A new Fuck Buddy


I drove to his house, sweaty palms, knowing that I should turn my ass around and go home … but it was too late, I was only 5 min away.  i couldn’t help myself. He was more than handsome. A god with muscles rippling through his shirt and I knew he was going to be my next fuck buddy. Shit, shit, shit … what are you doing???? (At this point I was having a full on conversation with myself.)  Woman, you know exactly what you are doing; you know you want this man, but at the same time you barely even know this man. Knowing this made it all the more tantalizing.

… Fuck, Fuck Fuck!!

Hmmm … that’s exactly what you are going to do … fuck him!!

I call him to let him know that I am at his door, and three minutes later I have stepped into what seems to be the twilight zone.

“Let me give you a tour,” He says.

So I follow, and before I know it he turns around and kisses me in the hallway … damn that felt good. His scent and the taste of his kiss was very intoxicating.

Ok, back to the living room, poured drinks, good music, and great conversation.  I feel like I could talk to this man all night.  The back and forth banter between the two of us seems to never end, and I have not had this type of a mental fuck in a long while.

I wonder to myself if he fucks as good as he speaks??

He doesn’t ask, he doesn’t request, he merely takes control of the situation.  He then parts my legs, and begins his appetizer for the night.  My pelvis is thrust in his face as he savors every part of what’s on his plate, and this makes me want him all the more, because I cannot take this for too much longer.  My body is craving the cock, and wants it now more than ever. This pleasure I feel, is also a torture because I want the main course oh so damn badly. I’ve never been one for patience, and right now I want to scream so loud, so instead I grab his head, and moan his name, because HE is making me feel this way I have to speak my mind “I want you inside of me now”….

…He stops a moment, looks up at me, between my parted legs. I look at him, with this slight pause I wonder what he is thinking? How he sees me? Was I one of the many easy girls he has to come in contact on a daily basis or did he appreciate my forwardness when I whispered at the gym that he needed to fuck me?

My request was made, and he didn’t say a word, merely picked me up, and whisked me down to the hall, past the frames on the wall into the bedroom. Panties left on the floor in the living room, music still playing in the background, and the alcohol consumed by the both of us, now seems to be taking affect. He lays me down ever so gently, and puts his hands on his belt to remove it. Now I being the woman that I am can never just let a man merely do all the work. I stop him quietly, and place my hands on top of his, unbuckling the structure that is encasing that which I long to see. When I pull down his pants, I can see all 11 1/2 inches of his manhood that has been hidden so well behind his jeans. I think it took my breath away at the beauty of it, because I gasped a bit. And he smirked as he watched the expression on my face change.

I took every inch of him in my hands, and placed him in my mouth, as I then gave him the experience of a life time. I pride myself on doing what I do and knowing how to do it well. His balls hit the bottom of my chin, as I devour every single parcel of him. As the tip of his dick hits the back of my throat, it tastes so lovely, that I do not wish to let him go.

I push his back against the bed, and begin to kiss him from head to toe. Then I climb on top and saddle up. ha! Yes, I rode the shit out of him; it is after all my favorite thing to do. He fit inside a little snug at first, I start off slow and make sure the motion is right, to catch the rhythm that we both can dance to. He thrusts me as I ride him, and my clit hits his pelvis just in the right way. Placing my hands on his chest for stability, and his hands on my hips so he can feel me deep. Oh this man, why does he feel so good, my juices are over flowing, and I have never felt so wet. But wait, what is this? He lifts me up and turns me over, smacks my ass, and pins my head down into the pillow. Back now arched like a cat, he kneels behind me, and places his hands on my ass. Inserts himself one more time, and I take it from behind. I let out a scream; I can’t hold it in any longer. His name exits my lips (I dare not repeat it). I do not allow him to do all the work; I push my ass back into his pelvis so he can feel every part of me. When he says “oh, shit baby you got it”, A slight smirk arises from my face, and I give it to him harder. I have a bit of an ego, and he just stroked it for me.

“Turn me around again, and put my legs on your shoulders” I say, because I want this man in all angles and positions, and of course, he obliges. His stroke is mean, and my ability to follow he notices fits so well. We go at it for two hours, and I had already cum too many times to count. He finally then asks “can I come now?” And I about came all over again. I could not speak a word, I simply could only shake my head yes. But I did call him daddy, because at that point he owned my shit….

I lay in his bed, and we talked some more, with my back to him, my face toward the window. He fingers softly tracing  my side and whispers in my ear, “Your shape is perfect”. And I tell him, ”You better not start again” But that’s exactly what we did, until the sun came up that next morning.


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  1. Hello Wicked
    I like the contents of your dirty little mind, you tell an arousing story. If I said you didn’t turn me on I would be lying! I’m Pete and I’m from Cali, I’m 5’9 about 160 with a beard and long hair. I’ve been following you on your various tumblr sites for some time now, you are quite a turn on and a very sensual lady. Someday I’d like to meet you and see if any chemistry builds between us no strings attached, just arrousal, lust, contact and release if of course there is something between us.
    I want to dress you up to my liking, thong panties of my choosing, silk sensuous bra, black garter belt, something low cut and very short, I want to show you off on our date. I want people to stare, I want them to want you. But tonight your mine!
    First I want you to meet me at my suite, I’ll have what you are to wear laying out on my bed. Before we go out, I pour you a glass of red wine and a nice warm scented bath. Relax while I massage you, arrousingly sponge bath you, your gorgeous breasts, your nipples harden to my touch as our lips touch for the first time, we kiss softly at first, reaching into the bath I find your pussy and begin to finger you as we kiss long and deep.
    I lift you to the edge of the tub, I’ve got to taste you! Make you cum, you pull my hair and grind into me as I devour your juices.after bringing you to orgasm at least a couple of times it’s time for me to dress you, as we kiss I slide your new thong on, before we leave the casino floor tonight they will be In my pocket and your juices will be running down your leg. We stop in every dark spot to kiss and grind, your short new outfit is riding up your hips exposing your ass and pussy but your too arroused to care, I pull out your breast and suck on your hard nipple. You wisper in my ear between moans, take me to the room and fuck me!
    I hope you enjoy this, Wicked

  2. Wow, that was such a sexy read. Can’t wait to read some more of your stories.

    • Thank you so much, I am happy you enjoyed!I will be posting more soon and also hopefully some stories complete with PICTURES!!!

  3. amazing storie wish it was u at my door

  4. glad i came across you wow u are just what i need

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