My 1st Threesum


My 1st Threesum

It was a long drive but as he finally pulls up to the hotel still cursing work for making him stay that second day instead of sending him home like it was originally planned. He should have been with me last night before we were to have our play date. What is even scarier is, he could be up there right now with me he thought. We were not supposed to do this apart. We were supposed to do it as a couple but he was not there and if he is, what can I say, he was  the one that set it up. Parking in the lot, he scans the second floor looking for the room numbers on the door as he gets out of the car. Not wanting to waste any more time, he leaves his suitcase in the car and I listen to the steel steps ring out as he climbs the stairs two at a time.

Finally standing outside of Room 208, he can feel the butterflies build as he stares at the do not disturb sign that sways in the slight breeze as it hangs ominously on the door handle. The room’s sheers are closed hampering the casual glance of a passerby, but the curtains are still open, letting the sun in. His hand falters as he raises it to knock at the door, because he can’t help it, he tries to subtly look inside the room as he listens at the door. The bed is too far into the room’s shadows. Something or someone is on the bed, but he can’t tell if the shadow is a suitcase or a couple locked in an embrace. With the fan for the window unit blowing, the shears keep billowing out, making the shadows within the room shift giving the shadows life.

He watches for a few more moments, afraid that he was watching his wife at play with her new lover since he was not able to get here when he should have. I have always told him that I love him and would never play without him, but this is a strange week for us all around. Instead of spending our play time together like we always do, he has talked me into a threesome. She found, after some hard searching, a man that she wanted to play with and after quite a few emails we agreed to meet here for the weekend. With him being the local, all he could think of last night as he laid in bed and then also on the drive down here was that we were already together. His hands covering my breasts, his cock deep inside me and all the time I just arch my back and moans in pleasure. And endless loop of thoughts he thought all night long, cursing his job and also jerking off at the mere thoughts.

Finally tapping on the door he hears some movement inside and then the chain clatter on the other side of the door. Before the door is opened I see the curtains move slightly. The door swings open letting daylight flood into the room. Standing at the doorway is who he takes for granted is her lover. With a half smile he sticks out his hand to shake all the while he is looking deeper into the room wondering why he can’t see his wife. With just enough hand grip pressure to show his manhood, but not in an effort to intimidate he follows my gaze into the room as it dawns on him what he am looking for and says “Oh, Wicked. She is in the shower.”

Turning back to him, he takes in his bare chest, sporting the same lightly curled salt and peppered hair that his trim beard consists of. The scent of a cologne, like Axe, emanates from the room. Stepping deeper into the room as he steps aside, and closes the door behind him as he watches him curious for what he is looking for. He is not coming off as the ‘no strings attached,’ swinger that we tried to show through our conversations in the past week. Trying to be as subtle as he can, he looks around for signs of sex, such as the rumpled bed, but it is made, although badly rumpled on one side. He does notice that the fan in the bathroom is running and that the door is closed.

He is talking to him and with only half paying attention he answers his safe questions like, how was his drive, and that he must have been upset when he found out he had to put in an extra day in the studio before coming down to see his wife. He just nods in reply as the bathroom door is opened. Turning, he sees his wife’s reflection in the mirror before he sees her in person. As I step out of the bathroom, he smiles for there is his wife, tall, beautiful, and with a set of lips that draws her to him as his heart screams at him to kiss them.

I don’t see him yet as I am concentrating on watching myself in the mirror, my hand is inside my bra, adjusting my breasts so that they settle in right, giving the best cleavage impression I can. He just stands there watching quietly waiting for me to see him, but my lover can’t resist and in a very nice baritone says “Oh my, do you need any help with those?”

Still looking in the mirror I look up at him and smile, cups the outside of my breast, bumping them up so they jiggle so nicely and says, “Like these do you?” as I catch sight of my Husband and my hands drop from my breasts and turns to look directly at him. My lover had already taken her words as an invitation and steps forward to bury his face into my cleavage as I turn. Wrapping his arms around her so I am pinned against him as he nibbles his way up my breasts to my neck.

I just stand there frozen as I watch my husband’s face. My mouth moves slightly as my arms wrap around him then as my palms slide to the front of his shoulder, I gently, but firmly press. He tries to resist, but realizes he is the guest and can’t be possessive of a gift. My husband just stands there watching, the hurt showing all over his face, because as she pushes him away I take a hesitant step toward him and then another until he is within arm’s length of me. Standing still trying to look him in his eyes, which are downcast I say in a weak voice, “I Love You.”

He looks down into my brown eyes, and gives me a weak smile and say, “I Love You too.” as he starts to raise his arms to embrace me, I feel an arm wrap around my shoulders as I am suddenly crushed against my husband with only enough time to say, “Oh”.

My lover, not to be ignored, joined into our greeting with a big three way hug, capturing us in and pinning both of us unprepared into the crunch. He says, “This is going to be great. She is so hot. I love those amazing tits of hers, I can’t wait to taste her pussy juices.” With that said he finally releases our shoulders from his grip and steps back.

My husband wraps his arms around me and kisses my ear as he whispers, “Please tell me he hasn’t been here long.”

“Honest, he has only been here long enough to down his energy drink I don’t think I will let him have another one though.” I say with a slight giggle as he nibbles my neck. My eyes flick toward him in fear of another group hug.

My lover claps his hands together and says, “Alright now how are we going to do this? Do we strip down naked and meet on the bed or do the guys just surround her and pull the clothes off of this sexy vixen as we have our way with her?” Bountiful energy and eagerness seeping with every word.

Releasing me from his grasp he slides me partially behind him, further away from this grinning idiot. Sticking out his hand he says, “Hi. I’m Bill.” with a nod behind him, he continues with, “This is Wicked, and you are?”

Sticking out his hand once more he says in that deep baritone that we heard earlier, “Why I’m Greg.”

“Nice to meet you, Greg. Now you do know this whole evening is for one reason only and that is to make Wicked, my wife, a very sexually happy woman. Which means lots of foreplay and driving her to the brink and holding her there until she can’t help but fall over it and then we just keep her coming until she flutters onto the edge of passing out. So will you help me do that?”

“Yes Bill, I would be happy to help you excite her.” he finally looks a little bit calmer and he looks at his bare chest. Watching him, he looks to his shirt then back to him and says, “She invited me in and we talked for a few minutes than she said she would be right back and went to the bathroom. I thought she might be bashful and was undressing so I started, but you knocked and then she didn’t so, ummm. Should I cover up?”

“No, your fine, going to have to get naked sometime.” His eyebrows knit together a bit as he takes a closer at him, with his lightly covering black chest hair just beginning to turn gray. Trimmed beard, with just the touch of a thin jawline beard leading to a goatee and mustache, and smoothly shaved head. He stands almost six foot two where he is only five foot eleven. Otherwise, they could be twins. He turns back toward me only to see that I am stifling a laugh that wants to burst out. “You told me you got his picture and he looked fine, and that he will be fine.”

My husband turns to face me, wraps his arms around me tightly and whispers, “Enjoy every second my Love.”

My fingertips start to explore every inch of skin of my husband. Tracing muscle, bone and scars that I know like the back of my own hand. I run my hand down his back sending a shiver through him as he watches Greg’s eyes widen in expectation. My hand traveling from his back to his chest and keeps on traveling over to his chest as I gently uses my nails over his bare skin. My lips caress his skin as I kiss my way around his body to face him.  Stretching up onto my toes slightly, I reach his lips as his hands grasp my hips and pulls me into the kiss. My hands grasp his arms that bulge as my feet leave the ground and with a gasp I spin up and around. Then falling, my mouth opens into a scream that never is released as he and I bounce side by side on the bed.

He pulls her close and covers her open mouth with his own as his hands explore her body. I start to resist, as Greg says, “Oh, free rides. I’m next.” and with that, I pull him closer and start covering his neck with kisses of my own. My husband watches us for a few seconds, gets up and then slowly undos his shirt and removes it. I look at him while still kissing Greg and see him smile down at me from the side of the bed. He sees Greg pull my shirt apart. Most of the buttons were undone first, but he does reach down to pick one up and puts it on the dresser as I fumbled with his belt.

He watches as I fight, trying to release his belt, he undos his and drops his pants to the floor leaving his briefs on for now. I smack Greg on the chest and buried my face into his chest as he rolls to his back and undoes his belt and pants for me. Hubby almost laughs out loud as he starts to pull his own cock out for me when I slap my own hand over his. Staring him in the eyes I say, “If you have to pull it out yourself, I guess you don’t really need me at all, so you can go over to the corner, and jack yourself off, then leave. Otherwise you better let me take over.”

Pulling his hands slowly away as if I had pulled a gun on him, I smile wickedly at him as I slide my hand inside his boxers and pull out my prize. All the while, I was maneuvering around on the bed to take his cock in my hand and swirl my tongue around the tip. Greg just lays back and enjoys the ride. His one hand lies back beside his head as his other absently slides up my shirt and cups my breast as it continues to the back of my neck. Kneeling beside him, I forced his pants down a bit more then take his cock in my mouth, swallowing more and more with each stroke. My wet lips leaving a moist trail behind.

Not wanting to be left out, my husband reaches in and gently removes my shirt one sleeve at a time as I lift my arm up and back so that it can be pulled away. As my skin is bared, Greg becomes more aggressive at reaching for more. He lays my shirt aside next to is own. By the time he turns back, Greg has already unfastened my bra and the straps are sliding down my arms, allowing my breasts to be free.

Greg’s eyes round out as my breasts dangle downward, brushes against his own chest as she kneels over him. Scooping them up, one and then the other gets molded within his grip. His face buries within for only a moment until I turn to grasp his firm, thick, cock. Decent length, but the girth is the more exciting part for me. As I bend with my ass in the air, my husband steps up to the bed and grasps the waist band of my pants as he slowly works them down.

My ass slowly appears as he edges my pants over mounds of firm ass. Wiggling back and forth slightly as I enjoy the moment, I slowly lick around his helmeted head and then down to his sack and back up again wetting his cock nicely. His hands stretch toward me as he breathes slow and deep, but only his fingertips are able to touch her side, shoulder and dangling breast. My pants reach my knees and cupping my leg, he gently lifts one to slide the crotch past the knee then setting it down he does the other, without making me break stride on Greg. Which would be a shame since he seems to be really appreciating me right now.

Sliding the pants past my feet, he takes the time to kiss my legs, thighs and then with a mischievous smile, he bends a bit further and licks from the beginning of my pussy lips, up and over my puckered asshole and up the crack to my lower back. He hears a gasp as his moist tongue leaves a wet trail behind. I spread my legs slightly as I pick up my efforts on Greg’s cock, my grasp surrounding the base by the balls as my legs spread wide. With a deep breath filled with passion, I inhale his thick cock all the way down to his balls and back up again setting a nice continuous motion of up and down.

Greg’s futile attempts to do more than brush my sides don’t seem to be bothering him much as I cup his balls and bob up and down slicking his cock in a wet frothing frenzy of lust. I feel my husband stop and get off the bed. I open my eyes from giving Greg head and see him slide his briefs to the floor, I see his cock bounce as it is pulled free from his restraint. Grabbing his cock in his palm, he starts to stroke it using the precum and stands at the edge of the bed behind me. His hands latch onto my hips and pulls slightly toward him until his cock bumps against my pussy lips.

The tip spears in, pushing the lips back and apart as he sinks deeper and deeper in. His cock head disappears within me and an audible gasp as I lean back into him sinking half again within my wet, tight walls. My head lays on his stomach as I feel his cock pressing deeper, my hand stroking Greg’s cock in a firm grip. As he sinks his cock in to his balls, I pick up speed on Greg’s cock and his head lifts from the pillow as he gasps. Pearly white jets of spray, shoots into the air to land in splatters, dripping down on the side of my hand, covering his stomach and chest with an enormous load of cum.

He starts to rock into me, slowly sliding his thick cock through my wet, hungry, pussy. I grip Greg’s cock firmly and squeezes the rest of the cum out of his cock and onto the back of my hand. Bringing it to my lips, I slowly lick it clean and then wiping at the cum on his stomach with my hungry tongue, cleans up what I can. All the time he is watching and pumping away, picking up speed like a runaway train driving deep into my tunnel.

Moaning deeply, I get back up onto my forearms and lean back into my husband giving him full deep strokes as I pant away with parted lips that slowly clean Greg’s cock for him. I feel his thumb slide between the puckered sides of my asshole, as he pummels me with his cock. He slowly inserts his thumb deeper and deeper he starts to rock it in and out in rhythm with his cock’s thrusts. I drop my head against Greg’s stomach and panting, lean my ass further back so I can feel his balls slapping against my ass with each stroke.

Greg rolls out from under her and nods as he goes to the bathroom while we are entertained. Slowly, I fall forward taking him with me pulling his thumb out as I collapse. He catches himself with outstretched arms on the bed to keep from crushing down on me. The bed is wet from the multiple orgasms I was having as he took me over the edge. He rolls me over onto my back, legs spread wide and the faint odor of sex wafts up to him as he drives his face down into my soaked pussy.

My pelvis lifts trying to get his lapping tongue even deeper as I am taken over the edge of another orgasm almost instantly. Greg returns and kneels onto the bed beside me and kisses my lips, neck and breast before letting his lips surround one of my nipples and sucks deeply. Stretching it out as he sucks it in. Grasping my breast and lifting it up as he pulls back sucking it into the air. His other hand rolling the other nipple between fingertips as my husband continues to lap her wonderfully wet juices. Bringing her from one orgasm to another.

Suddenly, he gets a face full of wet as I shudder from a massive wave of orgasms, spraying my juices up and out of me as I scream, lifting myself almost totally off the bed. With that, he pulls her to the very edge of the bed, lifting my legs up to his shoulders and drives my cock deep inside me as my spray slows. The wet drools down his goatee and onto his chest as he drives his cock mercilessly in and out, building himself into a frenzy that ends in him slamming deep inside causing a gasp as he explodes a spray of cum inside my still throbbing pussy.

Greg is fondling my breasts as my husband slowly let his semi limp cock pull free of me and he lets my legs down gently before dropping down beside me to kiss me and gaze into my eyes. Almost totally closed he can see just a slit of my brown eyes looking back at him. My smile, just a whisper of one, left as I near exhaustion. My mouth opens wide as Greg spreads my legs without warning and buries his face between my thighs and starts licking away the cum that is still drooling out.

My mouth still open I stare at my husband, eyes wide and I see his head bobbing up and down as I am pulled toward another orgasm. A quick look down at Greg then he looks back to me and I start shaking my head from side to side, He wraps his arms around me and rocks with me, pulling her tight and whispering his love into my ear. I latch on tight panting in his ear and as he kisses my earlobe I let out a stifled moan. Deep and throaty signifying the beginning of another series of orgasms racking through my body.

As Greg pulls away from me and stands, tugging on his now rigid cock again, my husband rolls his wife on top of him and slides his own hardening cock deep inside. Pulling my knees up, I impale myself the rest of the way inside and I start to ride him. Until I feel a hand rest squarely on my back pushing her low against her husband. We lock in a kiss as the bed starts to tip from Greg climbing onto the one side. I tried to sit up but I was forced back down as my ass is licked. A shaky moan escapes me for only a moment and then my eyes pop open realizing what is happening.

To late to stop anything, I feel some oil hit just before his cock presses against her outer ring as she rode her husband’s cock in her pussy, deep inside her. The pressure builds as I feel him slowly sink inside. My husband watches as all I can do is sink my teeth into the pillow beneath his head and wail into it. The only mercy is that he isn’t as long or thick as my husband is as he starts to very slowly pull back and drive in again. I can feel every inch of both cocks deep in me. My moaning fades as I starts to pant. My husband quickly reacts and matches his rhythm.

Laying against my back, Greg bites me as he fucks my ass and I all I can do is gasp, his grunts and my husband’s own heavy breathing as I feel me pressed between these two men. The smell of my husbands skin as I breathe into his neck, sweat, and cum filling my nostrils as the grunting and moans fill my ears, the taste of his salty skin as I lick and kiss his neck and shoulders brings insanity. Base urges flood my mind as I rock harder on my cock getting it as deep inside me as I can and I can feel the wave of orgasms coming again and again, until Greg stiffens, letting out a huge grunt and I feel myself being pressed hard against my husband again.

“By the look on his face, he either just came deep inside of my wife’s  ass or he is having a heart attack” he whispers to me. Right about now, I don’t think I would care as long as he was done and pulled out. I can feel my body shaking badly, as he pulls out. My husband waves him off of touching me and rolls me onto my side where I pull my legs up. He points to a water bottle on the side of the bed and Greg hands it to him. He opens it and lets me take a sip out of it, replenishing some of the fluids that flooded him, and the bed. Making sure Greg sits in a chair away from me, he got to the sink and wet down a towel that he brings back to the bed and start to gently wash the sweat and cum off of me.

Realizing the evening is over for him, Greg showers quickly and dresses. We are sitting on the edge of the bed as he comes over and says “She is amazing!!!” kisses me on forehead and taps my husbands shoulder and looks him in the face and says “You have my number if you want to play again tomorrow. I will let you two be alone now.” and as I watch he walks over to the door and leaves, closing the door tight behind him.

He helps me up and we head toward the shower ourselves. After standing under the showers hot spray for a few minutes, I whisper to my husband, “Next time, I will look for a short thin cock instead of someone that looks like you. If I am going to be ass fucked. I don’t need one that big.”


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  1. That was one sexy story. And what a lovely DP picture. Would love to party with you. 48M.

  2. Do you have any story’s about FMF threesome?

  3. Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the pictures on this blog loading? I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Very sexy story. I’d love to join you in a threesome if I lived locally, but at six inches girth I might be too thick for anal during a DP.

    • I bet you would be but I could still suck it while I was being fucked! Maybe you have a smaller friend to come with you? Do you ever get to Vegas?

      • Alas I’m in New Zealand, and I haven’t been to Vegas. I would like to come over one day. They say the sights are tremendous.

        • They really are> Not only Vegas but we have the Hoover dam, Grand canyon is close and all the great shows. Let me know when you get here!

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