An Afternoon of Sext with my Husband


When my hubby is hard at work, I love to keep his cock hard the whole time he is working so I copied one of our afternoon sext conversations and decided to share it with you! This was composed and sent sent during almost a full work day … I like to time finishing it up by the time he gets home to fully benefit from keeping him so fully aroused all day!

I bring you both to our bedroom
I have you strip naked and sit you in the chair
I want you watch every move
Sucking his cock
Fucking my throat
You are watching us and I won’t let you touch
You sit in your chair and just stroke my cock
I’m sucking him and his fingers are buried in my pussy up to his knuckles
I climb on his face and we 69
Stroking his cock & balls while he is buried in my throat
While I grind my pussy on his face, cumming over & over
We roll over, him on top now, fucking my mouth hard as he eats me
I roll him back on his back and climb on top of his cock
Start grinding on him
I Look over at you. My cock hard in your hands
Ask if you want some of this?
“Yes” you say
“Yes what” I ask
“I want my cock in your mouth right now” you reply
“Say what?” I say
You say “please”
I say “No … Keep stroking”
He is sucking on my nipples, grabbing my hips stroking my pussy up and down his hard cock
I turn around on his cock
His hands all over my ass and hips
Cumming over and over on his cock
I look at you with every cum, your eyes are begging me
But I’m not done with his cock
We move from the bed
I come to you
I slide your hard cock slowly in my throat
As he grabs my hips from behind
And starts to fuck me
Very hard
Your cock becomes steel
I stop sucking you to demand you not to cum
You say you can’t
I stop sucking you
“Guess you aren’t ready for me then”
And take Brian back to bed
He throws me down on my back
Spread my legs wide
And slides his hard cock in
I tell you not to stop stroking my cock
He lays on top of me
I grab his ass and pull him deep
Grinding on his cock to cum over and over and over
I ask you if you are ready for me yet
“YES” you say
Yes what?
I come to you again
Slide my cock in my throat
As he slides in from behind
“Don’t you dare cum” I say
“I won’t I promise” you say
I tell you to grab my head and fuck my mouth
He is fucking me hard from behind
His cock is turning to steel as is yours
I climb on top of my cock, back to you
You are grabbing my hips and fucking me hard
Brian grabs my head and is fucking my mouth hard
You both explode in me
I swallow every drop of him

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  1. Instead of taking your Hubby Cock in your mouth take the guys Cock and put it in your Hubby’s Mouth and let him taste your Pussy juice mixed with the Lovers Pre Cum in Hubby’s mouth!

  2. Damn that’s hot!!!!

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