Fan continued Dinner Guest Pt3


Fan continued Dinner Guest pt3 courtesy of “The Captain!”

So as hubby lays there thoroughly exhausted you begin to enjoy your dinner guest. As she lays there catching her breath you position yourself in between her legs. She isn’t sure if she can take anymore after having your hubby but the moment your tongue touches her body tenses up and is ready for action. You softly start to kiss and lick her pussy very slowly. She begins to softly moan as your kisses send waves of ecstasy through her body. She slowly reaches one hand and places it on your head. She begins to her fingers through your hair. Then she slowly raises herself and grabs your waist towards her until you both are in a 69 position. She begins to lick your wet swollen pussy as you continue to please her. You now begin to feel the waves of ecstasy. You begin to grind your pussy into her face as she very skillfully hits every spot that makes you go crazy. She then begins to use her fingers as you tilt your head back and let her pleasure you. Your body begins to feel an amazing rush and as you let out an intense scream you cum over and over again. You are completely spent and collapse next to your guest. After a while of just laying there you begin to feel someone softly kiss your back. You then feel a pair of hands slowly being placed on your hips. The kisses are beginning to excite your body as you slowly spread your legs. You feel another pair of legs rubbing up against yours as you lift your head. You look up and see hubby facing you getting his cock sucked by the dinner guest. Then all of sudden you wonder who has been arousing you all this time. You turn around and you see the Captain.

Flashback: While you were eating dinner your guest takes a pic of you and hubby and sends it to her FWB, the Captain. She sends a text saying playing with this sexy couple tonight. I respond saying that I would have loved to join the party. The guest then send me your address and says nothing is stopping you. As the 3 of you went to the bedroom you didn’t notice the guest unlocking your front door. I’m not sure if I should just show up, I mean I haven’t even met you guys, but I keep looking at how hot and sexy Wicked is. I’m not sure if I should let this chance pass me by so I start heading to your place. I’ve never done anything like this before. What if Wicked isn’t interested, what if hubby says no. All these questions race through my mind, but my passion begins to intensify at the thought holding Wicked in my arms and kissing her sexy lips. Being able to feel her soft skin as I run my hands all over her body. The thought of grabbing her perfect ass and giving it a soft squeeze as I pull her close and start to nibble at her neck. To hear her begin to breathe heavily as I lay her down. I’ll pull out my cock and will see her eyes get big. I place my cock at the tip of her pussy and begin to enter as the walls of her pussy begin to stretch. I’ll softly place my hand on her face as quickly turns toward my hand to kiss and softly bite as I continue to enter. She tightly closes her eyes as my cock continues to enter her wet hot pussy. I slowly lay my body on hers and begin to thrust at which point her mouth opens wide. She digs her nails into my back as I thrust harder and harder. I begin to bite her neck at which point she begins to moan and pulls me deeper into her pussy. I put my hands around her as I increase my pace. Using every bit of strength I have to shove my rock hard cock deep into her pussy. She begins to feel her orgasm as my pace continues to increase. She then lets out a loud sexy moan as she cums and pulls me close to her hot sweaty body. All of sudden I realize that I am at the front door of the house and begin to think whether I should go in or not. I finally decide that I’m not going to let this opportunity slip and enter the house. I find my way to the bedroom and see Wicked laying on her stomach on the bed. I then look over and see hubby getting his cock sucked by the dinner guest who sees me enter smiles. She gestures for me to join the party and I quickly take off my clothes and move towards Wicked. I softly kiss her back, place my hands on her hips as she turns around and sees me……

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