MY FANTASIES from colinda1234


My Fantasies

As we drove in to the caravan park, we noticed how busy it was being Christmas holidays you wouldn’t expect any thing less. The weather was reaching its maximum temp of 37 degrees C, it’s gonna be fucking hot. 
My gorgeous wife looks at me and says hope there’s some eye 🍭 down here with a little 😏 and her sexy 😁, we both 😂 knowing to well I’ll point any out to her and her to me. Let me tell you a little about my wife. She is absolutely beautiful, has a very sexy figure,gorgeous eyes and 😁. Every time she walks into the room she lights it up and her 😁 just melts me every time. 
She can be very shy and is a fantastic fuck when we do fuck!!! Lately I’ve been bringing up swinging or another guy in the bedroom, she hasn’t said no but hasn’t said yes either. So we’ve finished unpacking the boys we’re all 😴 so I asked,do you want to go for a walk she replies yeah why not!! So as we walk ✋ in ✋ around the park I start feeling very horny and I know after her 🚿 she doesn’t we’re any undies (that’s as hot as fuck) so I slowly walk in front just on the side of her,were we are is very dark, so i slip my ✋ down her pants to feel her moist wet cunt!! Which I found really surprising and with no arguments from her I continue to work her clit and finger her hot wet pussy, till she whispers to me let’s go back to the van, but instead I lead her towards the 🏖️ trail and lean her against a 🌴 just out of site of some 🙌 goers. I then tell her to pull her pants to the side and before she knows it I’m down licking her out furiously and she starts moaning uncontrollably and cums all over my face. After she’d calm down she told me that was fucking intense and starts to go down and suck my now very hard cock, while she’s giving me the best head I’ve ever had, i put my hands down her 👕 and start tweaking and pulling those beautiful stiff nipples and she starts to moan over my cock as she’s sucking it sending me fucking crazy, I tell her to stand up and bend over against the 🌴 then slowly rub my throbbing cock up and down her wet slit making sure it reaches her clit every time she begs me to ram into her, so with out any hesitation I drive it hard and fast, she cums instantly trying to muffle her moans with her 👕 she quietly says fuck me harder as she said it I cum and I cum and I cum, slowly I emptied the rest of my cum into her soaking cunt and waited till it went soft, catching our breaths we looked and smiled and said together, that was fucking great. She squatted down to try and get rid of cum that just oozed into her, I said pull your pants to the side and let me watch she winked and pulled them to the side, i slowly started stroking my cock again and she says come down and clean me out and with no hesitation I went an licked every little bit of my cum that was left in her. 
Was a beautiful morning we woke up the kids come up for a cuddle and we get organised for breakfast and talk about what we’re going to do for the day, my wife winks and secretly spreads her legs showing me her smooth pussy. 
We decide to take the kids snorkelling and 🏄 at the 🏖️ was an awesome day awesome weather and a perfect temperature just to lay and really relax. The wife and I are pointing out some awesome eye 🍭 for both of us and I slowly just sneak my ✋ on the outside of her swimmers feeling the heat radiating from her pussy I got instantly hard I lean in and start talking dirty to her, as she watches some guys out in the 🚰 I tell her how good it would be to 👀 her take both those guys while I video it, she moans softly and whispers keep going so I proceed to tell her how the guys would just start massaging her first her shoulders slowly creeping down to her soft sweet tits, then they both take a rock hard nipple in their mouths and slowly start sucking and biting, they then run there hands down into your swimmers and slowly start to play with your now very wet cunt, “she moans slowly into my 👂 😲 keep talking”, as they start to finger fuck you while both have a nipple in your 👄 you start fucking there fingers hard then you orgasm hard and juices run down over your sexy ass and with out any hesitation one of the guys slips out of your cunt and drives a finger straight up your moist ass!! You orgasm again and shout for them to fuck you!!! I stop talking and you say to me that’s fantastic we should go back to the van. 
We get back to the park and the boys run of to play, my wife new they wouldn’t be back for sometime so she drags me by the ✋ and pushes me to the lounge, I said the curtain she said fuck the curtain it’s closed enough I got hard instantly, she took no time at all pulling my pants down and started stroking my very hard cock, she then says that story you told me was awesome and I’m so wet!!, I said show me and with that she stands up takes her shorts of and pulls her wet soaking swimmers to the side, she bends over and takes my cock in her 👄 and starts sucking nice and slowly while in the heat of passion I didn’t 👀 a youngish tanned bloke standing at the 🚪, I was shocked at first then quietly used my ✋ to get him in here. I then said to my wife how nice would it be to have another guy in here finger fucking you and licking your pussy while you suck my cock, she moans on my cock oh yeah and with that I said surprise, she jumped at first but then went back to sucking my cock she pulled her pants to the side allowing the young man to start licking and finger her. While she’s getting fingered she. Grind to moan on my cock driving me crazy I then 👀 the young man pull his cock out and point it straight towards her very wet pussy, I winked and smiled and he slowly slid it into my hot fucking wife, she starts moaning uncontrollably and pushing back on his big hard cock while still sucking my cock, she starts shaking with a massive intense orgasm, still sucking my cock to muffle her moaning, the young man yells I’m going to cum and with that he pulls out and shoots cum all over her ass and back, 👀 that I told her I was gonna come she kneeled up a pulled my cock spraying my cum all over her hit tits. 
She turned the young man and said thanks it was great but you can go now.. I 😂 and said thanks mate 👀 ya next time with a little 😉, my wife kisses me like she’s never 😘 me before and says that was incredible and I hope we can do it again sometime, I replied with no problems at all you looked so fucking hot!!!! Well time to clean up before the kids get back.

Chapter 2
After a great night 💤 we get up and eat breakfast, 🥓 eggs, 🍅 and some fried mushrooms, sitting out enjoying a nice coffee we talk about what we’re going to do for the day,and the 🏖️ comes up taking the kids to do some snorkeling and taking the kayaks for a float around. Sounds great I said then we might do 🐟 and chips on the 🏖️ for lunch!! Now with the plans for the day sorted we pack ready to head out for the day, was fairly windy to shitty for some snorkeling so we just paddle around on the kayaks till the boys get 😷 of it and I say let’s just got for lunch so. So we head up and buy some food out of the wind as we’re eating I notice my wife starts getting fidgety, and whisper are you alright she stands up and comes over to my side of the table and says in my 👂 I’m really fucking horny thinking about yesterday, with that other guy and your story she then say I’ll be back in a jiffy!! Time went buy and she comes back in a lather of sweat and says watch this and hands me her 📱 and saying turn the volume down. I start 👀 and get instantly hard she gone across the motel and in the bathroom starts finger fucking her self, I look up at her and she smiles and says I’m still not satisfied, so I quickly say to the boys eat up we’re heading back the park, so we gather our stuff and drive back to the park. We knew when we got back to the park that the boys will go and play so as soon as they did we rushed in closed the 🚪 and headed up to our 🛏️, but I grabbed her and pushed her towards the sink bent her over and started licking her 😋 wet pussy that was already soaked, I licked her till she orgasmed then bent her over the sink so she can look out the window then drove my cock right into her hot cunt and fucked her furiously 👀 people walk past but trying to hold our moaning and panting down then couldn’t hold it any longer let out a massive moan and shot my cum straight up her pussy,i pulled it and said she stay there for a sec and I stepped back to admire her perfect ass and cunt and 👀 my cum and her juices drop down and hit the floor.. and just said fuck that’s hot grabbed my 📱 and took a couple of photos for my album. After we calm down I told her I 💛 her made us a nice drink and we sit out side and start giving her a foot massage and the boys get back for a drink she looks and smiles and say that was lucky!!! I 😂 and said your not wrong. Was nice to just relax and watch all the people on holidays having a great time some walk past and say hi others are just rude, but is fun to make them say hello knowing to well they don’t want to. 
Well better start Getting organized for dinner I said to my wife she asked what do I feel like I said eating you would be nice, she 😂 and said may be for sweets and just as she said it she saw this guy walk past and whispered to me can we have him over for dessert? I looked and whispered we might go for a walk later then go over and give her a huge long pash!! She said 😲 🆗 then. So we organize dinner a nice 🐔 with veg, the boys must have been hungry they smashed there dinner and like always run of to play again. So I start doing the dishes and notice that same guy walking past, my wife was at the 🚽 so I sneak out and start chatting with him and found out he’d just broken up with his girl friend and he was up with a few of his mates and there girl friends. So I just asked him straight out are you up to fucking my wife with me tonight, he was shocked at first then my wife come back from the 🚽 and with out any more hesitation he asked what time I 😂 and I said walk past at about 11.30 tonight then I winked at him and walked away. 
Took forever for the boys to go to 💤 and our new friend keeps walking past looking in and is as keen as fuck to pound into my gorgeous wife to whom I haven’t even told yet!!! She had notice him walking past so I walked in and said are you ready for your desert she looked at him and looked at me and said we can’t eat here I 😂 and said no let’s go for a walk, I never seen her move so fast, so we walk down to the BBQ area in the park it was ⚰️ quiet I walk up to my wife and 😘 her passionately she 😘 me back and as we’re kissing I get our new friend to come over, he hurries over and grabs her firmly on the ass and squeezes it tight she lets out a little moan then he reaches around and takes one of her tits and starts massaging thru her top she’s had a 🚿 so she’s not wearing a bra she moans into my 👄 and is getting really horny she starts grinding her hips into my leg as we 😘 and as he plays with her nipple, I couldn’t help my self and put my hands down her Pants to feel her pussy and it feels fantastic, she reaches around and grabs our new friends cock who has already got it out, she waists no time in jerking his descent size member and moans again in my 👄 while she’s wanking and I’m fingering her sweet wet cunt, she starts to really fuck my fingers and pull his cock then stops kissing and say I’m gonna orgasm and with that she let out a gasp and a huge moan and started shaking our friend couldn’t help him self and let out a massive 😭 I’m coming and shot his cum all over the ground down the BBQs, I said well your done now sit there and watch while I eat my gorgeous wife’s pussy she immediately turned around and half sat up on the table pulled her pants to the side I started licking her pussy furiously I couldn’t take it I had to be inside my wife and with that I laid her gently down and positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy. She said please put it in, I rubbed the head up and down her slit and hitting her clit every time it was driving her crazy she’d tell me again stick it in and with that I put the head of my cock in the entrance of her cunt she tried pushing down but I held her there and just fucked her with the tip, I then proceeded to play with her clit she started bucking and just before she asked me again I pushed my cock all the way into her pussy her moans went right thru the park I even noticed a couple of light come on and I quickly fucked her and blew a huge load up into her pussy, our friend was pulling his cock 👀 the show and again blew a second load over the ground, my wife was still lying there with a massive satisfied look on her face I said to her how was your desert? She just had a slight 😁 got up and giggled and walked away. 
The next morning was a little chilly and was nice lying in 🛏️ just having a cuddle waiting for the kids to wake up, was so peaceful and if we listened close enough could hear them snoring and letting the odd fart out which made my wife and I 😂 a little. We lay in there just chatting and I ask do you want me to race up to the cafe and grab us some coffee while you wait in 🛏️, sure she replied, so as I got up to climb over her she grabs my dick and gives it a little tug, I 😂 and said you’ll get me hard and she snickered and said that’s the plan!!! You sexy bitch I replied and stuck my dick in her 👄 then quickly got up to get our coffees, she yelled out just as I got to the 🚪 I, turned and she had her fingers rubbing her little 😍 button, I whispered your nasty and with my still stiff cock I started walking to the cafe.
The coffees were gonna take a little so they asked if I could come back in 10mins no problems I said and thought I’ll sneak back down to hopefully 👀 my beautiful wife slowly fingering her self and wasn’t 😞 I walked in and she quietly said please fuck me!!! I said the coffees will only be 10mins she said good get over here and fuck my pussy please, how could I resist that I climbed up took of my pants and slid straight into her she orgasmed instantly thrashing and moaning loudly on the 🛏️ I cover her 👄 to silence the noise, she wraps her legs around my body and uses her muscles in her cunt to milk the cum out of me, just as I filled her pussy up the buzzer went of for the coffees and while it was still vibrating stuck it on her clit and she went of again, I 😂 and pulled out of her 👀 my cum dribble down out of her wet fucked hole, reached for my 📹 and took a photo of it later for my wank 🏦, pulled my pants up and went to get the coffees what a great start to the morning. 
After we just finished our coffee the boys woke up and we organised some breakfast and the weather was pretty 💩 so we thought we might take em to the movies to watch a movie of there choice, so we pack up and leave and head to the nearest cinema. After the movie finished we grabbed some lunch and thought we might look around the mall to waste a bit of time much to the kids disappointment, we give them some 💰 and sent them to time zone and said we will be back in an hour and will ring when we’re on our way. So we walk around the shops and find a couple of clothing stores that my wife couldn’t resist going into, I of course rolled my eyes and my wife says I’ll make it interesting if you come in so of course I couldn’t not go in now. She finds some tops and pants and asked the lady in the shop if she could please try em on. So the lady shows her we’re the change rooms are and she proceeds to go in and after a minute she singing out for me to come and 👀 if they look alright, as I open the 🚪 to have a look I peek in and she’s sitting on a ledge in the change room legs spread 😁 and says very quietly how do I look!!! I replied fucking sexy and with that she spreads her legs further and starts rubbing her little clit, I can 👀 her pussy getting wetter and wetter she than says come in here and lick the fuck out of my wet cunt, I didn’t wast any time and got on my knees and starting licking that beautiful pussy furiously it’s not long till she starts to orgasm, so I stick 2 fingers in her cunt and then she squirts all over my ✋ and floor as she calms down I lick my fingers and as I walk out tell her that she looks fantastic in that outfit, she replies thanks 🍯 I 😍 you!!! We pay for the clothes and go of to get the kids. 
Back at the park we decide to take the kids to the pool to have a swim and some dinner from the cafe, while 👀 the boys we both spot a couple in there mid thirties early forties and both have a little 😂 as we both seen them and reacted the same way instantaneously, we both winked at one another and smiled, we had a swim with the kids 😅 and splashing around having a great time a great way to spend the afternoon. I’ll organise some dinner, so I went up and ordered some dinner for us and to my surprise 👀 the lady and man who caught both our eyes walk over and start talking to my wife, thinking to my self this could get interesting, I sit down and wait for dinner to be cooked and watch as my beautiful wife talks to these strangers, 👀 her 😁 and 😂 while deep in conversation she looks so gorgeous when she smiles, I could also 👀 that she was a little nervous and will keep looking over at me thinking I wish he’d hurry up!!! The dinner is ready and I go over to tell the kids and to tell my wife, she introduces the couple and we asked did they want to catch up for drinks after we eat, or there more than welcome to join us, they agreed to catch up after dinner I said drinks in the spa at about 8ish, they agreed and said would be great!!! 
Dinner was lovely, the kids were full so we go back to the van and get the kids ready for there showers and tell them to settle down early tonight with a movie because they’ve had such a long day, none of them argued. So I put my swimmers on and I watch my wife put hers on and noticed she had put her 🏊 shorts on with nothing underneath, take your undies of she said, 🆗 then I replied and she winks and says just in case 😂. We walk up to the pool and our new friends we’re there waiting with some drinks, thanks so much, our pleasure they replied. So we’re sitting in the spa and the drinks are going to all our heads, the ☀️ is going down and the night is just amazing, I have to go to the 🚽 I said, I get out and take a piss and walking back I notice that my wife is now sitting in between our new friends I get up there and the wife asked me to sit by her, a little 😁 comes over me as I 👀 my wife’s ✋ slowly stroking our new friends cock under the 🚰 and he’s returning the favour playing with her pussy, the wife doesn’t waste any time and put her hands straight to my cock, I look at my wife and she smiles and says go with it!! I’ve never been with another women while being with my wife so I thought 🆗, I can se my wife getting really worked up and the wife of our friend grabs my ✋ and puts it into the 🚰 to feel her very wet pussy oh my god she is so wet, as I start to finger her she grabs my cock and strokes it nice and slowly, we play with each other slowly and are getting very horny I look over and 👀 tim (the husband of our new friends) pull my wife’s bra down to release one of her gorgeous tits out, and puts his 👄 and starts licking and biting her nipple she starts moaning and starts to pull his cock quicker, then Kate (the wife of our new friends) whispers to me, can I get some of that, I didn’t even hesitate and pulled her top down to free her nice perky little tits she moaned as soon as my 👄 went to her nipple She started thrashing and moaning and started fucking my fingers riding them like crazy, both the women orgasm at the same time we couldn’t believe it and we all agree to go some where not as public. The ladies get up and both us guys stay a in a bit longer as we are still as hard as fuck, the women 😂 and Kate says we will meet you at our cabin, 🆗 we say. As soon as we get in the 🚪 the girls come straight over and take us in there arms my wife kisses me full on the 👄 hungrily and passionately, Kate is doing the same to her husband, then they both grab our pants pull them down and start to slowly suck our cocks, it feels so fucking good but I can’t resist and stand my wife up lead her to the lounge pull her pants down, bend her over and thrust my cock into her wet fuck hole, she screams in ecstasy I thrust harder and harder until we both cum a collapse on the lounge, Kate and tim clap and tell us how hot that was so we reply with put on a show for us, and with out any hesitation tim takes his wife and lays her down right beside us and starts to finger his wife’s pussy and licks her ass, he then pulls his finger out and slowly pushed two up her ass she moans and yells more give me more so with that places to fingers at her wet cunt and just as she says do it he rams those to fingers up her pussy she starts thrashing on the lounge thrusting at the four fingers inside of her, my wife and I are so intrigued buy the site that we start playing with each other again, Kate yells for tim to fuck her and he doesn’t waste any time bending her over and pushing his cock hard and fast into her aching pussy she pushes back and tells him to finger fuck her ass while jamming her pussy with his cock, he doesn’t waste any time and as soon as he puts those fingers in her little arse hole she climaxes and squirts all over him and the floor she shakes uncontrollably and then collapses on the floor in her wet spot, my wife and I are so 🙌 about what we just witnessed she gets up and straddles my rock hard cock again and rides me till we both cum again!!! She climbs of me and tim and I stair at both our wives sitting there with cum oozing out of there well fucked pussies we just smiled and say that’s fucking hot!!! The girls both say absolutely.. after that we trade 📱 numbers and leave. 
Fuck I don’t want to leave tomorrow!! I say to my wife back to reality, yeah I know it sucks!! She replies. And just as we serve up breakfast tim and Kate turn up, good morning they say with there happy 😁 faces g’day my wife and I reply are you guys up for the 🏖️ later on this arvo? We both say yeah for sure!! Be a good way to finish of our last night here, oh no your last night that really sux! Kate says. We better make it a night you’ll never forget then hey tim!! Tim says yep for sure and with that they hung out all day with us going to the pool and to the shops, had lunch and they both fell 😍 with our children, we were out playing 🏏 with the kids having a great time but of course the boys got 😷 of playing with the oldies and wondered of to play with some other kids in the park!! 🍺!! I asked tim yeah sure he replied the girls grab a glass of wine and we sit out the front just talking and getting to know each other more. 
We round the kids up and get them showered, put them in 🛏️ to watch a movie, Kate is now fairly drunk and is starting to feel quite ill, tim apologises and says I better get her to 🛏️, but will 👀 you guys in the morning, yeah 🆗 no worries we reply. Well we can’t waste the night I say to my wife, she says do you want to go over to the 🏖️ for a walk? Sure do I replied. So we pack up some wine and grab some towels and head to the 🏖️, nothin much was said walking down just holding hands and the odd grope of each other, we get down the 🏖️ and she just sheds her clothes I quickly follow and get but naked as well, what an awesome feeling. My wife bends over and gives me a great view of her pussy while she lays a blanket on the ground, she kneels in front of me and starts to suck my now very erect cock! I reach down and start to tweak her nipples she then puts her hands down to her cunt and starts rubbing her swollen clit furiously, which causes her moaning to make my cock feel fucking fantastic, I tell her to lay down and finger fuck her self till she orgasms, she doesn’t hesitate and proceeds to slam three of her fingers into her hot cunt, she then starts rubbing her clit with her free ✋, I Start to pull my cock and can feel the cum building in my nuts and just as I was about to cum all over my hot wife she squirts and with perfect timing I blow my load all over her cunt, tits and face, With out any hesitation I get down and start to lick the goodness from her wet pussy she starts to orgasm again instantly screaming my name and begging for me to fuck her, but instead I keep licking and jam two fingers up her cunt and one in her ass, she bucks fucking all fingers inside her and she then.begs for my cock, with out any hesitation now I climb up and jam my cock into her slopping wet cunt, pump furiously and as she’s about to orgasm again I jam a finger up her ass and start finger fucking her furiously which sends her right over the edge she bucks and holds me tight to rub her cunt into me trying to get everything out I then start coming and a massive load of cum fills at wife’s insides, I can start to feel it dribble out of her with every stroke fucking feels 
Awesome, I get up and watch it ooze out of her freshly fucked pussy. She reaches down and starts playing again feeling the cum run thru her fingers, i couldn’t resist and go down and start licking her cum dripping cunt, she starts to moan and tells me to finger her ass I jam two straight in she bucks hard onto my fingers her ass thrashing right down my fingers she starts shaking I then stick three fingers up her pussy while still sucking and licking her clit she starts to orgasm and squirts all over my face and fingers, I lap up as much of her juices as I could but couldn’t resist and point my cock to her ass, she says yes, yes and I slowly push the head into her tight ass, she starts to moan and says fuck me so I push it all the way in she cums again instantly, pushing onto my cock and I cum flooding her tight ass hole, we both collapse, we lay there still and silent breathing heavily and I gently slide my now flaccid cock out of her fucked ass hole. I whisper to her that was so fucking nice, she replied and intense I 😍 you!!! 
We pack up and head back to the camp, I’m going for a 🚿 my-wife says. Yeah me too I say. So we grab our stuff head for the showers. 
Sitting back at our camp we enjoy a nice cup of tea, the park is still busy and there’s kids still running around like crazy, well 🍯 I’m going to 🛏️ I say, yeah I’m coming with you my wife says,and we go in and fall straight to 💤!!!
The end!!!!!!
Bring on Easter.