Poolside Threesum

Who want to help make this fantasy come true?

Who want to help make this fantasy come true?

It is a beautiful Saturday morning and we haven’t a single place to be. Hubby wakes me with his cock after I start to stir and I make him wait to cum till I have cum enough, for now. I get up and dress for the gym. As I go down the stairs, I see the neighbor has hired a moving company. Three really hot guys that are all incredibly built and very good looking. A poolside threesum, mmmmmm, now that would be fabulous right now I think to myself. I smile and shake my rear a little as I walk by and giggle to myself. Very fun to tease men and I have a great workout. I get back to the house and strip from my clothes and slide my pussy down hubby’s cock again. I am whispering in his ear there are 3 very sexy men downstairs and that I wouldn’t mind at all with them having their way with me. He moans desperately trying to stop his orgasm, begging me to stop moving, he doesn’t have permission to cum from me yet. I push on with my whispering in his ear and before long I know he can’t stand it any longer, he needs to cum so I allow him.  I clean up a little and then put on my swimsuit and tell him I am going to get some sun and put on a cover-up and head to the pool. I choose one of the side pools that does not generally have kids go to it because I want to lay topless.  The sun feels so good kissing my skin and I close my eyes and soak it in. Then after a little while, I find that there is a hand covering my mouth to stop me from screaming as something is placed over my eyes. My head is lifted a little and I realize it is a blindfold being placed. For some reason I am relaxed. I do not want to scream or yell out. Probably because I feel a hand tenderly sliding up my inner thigh. Then I feel multiple hands stroking my body gently. Exploring my skin, inch by inch. The blindfold is the perfect touch, heightening every sense of mine.  Fingers slide into my bikini bottoms and are stroking my lips, incredibly wet already and I feel a smooth soft cock playfully playing with my lips. My tongue darts out as I lick the cock head and get a wonderful taste of precum for my reward. My nipples are being licked and sucked as well, and I think How many men are having their way with me right now? Then I think for a moment, my hubby should be watching this right now, across the pool in his little cage wishing for one of these boys spots on his wife. The cock at my lips parts them and enters my mouth, slowly stoking my mouth with his cock, he goes deeper and deeper and I feel a tongue entering my pussy. The cock leaves my mouth and another enters. They are taking their turns fucking my mouth with their cocks as the one is eating me out so good. I feel his fingers enter me and he starts to fuck me with them. I love this! I love the cocks taking their turns in my mouth, fucking my throat, coating my mouth with their tasty pre-cum! The blind fold comes off suddenly and to my wonderful surprise it is the moving company taking a much needed break with your truly! One of the cocks that was in my mouth sits down on the chair and motions me to sit on his cock. Eagerly I do. I start to slide down his massive thick cock and the one who was eating me out slides his cock down my throat and he and the other sexy hunk take turns fucking my mouth as I bounce up and down on this amazing cock I am sitting on. Next, I am being pulled off the cock I am on and bent over a table and another cock enters me from behind. He starts to pound me so good as the other cocks fill my mouth. Sometimes they are both in there, sometimes they are fighting for their solo shot but they are all three fucking me REALLY well.  The man that was fucking me from behind is pushed aside and he lays down on one of the patio chairs and has me straddle him. Slowly sliding my pussy down his shaft, he grabs my hips and forcefully guides my pussy up and down his steel shaft so quickly. Another cock enters my mouth and he slows down guiding my pussy on his cock. I am bouncing on his nice long thin cock and my mouth is being fucked deeper and deeper down my throat he goes. Just as I wonder where the third cock is I feel him licking my ass. He gets closer and closer to my hole and I cum instantly on the cock that is in me now. I am getting so excited because I know he is going to DP me. DP me for the 1st time and I am so turned on. Cumming again on the cock in me the boys know I am excited as well. The man with the cock in me now guides my pussy up and down his cock as the third man suddenly is in my ear. He grabs a handful of my hair and turns my ear into his mouth as he whispers soft and sexy. “You want my cock in your ass don’t you?” “Yes” I say breathlessly. “Yes please” I plead. He whispers, “How badly do you want my cock in your ass?” I cry, “So badly that I ache. I need your cock in my ass too. Please fuck me!” He presses his cock to my asshole. I cum on the cock I am riding and his cock has not even entered me yet. He whispers in my ear. “You really want this don’t you?” And I try to push closer to the head of his cock while I am being fucked and say “Yes, please please. I really need it.” He pushes me forward on the cock waiting to fuck my mouth and the cock already in my pussy slows way down. There is pressure on my asshole as I feel him finally enter me. Oh. My. Goodness. He enters me nice and slowly. The cock in my mouth triples in size as he blows his load directly down my throat. I guess he enjoyed the view and finishes pumping his load into my mouth as the cocks in me pick up their speed. Fuck this feels so good. I cannot tell when one orgasm starts and when one ends. I think they are all the same, just a long continuous orgasm as these cocks fill both my holes. The one behind me pulls me back by the hair and animalistically breathes into my ear that he is going to fill my ass with his huge load of cum and he bites my shoulder as he fills me up. Pumping my asshole, getting in every last drop of his cum in me. He slides out and then jumps right into the pool. The cock still in me says “Oh that looked so good, I want to do the same thing!” HE picks me up off his cock and the one that finished in my throat was waiting for me all nice and hard for me on the table so I slide down on his massive cock as the other cock enters me from behind again. The one gets out of the pool and says “Oh an empty hole”, and fills my mouth with his soft cock and starts fucking my mouth again. Soon enough, I am being thrown around like a rag doll. Bent over here or there. Straddling a cock while the other two are fucking my mouth or me from behind. They have cum so many times either in my ass or my mouth I have lost count. All I know is … That. I. Can. Not. Get. Enough! One of them will go for a swim after they cum and the other 2 will have their way with me. I am 69ing one and he fucks my pussy while the other is eating me. I’ll sit on ones cock as the other fucks me so hard from behind. Then I will have three cocks in me filling me up with their massive or long thick cocks. Then I hear my neighbor say, “Well here you are. That was a very long break for you guys!”  She says with a smirk. The lead guy says just a few more minutes and then they fill me up one last time as they fuck me good for a few more minutes. Two loads down my throat another in my ass. As I dive in the pool I wonder how many loads of cum I actually took today. The boys take a final dip in the pool and then dress and head back to work. As I am floating there basking in the sun on my back, the sun disappears and I open my eyes to my husband standing over me. “14” he says. Confused I say “I am sorry, 14 what?” “Honey, you took 14 loads of cum today with these men.” I start to laugh. “Only 14 huh”, I say. “It felt like a lot more than that.”  “No I counted every one Wicked.” “Oh”, I say. “You were watching?” “Yes Wicked, I did. It was my gift to you to invite them to have lunch with you. My treat. See?” He points to where he was sitting with his drink sitting there and the video camera, “I watched every exciting second right there!” “Awe, you are the very best husband ever, thank you.” “Anything for you Wicked, anything.” He drops his shorts and jumps into the pool and takes me into his strong, sexy arms and presses his hard steel cock against me. I whisper into his ear and ask him, “Does he want to slide his cock in where those other three cocks had just left?”  and he moans in my ear the way he does just as he is about to cum … This must have been a record for cumming and not even being in his wife’s pussy. That’s OK, for now. Those three cocks really took fabulous care of Wicked’s pussy!!

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