Oooooooo, what fun homework I just made for myself!
Have a great lover but he/he can’t quite get you there … Get the Hitachi!
Have great orgasms but want better ones … Get the Hitachi!
Having sex just to have sex and he/she sucks … Get the Hitachi!
The Hitachi Magic Wand is an amazing sex toy that is an absolute must have in your toy collection! You will not be disappointed in the least! I swear it will be a wicked time!


Cum get your new favorite toy right here … And please thank me when you finally do get it!!

Video reviews coming July 1st 2016

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  1. The wand essentials version is much better. It has 8 speeds and 8 vibration paterns. All the attchments for the Hitachi fit it also.

  2. I agree, the Hitachi magic wand is great by iteself, but absolutely MINd-BLOWING when you use it at the same time as haveing intercourse with your partner!

  3. Video review?

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