My Shower


My husband and I lived for 2 years apart for logistical reasons that you need not concern yourself with. But for what it seems like the longest 2 years of my life, we stayed strong in our marriage and built the amazing foundation that our marriage stands proudly on today. It made for long, cold lonely nights until we could be in each others arms again and this is what would often happen after our phone talks and I would send hubby pics and video.

My eyes close while I still hear the rhythm of whispered words in my head, combined longings of both, almost like the rhythm that train wheels make on the track. It leaves me once again speechless behind a PC, leaning back and reclining my chair while I hoist up my knees and curl up. Silent and simply enjoying my feelings those moments after we have chatted, remembering your words whispered in my ear. Wanting desperately to lay my head on your chest, letting your heartbeat lull me to blissful sleep but you are too far away, it feels as if I will never be in your arms again. One night away feels like a lifetime as it is. A week is pure torture and anything longer than that is simply hell. I crave your touch. I crave your kisses. I crave to be one with you as we make love.
So intensely content it almost feels like a shame to break the moment, I get up slowly and walk to the bathroom, slowly turning on the faucet of the shower. I lean against the wall, and listen to the clattering water for a while, before I slowly strip myself from my clothing.
I crawl under the hot stream of water and with a lazy smile on my face rest my back against the cold tiles, I shiver and close my eyes while I let the rhythm of the train go on and on in my head. Memories of sounds ring in my ears while I reach out for the shower soap and let it slide trough my fingers, slowly letting the scent of almonds penetrate my consciousness. I moan softly and then inhale before softly letting my hands slide over my body. Hands that slowly and enjoying stroke every inch of skin…knead my breasts, firmer… slick skin and slick fingers teasing it… stroking it… softly pinching rock hard nipples… harder… rolling them between them… pulling… pushing.
I toss my head back and the contrast of the cold wall makes goose bumps arise all over my skin, I relish that feeling… my left sole of my foot resting against the tiles… my knees lightly spreading while one hand slowly wanders down over my belly… towards my pussy. My hips are twisting gently, making the slick skin of my ass cheeks rub against the tiles. Fingers softly sliding over my lips… my breath catches when I slide deeper without any restraint and a swift brush against my clit makes my whole body tense up. Heat surging through me suddenly. I am so wet, no need for lotion here, as my juices mix with the droplets of water on my skin.
I take a few deep breaths and lean backwards, let myself calm down for a moment, feel me breathing getting easier, but all too soon my fingers are finding engorged and swollen lips again… stroking, softly squeezing… ohhhh… harder.
A deep moan escapes my lips as I close my eyes, barely aware of the water cascading down the skin of my breasts, I pinch my ass cheeks together and a soft quivering sigh escapes my lips while I slowly start stroking my clit. Waves of pleasure washing through me, I am trembling on my feet. Fingers softly rolling the tight little buds between them. My stomach cramps like a tight knot and finally I simply and roughly shove one finger inside my pussy, pushing my hips forward shamelessly… two fingers. I gasp for air… oh my God.
I slowly sink down on my knees, my back resting against the wall, fully arched, my breasts pushed out far while my fingers pinch down hard on aching flesh, pinch and squeeze while my fingers pump in and out of my pussy deeper, harder… faster and faster, rubbing, pushing, pressing it against my pubic bone. My knees spread wide almost obscenely, my hips rising high with each thrust, all my muscles shaking, gasping breaths all around.
How long was I there?
I do not know.
I know I came, hard.
And then slowly I returned back to reality, panting, quivering breaths, my whole body tingling while I sink from my knees on my ass and sit up in the corner of the shower and just let the water fall down on me as I wrap my arms around my knees and rest my head on them.
And the train slows down… gently…

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  1. Wow. Wow. Holy fuck wow. That was extremely powerful in my pants!

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