Dinner Guest Pt1


Dinner Guest pt1

Home from work after a very long day hubby finds me on the couch with a drink and heels. Very sexy heels with thigh high stockings, garter, tiny bra covering my breasts and smiling from ear to ear. Hubby gathers me up in his arms and kisses me very passionately. His one hand wraps behind my neck and pushes his kisses deeper while the other hand slowly follows every inch down the side of my body. Then his other hand caresses my ass and pulls me closer to his body. Pressing me hard against his hard cock growing in his pants. I tell him dinner needs attention, we are expecting company. Ugh he says nooooo, not tonight. “I want to fuck you all night long, we have no kids tonight.” He exclaims. I say, “That is sweet but that will happen still and you will have company!” “Really?” you say with a crooked little smile and then asks if he can help me with dinner.

We set the table, make some hors d’oeuvre .., playfully stroking and touching when we can. Kisses land where they will. The doorbell rings and it is our guest. I take her head and pull it to my lips and we kiss very deeply. I introduce hubby to the girl I just met at the gym earlier today. We had instantly clicked at the gym. I take her coat off of her and was incredibly pleased to find she had dressed as I asked. High red heels with a very sexy panty and bra set. Very fit yummy little thing and she was there standing between us. I turn her around towards hubby and she places a sexy kiss on him while pressing her hot little body to his. We move to the living room and sit on the couch with our guest between us. Then hubby asks how we met.

I explained that I happened to be fixing one of my blogs while on the treadmill and she couldn’t help but to notice it. So we got to talking. I had had some trouble with my writing lately and needed some inspiration so she offered herself, totally, to me. She was very open and forward, such a nice change of pace from the constant pulling of teeth it seemed with other girls I have had in the past. We had a great workout together and we were getting very turned on with the teasing and wanting that was going on with each other. We finished up our workout and headed to the locker room. Surprisingly it was empty and before I even had time to process where I should take her … She just pushed me against the wall. Kissed her way down very quickly to my pussy. Her tongue licked expertly over my lips. Finding my clit and sucking it hungrily as I came over and over. Fingers dived deep into my pussy as she started to finger fuck me hard. “Well, that is a very very nice 1st meeting!” hubby says. We agree and then I asked her to dinner tonight with us and she said yes. I gave her my blog site and she said she was going to read and watch our videos in the meantime. She and I texted all day afterwards saying she couldn’t wait for tonight. She couldn’t wait to ride hubby’s cock and that she couldn’t wait to fuck really fuck him!

I asked hubby to stand up in front of us. I slowly undo his buttons. She slides his zipper down and I pull his pants down to his ankles. She takes hubby’s cock into her hand as she starts to stroke it slowly. I tease hubby’s head with my tongue and hear his moan. She takes her turn to lick his head and is still stroking. Then we are licking his cock together, taking turns on the tip and at the same time licking his shaft from your balls to his tip. Licking pre-cum up and she takes hubby’s cock in her throat. I put his hand on the back of her head and grab his ass and we fuck her mouth pretty hard together. Then I take my turn as both do the same with me. I give his cock back to her and can tell he is about to explode in her throat. I stand beside him, kissing him as he is moaning and I am pressed closely to him playing with his ass and helping him to fuck her mouth as he explodes a huge load down her throat. She swallows every drop and is begging for more already. I shake my head and laugh gently thinking I couldn’t have picked a better slut for us to fuck all fucking night long ….

Part 2 cuming SOON but I think it would be REALLY sexy if you wrote the ending! if you do, please email it to me at WickedVegas@gmail.com and put “alt Ending” in the subject line!

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  1. Hi wicked , I’m a married man extremely horny ,maybe a little frustrated but not willing to end my marriage . I have written what some have called very erotic even downright nasty and very prolific stories . All of them fictional . I would love to write one for you or share one I’ve written . If that is something you’d like let me know . I’m soon to retire but visiting you in Vegas wd be next to impossible . But the fantasy will live on 🙂

    • Guy,

      Thank you SO much for reaching out. I am sorry to hear about your frustrations, I am sure your wife probably has some of her own, these are a fact of life. I am VERY happy it is NOT worth ending your marriage over. That being said, I would LOVE my very own story. I look forward to reading it and sharing it with your permission. Who knows, you may end up with your very own page here on http://www.HeyWicked.com.

      I am anxious to read a story written especially for me!
      Have a “Wicked” time writing it for me!

      (¸.•´ (¸.•` Wicked

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