Princess Plug


I truly did not think this little 3″ toy, which weighed more than I thought it would, would be a very interesting toy to have. I bought it because it was everywhere I looked and I do like a little ass play here and there and let me tell you … this little jeweled anal toy made me want ass play ALL the time!! I prefer the little one nearly all the time for several reasons. First, it works comfortably in all positions. I love him on top, and if the big one is in, it applies unwanted pressure to the back rim of my ass bone … if that makes any kind of sense to you at all. There is just enough of the presence of the toy to know that it is there and it isn’t overbearing. And most importantly why the little plug versus the large one nearly all the time is that the large one makes hubby cum incredibly quickly! He still feels the little one but the larger one really works better for me  but since hubby becomes almost a 2 pump chump, I use the small one at least with hubby FOR NOW! Makes sense, but I don’t have to like it though …

I tried to wear this for long term use and didn’t quite like it. Going to the store in little skirts giving sexy guys a little tease and glimpse and sending hubby … or the boyfriend at the time … pics of me bent over showing my little pink or green jeweled ass in public is REALLY a turn on! But it seemed at the 2 or 3 hour mark, it just felt irritating. I only tried 2 days, a little at a time … but I am a busy busy mom/wife and don’t have time to fiddle with these things.

Also a very nice bonus with this toy and why it is one of my favorites is because we travel as a family a lot, I can wear it while having seemingly simple, quiet sex in our bed with a hotel room full of sleeping babies and the orgasms this princess plug assists you with are beyond amazing!

See all forms of Princess plugs and butt plugs here!

Wicked highly approves of this small with HUGE benefits toy!!

Video reviews coming July 1st, 2016

  6 Responses to “Princess Plug”

  1. Can you put up a link to the plug you like?

    • So far, this is my favorite set. CLICK HERE There are 2 sizes and depending how long I want to fuck hubby as to what size I use. If I use the medium one he can last about 10 minutes (ONLY if I am NOT talking about being fucked by a fuck buddy, then he is a 2 pump chump!) The small one is GREAT for as long as I want to fuck! I am wanting to try THIS ONE next. Hope this helps!

  2. What is benifit for the man

    • GREAT question. Hubby says that basically feels like a DP. He can feel the plug rubbing the underside of his cock and is VERY stimulating! The reason I have to use the small one is because when I use the medium, hubby becomes a 2 pump chump!

  3. I just bout a pink jeweled princess plug. The small one and if I stand still orbit it stays in. Every other movement just pops it out. Do I need a bigger one. I mean im new to this ass toy thing and didnt think my bum wad so loose lol I guess. Can sumone help

    • Well I would go up a size or 2 and it all depends on the comfort level as well. When I wear the big on for long periods of time, I get a little sore. I mainly use mine during sex play! Hope this helps

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