After Dinner Surprise


After Dinner Surprise

After a long busy week with the kids and with hubby’s work it was finally Friday night and it was just the 2 of us for the entire weekend. When hubby got home I had the table all set with dinner and candlelight. Soft music playing when he walked in and he kisses me so sweetly with a heavy sigh thankful for his day is finished. We sit down to dinner and have very nice conversation and a little teasing. “What ever shall we do with a big empty house Darlin’?” he says. Clearing away the dishes, I smile and say, “I am sure we can figure something out Baby! I think we should start with you hoping in the shower as I clean up here. I am almost done and will be right up.” A kiss on my cheek and you say “That is a brilliant idea!”

I hear the water turn off and the curtain drawn as I am putting on a little sexy something and fixing my hair in the mirror. The door opens and there he is, standing naked in front of me. Hubby takes me in with his eyes and tells me how beautiful I look. Hubby comes out of the bathroom fully and about to take me into his arms when he sees I have a friend sitting in the chair. I step into his arms and embrace him with a hug. “This is Jack, he will be joining me this evening.” I say to hubby. His posture changes a little, his shoulders drop and he bows his head just a little and says “Yes Wicked. Thank you Wicked.” Jack stands shakes his hand. Then hubby turns to me again and I have his cage in my hand, “Ready to lock up my cock for the evening?” After the cage is placed, I pet my cock and say, “Enjoy the show. I am certain Jack will be very pleased with your wife tonight.” “Yes Wicked, Thank you Wicked.” Your ONLY allowable response.

Taking his place in the same chair as my lover just left, he watches Jack greedily take me into his arms and start to kiss me. The nighty I had only just put on was quickly coming off as he couldn’t get to skin quick enough. He was rough as he bent me over the chair hubby is sitting in and I put my hands on the arms of the chair and he pulled my panties to the side and stuck his tongue deep in my pussy. Licking away feverishly like he had forgotten to eat dinner himself. My face only inches away from hubby’s as I pant and moan then louder as he makes me cum for the first time. My breasts are right in hubby’s face and he reached up and take one in his hand. Jack politely reminds him, “Those are his for the evening.” and takes both of them in his hands as he fucks my pussy with his tongue. I look at hubby and I am trying to speak through another orgasm “That’s right Cucky!” I exclaim. “Jack has them for the night.” As I give him a little wicked grin. “I’m sorry Wicked. It won’t happen again.” You say. Just then Jack has me sit on hubby’s lap and spreads my legs open wide and starts to devour me again. Hubby starts to wrap your arms around me as I sit on his lap and I take them and pin them down to the arms of the chair with my hands. “No touchy cucky!” I say forcefully. I arch my back into him and scream as another orgasm rolls through my body. I feel his bite into the back of my neck and he moans into my skin. I whisper to hubby, “Do you like that cucky?” Oh yes Wicked, Thank you Wicked.” Then Jack stands up and takes my head and pushes his cock into my throat. He starts fucking my mouth nice and slow as I grind on hubby beneath me. My pussy grinding on his pelvis. Touching my cock that is bursting through its cage. He starts to fuck my throat harder and faster and I grind quicker on him too. With his cock still fucking my throat, he lifts me by the head to a standing position but bent over so my throbbing pussy and ass is all that hubby can see. I wriggle it and wave it in front of him as he just fucks my mouth so hard I look at him afraid he is going to cum, but he doesn’t. “Don’t worry, I can last for hours and hours” he said. I already knew this and that is the very reason why I had chosen him tonight. He is showing off my pussy to hubby because he knows he has it and hubby doesn’t. He takes one of his hands grasp of my head and reaches around and buries it deep in my pussy and finger fucks me good. Hubby sees cum dripping out as I cum all over his fingers. Unable to say much because his cock is in my throat. Jack lifts my head up and takes me by the hand and spins me in the direction of the bed. He lays downs and I mount his face and 69 him as I take his precum tasting cock deep in my throat again. Grinding on his face he ate me up. His hands groped my ass and body perfectly. I stroked his cock as I sucked it and exploded on his face again and again. I sit up on his face as a massive orgasm takes control and I release my cum in his mouth. When the orgasm passes I sit over him taking in his slim fit body. “Fuck me,” I said simply, ”Please, I need you inside of me” as I lay down on the bed.

Jack reached down and kissed me softly and then he laid on top of me, his weight crushing me under him and positioned his cock at my pussy. Slowly, I spread myself too him and gasped as I felt his cock enter. The pleasure coursed through my entire body as I came again, I stifled a scream so that Jack would continue. He didn’t seem to notice – or if he did he wasn’t interested in stopping. He pushed into my body, his cock buried so deep. I felt so full.

I glanced over at hubby, and whispered “I love you” and he whisper that he love me back. Jack began pumping in and out of my body, his cock pulling out soaking wet each time. He bit and pulled at my nipples as he pushed deep inside of me. Our bodies rubbing together with passion the heat, sweat, smells, juices mixing together as we moved. We moaned together as my hands gripped the soaked bed covers. I had lost count of how many times I had cum, my pussy was well lubed. He slid in and out of me easily, and I moved back against him with each thrust, accepting his penetration.

I was moaning constantly now as I was nearing my climax. My body was worn out, tired, but I wanted more. I had no more juices left in me but I still wanted more, I wanted to come again, I wanted it so badly, I needed it. I accepted his animal lust for me, I wanted it so badly, I know you could feel it too. I opened my eyes wide as I was heading for the best climax I had ever had. My tongue licked out of my mouth, trying to reach Jack’s face which hovered inches from my own.

Jack knew when to kiss me, he grunted as he edged closer to climax. Finally, he reached down and kissed me passionately on the lips. He pushed one last thrust, penetrating me as deep as he could go, my entire body tensed as I let out a scream into Jack’s mouth. He forced his tongue into my mouth and stifled the noise. My vagina tensed around Jack’s cock and began to pump it. I could feel the cum entering my body, I felt so full. I went limp, I was exhausted.

We fell to the bed spent and exhausted. We spend several minutes laughing and talking when I whisper to Jack “I need water.” He looks around and sees none. He tells hubby, “we need water.” Taken aback a little with this man ordering hubby in his own home I say, “Water now Cucky!” I smile my little wicked grin and he says “Yes Wicked Thank you Wicked, I’ll be right back” and he stands to leave the bedroom. Ordering him to do that sparked something deep in my groin as I lean back over Jack and before he reaches the door I say … “Take your time Cucky” … and plant my lips on Jack as I have found new energy to fuck him some more.

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  1. I loved your story, hope you enjoyed yourself but I hope your hubby had a chance too enjoy you too!!!! Specially since you two had a free weekend!!! I would love to watch too!!!!

    • Thank you SO much and believe me, hubby ALWAYS gets his too! I haven’t found a better cock YET, but I am looking for one that will make hubby work HARDER!!! Maybe hubby should watch you and me first!

      • OMG!!! Just seen your pictures your hubby’s a very lucky man!!! I don’t know how he keeps the cages on watching you!!! I would want to stroke myself or just join in trying to pleasure you to multiple orgasms til you pass out!!!

        • It is VERY easy when you don’t have a choice. Ms Wicked is VERY good to me when I obey and follow the rules!

  2. An by the way I couldn’t be so lucky to have that chance to please you!!!!;-)

    • It isn’t really luck Mayor McNasty! If we connect, my clothes fall off pretty easily actually!!! So send me some pictures and a little about yourself and let’s see if we can get this party started!!! There are flights to Vegas from just about anywhere!!!

      Licks & Kisses

      xx *´¨)
      x ¸.•´¸.•*´¨)¸.•*¨)
      (¸.•´ (¸.•` Wicked

  3. A Great Story, Love Your Professional Sexiness & The Climax Details are so Stimulating. You have a Follower 4 Life. Continuous Success To You.

    • Thank you SO SO much! I am VERY happy you are enjoying the site. Maybe you should send me a fantasy of yours to publish?

      Lick and KISSES!


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