Dinner Date


After I placed a meal on the table and called my family to dinner I excuse myself and tell you all to enjoy but I was meeting up with a friend and having a dinner date with them. I go to our room and after a while later you come in. I am pulling my thigh highs up over my knee and you ask me, “Fancy dinner date you are going to?” I simply nod my head and continue with my hose. You set on the edge of the bed and ask me what I have planned for the evening and I tell you that I have met someone and I am going to dinner with them. I don’t know what time I will be home either, it depends on how well the dinner date goes as well. Then your eyes light up realizing what kind of evening I have planned and you come behind me and adjust my strap to my bra because it is twisted. I feel your lips on my neck as you brush my skin ever so lightly with your lips. Oh my, so tempting to give in to you. To have you wrap me in your arms and take me right now … but I can’t I am going to be late. More curtly than I anticipated, I snap at you to bring me my shoes. “Yes Wicked,” your only reply. You help me guide my feet into them so gingerly. You step back to see me fixing my hair in my stockings, heels and nothing else and I look at my cock bulging thru your jeans. “You like what you see Cucky?” “Very much Wicked. Thank you so much Wicked.” “Do you think my date will approve?” I ask. “Oh he will indeed Wicked.” I slid my little dress over my head and turn my back to you and have you zip me up. You do, then wrap your arms around me and press my cock into my back. I reluctantly pull away from you, I want to stay. “I don’t know what time I will be back, so don’t wait up for me. You have to work in the morning.” I kiss your cheek and turn for the door. “Oh, I forgot one thing.” I go to our toy drawer and pull out your cage. “Drop them.” “Yes Wicked.” My cock is stiff. I want to wrap my lips around it and devour it in my throat. I sigh and say, “This is going to be tough tonight.” “I’m sorry Wicked. Please forgive me.” With your help and several minutes, my cock is finally caged. It is exploding out of every slit of the cage it can get. Another long sigh as I take you in one last time before I leave the room and I am gone for the evening.
Pleasantly surprised with my date as I arrive late, thankful that he was honest with the pictures he showed me during our flirtatious electronic interaction. He embraces me in is arms and plants a very passionate kiss on my lips. “Well, that is a wonderful start and will certainly get my clothes to fall right off!” I tell him as he pulls my seat out for me to sit. Then he says, “I hope you don’t mind but I’ve taken the liberty of ordering some appetizers.” As if on cue, the server places them on the table in between us. My date excuses himself and leaves the table for the bathroom. The server asks if I was ready to order for my husband. I giggle a little and say, “My husband is at home waiting for his wife to return from her date tonight.” His eyebrows rise so far up his forehead and I giggle again. My date returns and I share with him what had just transpired with our server. “Maybe he would like to join us as well tonight” he says? “The more the merrier!” is my only reply. So from then on we include our server in our sexy banter and notice the restaurant being very empty. We are one of the last customers here. Shocked we apologize for keeping him there so long and he says “Please, it is OK. you have been fun.” “I bet we could be a whole lot more fun if he wanted us to be.” If blurted out. Eager eyes answered my question and I told him my date knew the room number and that he had better show up. I needed fucked hard and badly! After my date spoke for a minute with the server, he escorted me to the elevator of the hotel. He opens the room door and it turns out he is quite the romantic. A few rose petals leave a trail to the bed. Champagne chilled bedside await us even chocolate covered strawberries and candles burning, throwing the room into a very sexy glow. Camera equipment at the ready, as he hits the record button. I take a picture of the bed and send it to hubby with a quick text telling him to definitely not wait up for me and that I hope to remember to take a few pics during the evening and send them to him. “Sweet dreams Cucky, I love you!” As I lay the phone on the nightstand, I feel my date behind me. Gentle fingers slide my strap down over my shoulders as strange lips caress the skin my husband had only hours before. Melting into his body I let him slide my dress to the floor. Sitting me on the edge of the bed, he starts at my stocking knee and kisses me up to my panties. Pulling them to the side, he licks my lips softly. More hungrily, he pulls them farther to the side and plunges his tongue deep in my pussy. Oh he is very good. My pussy is dripping with cum as he brings me to orgasm after orgasm. With my eyes closed I feel a hand grasp me by the nape of my neck and kiss my lips. The server let himself in the room and we didn’t notice. I open my eyes and there inches from my mouth is a long cock. I instantly wrap my lips around it and take it in my throat as my date is eagerly eating my pussy as a decadent dessert! The server has my head in both hands and he is gliding is cock in and out of my throat exactly how I like it. My date reaches into the nightstand and pulls out a thick dong and I feel it being inserted in me. As he strokes the dong in and out of me he stands and wants his turn with the server in my mouth. The men take turns in my mouth working themselves in a frenzy fucking my throat. They even take turns with the dildo fucking it hard and making me cum. I reach for my phone on the nightstand and my date says, “Allow me.” He takes several pictures for me and puts them into a slid show and sends them to you. On the text he says, “So we found a 3rd. She was rather insistent and I couldn’t say no. Thank you for your amazing wife. She really knows how to take a cock or rather 2 cocks!” Then server boy takes his turn on my pussy with his mouth as my date pummels my throat with his hard cock. Guiding me to my knees, my date enters me from behind and starts fucking me slowly and deeply while server boy fucks my throat. Then server boy leaves my mouth and taps in for my pussy next and my date sticks his juicy, wet with my cum, cock in my throat. I nearly explode just from the taste of myself and do over and over as the boys take turns fucking me. Then my date lays on the bed and motions for me to climb on his cock and I do. Sliding down slowly on every inch of him I can get in me I start grinding on his cock. Server boy takes his place at my mouth and fucks my throat hard and deep. I have both men feeling and pinching and sucking on my breasts as I explode relentlessly on the cock I am riding. Server boy leaves my mouth and I feel him climb on the bed. Wet lube touches my ass as he nibbles at my neck and I ride my dates cock. My date’s hands have a firm grip on my hips and helping me grind hard on him. Then I feel server boy’s cock head enter my ass as I kiss my date hard and yell into his mouth as he enters every long inch of his steel cock in my ass and he starts to slowly fuck my ass. The intense sensation of both cocks in my holes sends me over the edge. I start grinding harder on my dates cock as server boy reacts and fucks my ass harder matching my rhythm. Suddenly, server boy has stopped moving and my date groans as they explode in me. Filling my holes with hot sticky cum. Server boy climbs off the bed and heads to the shower as I climb off of my date. “What’s wrong?” He asks me and I say I wasn’t even close to being done. “Good” is his reply and kneels on the bed as he puts his cum soaked cock back in my mouth … “Because we aren’t even close to being finished with you either!”
Entering our home just before dawn I enter our bedroom. I watch hubby for a few moments resting peacefully on his side. His hand touching my pillow beside him. My cock still snug in its cage. My heart bursts so much with love as I drop my clothes to the floor and slide next to him in my most favorite spot in the world with his cock resting in the crack of my ass. His arms wrap around me and he pulls me even closer and whispers “Hello Darlin” “Hello Baby!” Then he asks if I had a good time last nightstand I say “Baby, it is 5 in the morning and I haven’t slept a wink. Have you not checked your phone yet?” No was his reply. He went to bed early and didn’t hear it go off. I tell him “it’s was a shame, you should see them. The guys were texting you all night. Hubby perks up and say “Guys? Plural?” “Oh yes, I didn’t have the chance to tell you. But that is for later. Right now I need to sleep. Kiss the children for me, have a fabulous day at work and we will watch hours and hours of my evening when the kids go to bed tonight!!” “But I want you now”, hubby tells me. “Sorry Cucky. I was just fucked for several hours by 2 very talented lovers and you have to go to work. Later.” I close my eyes and feel hubby kiss my cheek sweetly and he whispers in my ear …
“Yes Wicked. Thank you very much Wicked.”

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