Day at the Beach


A Day at the Beach

“I want to go to the beach today!” I say to hubby as we wake one Saturday morning. “The beach?” hubby says. “Well, tell the kids to get ready.” Hubby says. “Um no, just you & me Baby. I heard of this beach only adults go to!!” The huge smile in your face says you know what I mean.
We pack, lightly, for our day. A picnic lunch, some towels & a blanket and we hop in the car and go! We get to the beach and it is beautiful. But empty!! What the … I’m certain I got the right place but oh well … We still have the entire beach to ourselves and I don’t want to waste our day. We set up our picnic area. Hubby stands before me and kisses me sweetly. Playfully. His finger slides under the strap of my sun dress and let it fall over my shoulder. He kisses my bare neck and your finger slides under the other strap, letting it fall over my shoulder again. My dress stops falling at my hips and my bare breasts are being kissed by the sun. He tenderly cups a breast and starts sucking on my nipple. My hands slide under his shirt and I ease it off of him. I press our bodies close together and we kiss harder. His hands slide off my dress and it falls to my feet. I kiss my way down his chest and stomach as I push his shorts off. As I push them down his legs, his cock is right at my mouth. I put it in my mouth. Being soft, I put it all in. playing with it with my tongue wanting it to be soft for a while. Then I start stroking him with my mouth. He gets harder and harder. I start playing with his balls, stroking them and playing so close to his ass. Touching & stroking him gently, he grabs my head and put his cock deep in my throat and just pulse him slowly. Fucking my mouth softly then long stokes in and out of my mouth. Then I stand up and take his hands and lead him down to the water. It is warm as we wade in up to our waist. Hubby starts sucking my nipples again and I feel his fingers start to stoke my pussy. Then his fingers slide in and he gently starts fucking me as he continues sucking on my nipples. He starts fucking me with his fingers harder, making me cum, over & over. I whisper in his ear “I want your cock” and I wrap my legs around his waist. I reach down and guide him home as he slides in. Hubby’s hands grabbing my ass, sliding in and out of me. Between the water and his hard cock, it feels so good and he fucks me harder. I happen to look up at the beach and we have company! They have all their beach gear still so they have just gotten there and they have stopped and are watching us. “Pretty hot couple,” I whisper to hubby. “I hope they picnic close to us” he says as he continues to fuck me. After a little bit I say that I’m hungry and we had back to our spot. And lookie here, they did set up by us. Not to close, but not too far away either. As we get to our blanket, we walk by them and they have already started to eat. We exchange pleasantries and start to talk. Jason and Joy had the same idea when they woke. Swingers for some time there wasn’t much need for small talk. I can tell we are all sexually charged for one another. Joy asks if hubby can join her picnic, as Jason joins mine so we swap. Some small talk ensues between us all as I glance over at you two and she is stroking hubby’s cock. I see hubby’s hand glide up her inner thigh and his fingers slide in her pussy. With a huge smile I slide Jason’s cock in my mouth and down my throat. He starts to finger fuck me. I turn around and put my pussy in his face and we 69 as he makes me cum over and over. Then I climb off his face and climb onto his hard huge cock. Slowly grind my pussy on his cock as he is sucking my nipples. I put his hands on my hips and tell him to fuck me harder. I look over at hubby and he has her on her back, legs over his shoulders, fucking her hard. She is playing with her nipples and loving every stroke he gives her. I tell Jason he needs to fuck me from behind, and fuck me hard. I get on my knees he grabs my ass and slides every hard inch in slowly. “Fuck me hard, now” I say. And he does, hard and deep at the same time. Cuming over and over and over. I can feel his cock harder than steel about to cum … But he stops suddenly. He is staring at hubby and Joy. He says sorry, but he has to do something his wife loves to have done. “Go” I say and I lay there, grab a snack and anxious to see what he is going to do.
She straddles hubby and slides down his cock. While she grinds hubby in a slow, rhythmic pace, Jason gets behind her. Her ass is a beautiful vision as she is keeping her slow rhythm pace on hubby’s cock. While positioning himself behind her ass with a leg on each side of yours he enters her ass and starts to fuck her. Keeping the same rhythm on my cock, Joy’s moans
of pleasure grow more intense. Before long, Jason is pounding away at her ass, keeping in rhythm with her humping motions as she fucks hubby faster now. A few more accelerated thrusts and they all cum; grunting voices, join in one
tremendous coital seizure. Spent, you all fall to the ground, with amazing amounts of cum leaking from both of Joy’s openings.
I come over and politely clap thanking you all for a beautiful show! Now let’s eat, and eat quickly … It is my turn next and you all will need every drop of energy you can muster!!!!

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  1. Which beach did you guys go too?

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