Dinner Guest Pt2


Dinner Guest pt2

The timer goes off in the kitchen and the look of disappointment on hubby’s face is evident. I take his hand and help him off the couch and whisper in his ear Baby, that was only the appetizer. There is plenty to cum yet.

Our guest helps me in the kitchen. Hubby is setting the table. I see him looking at us. Eating us up with his eyes. Hubby has 2 women in his kitchen in their panties and heels. His hard cock plain to see through his jeans.

Our guest does look so amazing I stop what I am doing and kneel down in front of her in the kitchen. I need to taste her. I lick her pussy, teasing her with my tongue. Slide my finger in deep and start stroking her. I find her G-spot and suck on her clit as she starts to cum. I look up at her. Perky breasts with rock hard nipples … I see hubby’s hand reach for one and I instantly push it away. I tell him “No! She is mine right now. Just stand there and watch.” You obey. She starts grinding on my face. Using my chin and tongue to get herself off as I continue to fuck her with my fingers. Mmmmmm … I don’t want to stop but I don’t want to ruin dinner either. We continue to put dinner on the table and we sit down to eat.

Conversation is light and fun. Then it starts to get sexy. She tells me she loves my tongue and that she has never been so turned on. I say “I can’t wait to see my hubby’s cock fucking her sweet tight pussy as she goes down on me. Hubby starts to squirm in him chair. I ask “Is everything is alright?” and he says, “It has never been so good.” and I tell him he hasn’t even seen the half of it yet!

I notice the food isn’t disappearing and we are all devouring each other with our eyes and I say “It is time for dessert, but it isn’t at the table … Or is it?” Our guest gets up from her chair and kneels down in front of me. Spreads my legs open wide and says “This is what I want for dessert!” and proceeds to plunge her tongue in my pussy. Her fingers are lightly squeezing my breasts. Her other hand slides their way up my pussy. I am responsive as I cum instantly.

“Let’s move this little get together to the bedroom, I can’t wait to get started.” I say and take hubby by the hand and lead the way as she follows us. Just before we get to our bedroom, I take the scarf that I have hung on the doorknob and turn and face hubby. I say, “This is for you my love.” As I kiss him and place the blindfold on his eyes. From this moment on, he will not see anything and must picture it all in his mind. “See if you can guess who is on your face, and who’s pussy your cock is in?” I say “There will be questions later …”

We enter the bedroom. I push hubby to the bed. Strip the remaining clothes he has on. He feels me take his left arm up above your head. He smiles … then I take the other. “Tied down!” He asks. Then I take his left ankle, and he feels the rope slide over it. Then the right. Hubby can’t move now. Then I part his lips with a kiss. My tongue hungrily taking the last kiss I will have for awhile as he feel the ball dong gag replace my tongue in your mouth. Commotion on the bed around his as he hears moans of pleasure. Hubby can hear the wet juicy kisses, tongues licking. Hubby’s cock is being stroked long slow strokes. We are REALLY teasing him. Kissing all around his groin area, licking between his thighs, licking the head of his shaft. Then our guest wraps her lips around hubby’s cock and pushes it down her throat. Pulsing deep and taking it all in. Then hubby feels his ass being played with at the same time. His ass being teasedwith a cock. Then she puts the plug deep in his ass. Pushing it deeper and deeper. Hubby hears me say “You can cum anytime you wish but we aren’t stopping til we are done with you!” Then hubby feels someone is sliding her pussy down the dong gag. Our guest is riding your face, hard. Cumming over and over as the my pussy slides down his rock hard shaft. She reaches around to the plug and is pushing it in deeper as I am riding his rock hard cock. Hubby can’t help but explode. She won’t stop. We hear him moaning but we disregard and keep riding his face and cock. Hubby ise responsive and he stays hard as we switch places. Now my pussy grinding on your face and his cock in my mouth. “Fuck that pussy harder!” I exclaim. He hears me and his head starts fucking it. Next he feels a pussy slide down his cock again. Still fucking your ass with the plug and he explodes yet again. Hubby then feels the ties being let go of his ankles, then his wrists. “On your knees bitch.” She says firmly. The blindfold is still tied to hubby’s face. He feels someone’s ass push towards him and he grabs the hips and slides his cock in. He can tell someone’s face is buried into the others pussy as you fuck her harder and harder. We are both moaning hard as we are cumming over and over. Hubby pulls out of the pussy as the other one slides back on his cock. Then he feels someone is behind him. Kissing his back and his ass is spread apart and teases it with the cock that is strapped on. “Don’t stop fucking that pussy.” he hears me say. Then the head of the strap-on slides in as hubby let’s out a moan of pleasure. His cock turns to a steel shaft as you feel my strap-on slide in as deep as it can go. Then he starts getting fucked hard and deep as he fucks the pussy on his cock and explodes yet again. As he pushes every drop of cum out, the blindfold falls from his face and I say to him “Lay there and watch. Catch your breath; we aren’t even close to being finished.” Then I lay our guest down and dive into her sweet pussy again …

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