A Tantalizing Massage


She was bursting out of her skin. Elaine was so excited to have me open my present. “Here, open mine next, I can’ wait any longer!” She handed me a pretty envelope. It simply said “Massage” I opened it and said “The most amazing massage 2 hour massage we offer” I thanked her and she said not to thank her just yet. Thank her when I receive my massage and she wanted every single detail of it from me!” I laughed and said I would.

I scheduled my appointment for the end of the week. I arrived early to fill out some paperwork and waited patiently. Elaine had called me several times before now and was so excited I was going today. “Call me when you are finished!” ”I promise,” I say. She has me quite excited for this amazing massage I am about to get.

I arrived early and eager for my appointment. The receptionist Stacy came and got me. “First thing you get to do is to soak in our baths before your massage.” She led me back to a beautiful spa pool that smelled of heaven and handed me a robe.” Undress and put your things in this locker, your things are safe here. I’ll come back in a while when your massage is ready to begin.” I thanked her and disrobed. Stepping into the warm bath and the aromas surrounding me I was beginning to relax very nicely. Some time had passed and she was back already. She graciously came to the bath and helped me into my robe. “You have an amazing body” she compliments me. Bashfully, I thank her.
“I hope you enjoyed the bath,” she said. Please lie on the table, face down, the massage will begin soon.” “Yes I did, it was so relaxing.” as I climbed onto the table and settled myself face down, wrapped in the warm, cozy towel. Hearing the door close, I was alone with my thoughts and wondered if Stacy would like to have drinks with me. I would love to bring her home with me for my husband and I to devour! “Oh but, I’m sure she gets that all the time.” I offered to myself. Relaxing to the soft music, I quickly drifted into a light sleep.
I was awakened by the feel of the masseuse rubbing my feet and hands. “Mmm. I cooed,” keeping my eyes closed, I relished the attention of those warm hands. The woman surely knew how to caress my feet. Her expert touch was strong and seductive. But… who was massaging my hands and arms? I opened my eyes to find myself looking at our image in the mirrored wall. It wasn’t a woman after all!
Two men were busying themselves with their task. They were both wrapped in the same towels that I was except theirs covered only their lower half. The taller man was dark haired with a short beard and dark eyes. The other was lighter in color and clean shaven; both had athletic bodies and deep dark tans. The light in the room had been softened to a warm glow; many candles flickered and danced reflecting off their bodies.
I closed my eyes again and tried to concentrate on the massage, but my mind kept returning to a vision of their bodies, naked. Their cocks hanging long and full, their balls nestled in manicured patches of hair.
Slowly they worked their way up my limbs. As the man massaged my thighs I could feel familiar warmth beginning to spread outward from inside and between my legs and my juices begin to flow. He worked higher and higher, until his strong hands were gently stroking and kneading my ass, occasionally brushing against my pussy lips. I held my breath each time he touched me there and felt a river of liquid trickle from me. I felt embarrassment but also a passion creeping over me.
The other man was rubbing my shoulders and back. Warm breath played on my neck, lips moved slowly caressing my earlobes and back again. At the same time the soft brushing around my crotch took on a more direct pressure. His strong hands separated my legs and I could feel his beard against me. I wanted to spread my legs wide to give him total access but I couldn’t. With their strong hands they turned me over, removing the towel with a quick pull. For what seemed an eternity they stood looking at me and each other. Their faces mirrored my growing desire.
My breasts felt swollen and my nipples erect as the clean-shaven man bent down to kiss them. His tongue swirled around my nipple, nipping at it with his teeth now and again. My tits are very sensitive and I love having them sucked and fondled. His attentions were heating up my pussy as I felt that familiar building sensation and my pussy was throbbing. I could feel my wetness leaking from me. He softly kneaded my breasts in his hands as he continued to play me, pulling my nipples with his teeth.
The tall dark man placed the heel of his hand over my now pulsating pussy and began to rub me in circular motion. My hips sprang up uncontrollably to meet his touch. His fingers are grazing my erect clit. It was like electricity shooting from his touch, shocking my hot little nub. Lowering his face between my legs, his tongue shot out to flick my clit back and forth. I was beside myself with pleasure and lust. I wanted them both to fuck me. I wanted to feel a cock in me. I needed to have a cock in me. His flicking turned to sucking as he raised my legs up and out to gain better access. I was bathing his face in my juices, my hips bucking against him responsively.
The man at my breasts flipped a switch and the table began to lower until his cock was hanging directly over my mouth. He took hold of it and placed its head on my lips, rubbing the soft head around and around. I could feel his slippery fluid wet my lips. My tongue snaked out, swirling around his cock. I opened my mouth to let him enter me. I wanted to suck his cock, to feel him turn hard in my mouth. Gently he pushed forward and filled my waiting mouth. I took all of him. His hair tickled my nose as I felt him expanding, my tongue playing him left and right in my mouth. Relaxing my throat muscles and sticking out my tongue, I let it squeeze down my throat. I love to deep throat men it makes me so wet. It was something I had learned very early on and it always amazed and satisfied their lusty desires.
Fingers probed my wet pussy as my hand found his dick and began pulling on the loose skin covering it. It felt huge in my hand; my mind was going crazy imagining it inside me. Another of his fingers found an opening and it slipped into me. “Oh my god,” I thought, all of my openings are full. I had never been as hot as I rocked back and forth against the cock in my mouth and the fingers in my pussy and ass.
“What is it you want? You have to ask for it… beg for it?” The man fingering me asked in a low husky tone.
I released the cock in my mouth to plead, “Fuck me … I want you to fuck me … I want to feel you deep inside me. I want you to fuck me as I suck this cock. I want you both to make me cum over and over and over.” I was out of control with lust. Their towels fell away revealing what I had only imagined.
Instead of mounting me he moved around to my head and offered his cock to me. I took them both in my hands and started jacking them off as I watched their balls wriggle and bounce above me. I pulled both of their cocks to my mouth and kissed them. Then I alternated between sucking first one then the other until they were both hard and standing straight out.
“I want you to fuck me now. Give me your cocks where I want it. Please fuck me … I can’t stand it any longer.” I begged quietly, breathlessly.
The darker one climbed between my wide open legs and teased my pussy with his cock head as I returned to sucking the other man’s wonderful cock. I gasped as I felt the pressure of his penetration. It stretched me even though I was sopping wet. He pushed all the way in and held it there for me to conform to his massive erection before he began slowly pumping in and out of my craving pussy. The three of us settled into a rhythm. I was faint with the knowledge that I was having sex with two men at once. The erotic feelings were overpowering. I felt free, powerful, and totally uninhibited. The mirrors were alive with our carnal display. I could watch as my pussy was being filled with that magnificent cock as I sucked shamelessly on the second one.
The lighter haired man pulled his cock from my mouth and began masturbating himself as I watched. Glistening drops were escaping from him only to drip onto my face and tongue. His shaft was slick and wet as his hand slipped smoothly back and forth. My mouth yearned to have it back but I wanted to watch him more. My pussy was being fucked harder now as both men neared their climax.
With a deep groan the man masturbating stiffened and was about to cum. “Down my throat” I plead. “I want every drop in my throat. Fuck my mouth hard till you explode.” “Anything you wish Beautiful,” was his reply. He put his hard cock straight down my throat and starts pumping my mouth, hard. I love my mouth fucked hard and the other man could tell as he continued to pump my pussy harder to catch up to my rhythm. The cock in my mouth turns to steel as he explodes in my mouth. He was pumping an amazing amount of cum down my throat. His cock is still pulsing even more cum as I keep up to swallow every delicious drop. It tastes so good.
“Oh, fuck me harder,” I cried as my attention returned to the cock in my pussy. His thrusting increased, his balls slapping my ass and his cock making vulgar squishing sounds as it pounded into me.
The feeling began in my clitoris and spread throughout my pelvis. From deep within I could feel the contractions as my pussy squeezed and pulled at that thrusting cock. My head thrashed to and fro and I screamed all sorts of nonsense at these two men as I lapsed into an unconscious dialog. The heat in my body was explosive, sending me over the edge with wave after wave of orgasmic passion and lust. My body shaking as I strained to swallow this man with my body.
Slowly the waves subsided. I found myself gently rocking against his hard cock. Deliberately, he would pull his prick from deep inside of me to my opening and then gradually slide it back in. I could feel his cock head moving so deep in me, filling me. My desires reawakening as his cock let go of its pent up semen. With a loud moan he came filling me with his huge load. He pulled his cock from me as I moaned for him not to.
To my surprise the other man was hard again and he came around and entered me.
The fire inside of me flashed over as I drew him near with my legs wrapped tightly around his waist. He fucked me wildly for many minutes, setting off another orgasm from deep inside. We both came together in an exploding passion collapsing in a spent heap. Sweet darkness enveloped me.
When I awoke the men were gone. I slipped back into the hot bath to rinse and reflect on the encounter. Never have I come so hard. I thought of Elaine and wondered if she had the same experience. “Of course she had, that certainly explains everything now. As I dressed I thought that I would have to thank her in a very proper way. “Hmm, perhaps she would like to join me next time.” I thought. “I would love to watch those beautiful men, her and me together.” Next time!
I meet Stacy at the front desk and she asked if I was pleased with my massage today? With a devilish grin, I ask for the same appointment time next week with the same masseuse.
Now, I need to make a call … But my Husband is first. He won’t believe what his little slut has gone and done now!

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  1. Hot hot hot!

    I wish I could get this for my wife when we visit Vegas next time!

  2. Pretty! This was an incredibly wonderful post. Thanks for providing these details.

  3. I enjoy what you guys aare upp too. This kind of clever work and exposure!
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  4. I want to set this up for my wife! A fantasy of hers, and now mine. I truly want her to embark on the hot/slut wife journey whilst I watch and even participate.

    Your stories are as hot as you Wicked!

    • Very SEXY Nick and tank you SO much. I hope you get your wish and once your wife tastes your fantasy, I am sure you will both be well on your journey!

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