A Submitted Story From a Tumblr Fan


A Submitted Story From a Tumblr Fan

So in my quest of finding the ones that I want to be with, I ask for stories, videos and pictures. I could be with anyone … but I don’t want just anyone. I want exceptional. I have the VERY best at home available at my beck and call 24/7 … I am not going to spend my free time with just anyone.

So I get this story last week and I have read it several times … wanting to make every word cum true.

Wicked on her kneesGuys … and gals … this is what I want. An effort and the desire to want me … Enjoy his story! (I only edited some grammar and misspelled words … a pet peeve of mine but the story made me forget all that!)



Wicked Vegas


My Tumblr Fan’s Story ~

Well it would start with a meeting at the hotel bar when I am in Vegas for a huge MMA fight. You would wonder in anticipation if I was as muscular as the picture I sent. As you’re sitting at the bar you see me walk in. Instantly you know it’s me. You squirm in your chair as you tingle with excitement. Our eyes meet and I smile and walk over to introduce myself. As I walk your eyes explore every inch and your imagination runs wild. I walk up and say hi, you looking amazing and I can hardly control my cock. It wants to jump out of my pants but the confined space limits its ability. You see the bulge in my jeans and ask me to sit down. I order you another drink and one for myself.

We make small talk as the alcohol takes effect and we start to relax. You have a low cut shirt revealing your cleavage and I a tight shirt showing my chest. We both struggle to make eye contact as we visually devour each other. I order another round and ask if you would like to move into the corner booth. It is more private and dimly lit. I let you lead the way following close behind you slow and stop unexpectedly and I bump into you from behind. My hand wraps around your waist holding you up and pulling you close. You walk to the booth smiling knowing you got what you wanted. We sit for a while flirting like high school kids. I place my hand on you thigh and you smile. I rub your leg as we talk, slowly going higher. You open your legs allowing my advance. I feel you panties and they are soaked. I whisper you don’t need these and expertly remove them right there. They slide down your legs and drop under the table. I slide my hand back up and feel the heat between your legs. I move closer and whisper “having fun yet? “ as my finger brushes your labia. Your breathing changes and heart rate accelerates. I rub your wet pussy softly and gently before parting your lips. I slide towards your throbbing clit and push against it. You moan in excitement as I finger you clit. I slide another finger in you and your body explodes with pleasure. You place your hand in my lap and grab my growing cock. You smile and say maybe we should let him out to play. With that I leave money on the table and we make our way to my room. As you enter the elevator you turn and we kiss. I quickly pick you up against the wall and you unzip my pants. I lower you down on to my waiting cock. It slides halfway in and the elevator slows. I put you dawn as the door opens. My shirt drops over my exposed cock as I turn to leave. In walks another couple the man smiling. We get to the room as the door closes I push you face first against the wall. I lift your skirt and take you from behind. You gasp as I enter you your nails sliding on the wall. You look for a hand hold as I pull back and slide in again. Your hips push back and meet me. I grab your hips going in deeper. You push off the wall turn around to face me. Fuck me you say fuck me now! I pick you up and fuck you on the wall your body bouncing on my cock your hands on my shoulders. I feel you tighten as your first orgasm explodes within. I carry you to the bad and we remove our clothes. You fall on the bed as I spread your legs. You direct my head down and I gratefully agree. Your feel my breath as I start to lick your lips. First the outside on both sides then glide over your lips. I flick your clit and suck it in. Your grab my head and your moan out loud! I lick you just the way you like and my hands play with your nipples. In a matter of minutes you are cumming again. I rise up over you for the first time you see my body. My shoulders my chest and my abs. You run your hand over and smile. I kiss you breast and suck your nipples. We spend the night fucking in every position imaginable. On every wall, the shower, the tub and even your naked body against the window for all Vegas to see. You came more times than you can count. I came in your pussy twice and your ass once. You realize the time and say you need to go. You call your husband and say you’re ready. You push me on the bed and say one more thing. You take my cock in your mouth and suck it with everything you have. You massage my balls lick my shift then youu need me to cum. You insert a finger in my ass and I explode in your mouth. Quickly you get dressed. You feel fluids run down your leg and remember your panties are in in the bar. I get dressed and walk you out. We wait in the lobby and you see your husband pull up. I stand to walk you out and you say he doesn’t need to know. You squeeze my hand and walk away. You walk out the doors and into the night. As you get in in the car he smiles. You sit down and give him a deep kiss. You reach for your seat belt as he drives away. He tastes me on your lips and now his. He smiles and says tell me…

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  1. The story I wrote is for you and if you want to post it here you have my permission

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