Dominate Me


Dominate ME!

I call you just as your work day is about to end … “Hurry home tonight … You need to control me!” I hang up the phone and you are curious and leave as quickly as you can …

Opening the door, you look at me, standing there in the little white outfit I got for this occasion. My breasts almost popping out of the top and the skirt so short you see every inch of my legs. A collar around my neck and leash dangling behind me. You sneer at me, you get it now, “Isn’t a slave supposed to be kneeling when her master comes in?” You grab the leash and yank it down hard forcing me to the ground. “Yes, Master. I’m sorry Master” I say, bowing my head to conceal my smile as I see you’re taking my fantasy seriously and I love it. You grab one of my breasts in your hand and squeeze hard, making me wince. You growl, “That’s right, slut. I’ll wipe that smile right off of your face.” My eyes go wide a bit seeing how very seriously you’re taking this. It’s makes my pussy throb, knowing this is going to be just what I wanted.

You grab the leash and pull me toward the couch. I crawl on my hands and knees toward it. Feeling all the grooves and pits of the floor digging into my knees and hands. You sit down on the couch and just look at me. I kneel before you and keep my head down. You use the leash to pull me closer and closer until I’m between your legs. You pull my top down roughly, breasts spilling out. You grab them in both of your hands, squeezing them. Then you pinch my nipples HARD and begin twisting them. The pain makes me flinch slightly but it still sends an electric current all through my body, my pussy juices now dripping down my legs. Your nostrils flare a little and you ask, “Is my little slut wet?” “Yes, Master”, I reply. “Good girl.” you say. “That’s just how I want her.”

You grab me by the hair and pull me up and closer to you. “Take your cock out and make it hard, bitch!” you say, demandingly. I immediately begin doing as I’m told, unbuttoning and unzipping your pants. My hand reaching in to pull out my cock, which I see is already partially hard. I know how to get you really hard and I grab the base of my cock, running my tongue all around the head, paying particular attention to the underside, which I flick hard and suck and even nibble at. The whole time my hand strokes you. Your hand is still in my hair and you grip it tightly and force my head down further onto my cock. “Take it deep, whore.”  you say, as you start thrusting my cock into my mouth. I relax my throat and take each of your deep thrusts, my saliva running down my cock and onto your balls. “That’s right, bitch”, you moan, as you continue fucking my throat deep. My eyes begin tearing up and the tears roll down my face, but you just keep going. You’re lost in the moment and just treating me like a slut for your pleasure. It’s exactly what I wanted.

You suddenly yank me off of you by my hair and stand up, putting your arm under one of my knees you throw me onto the couch, growling, “Open your legs wide and show me that wet pussy of mine, slut.” I open my legs wide, as ordered, and use my fingers to spread the lips of your pussy apart. It’s sooo wet and it’s throbbing, wanting to be fucked so bad.

As if you read my mind you said, “My little slut is ready for her master’s cock, isn’t she?” “Yes, master!” I reply, still holding your pussy open for you to see. Standing there, stroking my cock, with my saliva still shining on it, you growl, “That’s not good enough, slut! Beg me for it!” I really really want to be fucked by you at this moment, you’re so dominating and almost bestial in your role. My eyes look at you pleadingly, and I say, “Please, master. Please fuck me hard with my cock. Treat me like your filthy little fuck toy, master.”

You get a slight grin on your face and say, “That’s better, slut”, as you move to stand between my legs, positioning the head of my cock at your pussy, just on the verge of penetrating me, you hold me there. I try to move my hips to take you inside me but you force me to stay where I am, digging your hands hard into my hips, you give me this hard look, and say, “You’re my fuck toy, you little bitch, don’t push at me! You need to be punished for that”. You grab the handle of my leash and rub it against my slit, then use it like a little whip and slap it against my engorged clit. You pull it back further and come down a little harder with this makeshift whip, the pain of it more exciting than I would have thought but it feels very good, your pussy gets even wetter from this “punishment”. You can tell that it’s getting me even hotter so you go one step further, rubbing the leash handle up and down my slit, getting it nice and wet, before pushing it into your pussy, hard you use it to fuck me. Pushing it in and out of your wet pussy. I moan, just loving the feel of anything inside me. Then you pull it out and hit my clit again, even harder than last time, but this time I just moan louder.

Then you take the leash handle and put it at my mouth, “Suck your pussy juice off it, slut. Make sure it completely cleaned off.”  I do as I’m told, licking and sucking on it. Tasting my sweet pussy on it. I clean it off very good and you pat me on my head and say, “Good girl. You can be rewarded now.” And with that you thrust my cock into me so hard that I’m pushed back into the couch all the way. “Is this what you wanted?” you say “Yes, master! Thank you, master!” as you keep pumping my cock into me. Almost savagely fucking your pussy. After only about 10 strokes, my body starts tensing and I know I’m going to orgasm hard.

You can tell as well and you keep fucking me hard, grabbing one of my tits in your hand and twisting the nipple you tell me, “Cum on my cock while I’m fucking you deep and hard you little fucking whore!” I get so turned on by your words, your deep hard thrusts, and your fingers twisting my nipple that my orgasm comes so fast and hard and I can feel my pussy muscles tightening and squeezing your cock so hard, over and over and over. I scream out, “Yes, master!” You push on my clit, rubbing it to make the orgasm last even longer.

I finally cum down off my orgasmic high and you’re still slowly thrusting my cock into me, having momentarily forgotten what you were doing when I came so strong. You come back to your senses and pull out of me. “Did that feel good, slut?” you ask. I smile big and reply, “Yes, master. That’s the best orgasm I’ve ever had. Thank you.” You just nod, then say, “It’s my turn now, slut. Get on your hands and knees.” While saying that you pull me up off the couch by my leash and turn me around, then put your hand under the collar at the back of my neck, the added inch making it choke me. I get to my hands and knees, barely able to breath with the collar choking me. You push my head down on the ground, with your hand on my neck, then release it. You say, “I’m gonna fuck you like the little BITCH in heat you are.” And on the word bitch you enter my pussy from behind, pushing your length fully into me. I cry out in surprise but then start thrusting my hips back at you, wanting to feel you fill me completely with your hard, throbbing cock. You grunt as your cock reaches as deep as it will go each time. I lose count how many times you make me cum in the next hour but then I feel your cock throbbing and you getting closer to cumming yourself. I want to feel you shooting your hot cum deep inside me so bad, but then suddenly you pull out.

I moan sadly at the loss of you inside me and not getting to feel your load in me and then I feel you start pushing at my tight little asshole. I’m very surprised by this because you’d never acted like you wanted to do this before. I relax my muscles as much as I can as you push a little harder at my puckered little hole. Finally I feel you pop inside me, you let out a little groan as you feel how tight this is on your cock, almost painfully tight. You tell me to relax and I do, then you push further into me until your whole cock is buried in my asshole. You let me get accustomed to the girth and then you start slowly moving out and then in again. I’m liking this new feeling and soon I’m moaning again and pushing back at you.

You stop for a second to grab something out of the table by the couch and I feel you place something in my hand. You say, “Fuck my wet little pussy with that while I’m fucking your tight little ass, slut. I want to feel you cum hard with my cock in your asshole.” I immediately do as I’m told, placing the dildo at my pussy and slowly sliding it in. I start moaning harder immediately. Loving the feeling of be filled in both my holes. I know I’m getting close already and I start pushing back at you. You reach down and put your fingers back in the collar, using it to pull me back into you hard, you groan at me, “Cum for me … NOW!”

I immediately fuck my pussy harder, the dildo and the feel of you filling my asshole send me into another incredible orgasm. I feel you tense up as I squeeze you so tight and finally I feel you shoot your cum deep into my ass. Load after load after load of hot sticky cum deep inside my asshole. You collapse on top of me, our sweaty, spent bodies, just lay there on the floor.

Finally I get up the energy to say, “I think you liked that, master.” You give me a huge grin and say, “Yes, I think this might be a regular thing now, slut.” And you kiss me gently. I smile beatifically back at you knowing I just got exactly what I wanted and will get it again … and again … and again.


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  1. I loved this story because it was a sexy fun short read, and because I’ve done it and it’s a great safe way to act out a sub/dom fantasy your interested in with someone you love and trust.Thanks Wicked.

  2. That was hot…thank you

  3. WoW amazing, thank you x

    • SO happy you enjoyed it Ray!!! If you have any ideas, you are welcome to share them with me! What would YOU do with me?

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