A Simple Meet & Greet


I get out of the shower and go to the computer and ring you up on Skype. The video chat starts and I am standing in front of the camera naked, still dripping wet as I towel dry myself.

You tell me how beautiful I am and how much you want to lick me dry right now. I bring my pussy closer to the camera and start stroking it. I say to hubby, ” I bet you want to bury your tongue here don’t you Baby?” hubby replies, ” Mmmmmmm yes I really do.”

I bury my 2 fingers deep in my pussy and slowly fuck myself. You coax me to cum and I easily do.

You tell me you want to slide your cock in my pussy. “I bet you do!” ,I say.

Then I start to get ready. After I blow dry my hair, you ask if I am going out. “Yes!” I say. “I am going to a simple lifestyle meet & greet.”  You ask if I am going by myself. “Yes I am  but I don’t plan on leaving alone.” I reply.

Your demeanor changes instantly. You know the signs. You submit to your roll immediately.

“What are you looking for tonight Wicked?” hubby asks.

I reply, “I don’t know what I am hungry for tonight cucky. I am just going to go and let my pussy decide.”

“Yes Wicked, Thank you Wicked.” is the only allowable response!

I say to hubby “It could be a sexy young stud. It could be two. It could be a hot couple. Very may be a hot little chick. I do know I want to fuck. I want to lick, suck and fuck for hours. I want to cum so much I pass out.”

Pulling my dress over my head and I turn to you on the computer. I ask, “How do I look cucky?”

Hubby’s reply, “Very fuckable Wicked.  Desirable and eatable.”

Very satisfied with the compliments and the hard cock I see laying on hubby’s groin, I tell him to have a pleasant evening and I will try and send pics if I get the chance.

“Yes Wicked. Thank you very much Wicked. Have a great evening Wicked. I hope you are fucked exactly how you want Wicked.” is again his trained response.

Blowing kisses to him as I close our chat and head out the door.


Arriving to the club, it is packed. Looking around I think this is my playground. Surrounded with fun couples, good looking men, and stunningly beautiful women. Drink in hand, mingling and smiling at beautiful people. Suddenly my arm is taken by the elbow twirling me around to bring me face to face with a very drunk short man. Oh my God you are beautiful, he slurs into my chest. Politely I thank him and try to escape and fail horribly. He will not let the grip on my elbow go. Visibly irritated with him and trying to get away I decide to give him a minute and try to find the right words to not hurt his feelings. He is talking directly into my chest. Hot smelly breadth waifs up to me. I look away and look for an escape route; I need to get away from this right now. Scanning the crowd and surroundings, my eyes lock onto the most handsome man I have seen in a while. The pleading look in my eyes made him rise from his chair. Not letting go of our eyes being locked he walks towards me. As he nears, he wraps his arm around my back and pulls me into his body. The little man says excuse me and this man says “I see you are enjoying my wife. My name is Brad what is yours?” Smiling from ear to ear I return my new sexy husband’s embrace and reach up and lay my lips on his. The little man is stumbling over words and is trying to remember is name. Brad says, “Come over here Honey, I have some friends you should meet.” We turn and leave the man, stunned into silence. Immediately grateful for my knight in shining armor to take me from this unsavory man, I would follow him anywhere … He leads me to his table and we sit and engrossed in pleasant conversation. After a few minutes the tallest sexiest woman I have ever laid eyes on comes to the table. Brad stands and kisses the beauty and I stand as he introduces his real wife Jen to me. Sitting down, talk quickly turns to the Lifestyle. They are in town from some tiny city in the Northwest, in Vegas for a memorable weekend of playtime that they have been fantasizing for months now. They ask me what brings me out this evening and instantly I knew why. To be with these sexy people!

After a few drinks they ask if I was ready to go to their room. On the way to the room, I ask them, “What are you expecting and are there were any rules?” Jen says, “the only rule is Brad is the boss and whatever he wants, he gets.”  “That sounds like the perfect set of rules I can abide by.” , I reply. Brad opens the door and leads us in. He tells his wife to kiss me and she does. Her tongue teases my lips as her soft lips kissed mine. Then she plunges her tongue in my mouth and our tongues mingle and hunger for more. Her hands start exploring my body. Caressing my breasts, she squeezes my nipples. Brad directs her to take my clothes off and she obediently obeys. “Kiss and lick her body!” I hear him say and suddenly she is all over my body. Her mouth takes my nipple in whole and her tongue plays with them perfectly. I feel him behind me. His hands dancing around my body as she explores me with her mouth. He takes me by the arms and gently guides me to the bed and lays me down. Her mouth still licking and tasting my skin, I feel him spread my legs open wide. “Lick her pussy Jen. Lick it until she explodes.” Jen, such a good wife, devours my pussy and I explode instantly. “Don’t let it stop Jen; keep her cumming”, I faintly hear Brad say. She doesn’t stop. She continues the orgasm for what seems like forever. I feel something touch my lips. I open my eyes and his cock is rubbing against my mouth. “Open your mouth.” Brad says and quickly I do. Hungrily taking every inch he gave me. Pushing my mouth further down his shaft because I want more. Pressing his cock in my throat, he starts to slowly fuck my mouth. Her mouth still fucking my pussy, I cum over and over as he fucks my mouth. He leaves my mouth and as she continues to eat me, he rips off is wife’s clothes. With Jen’s ass in the air he plunges his tongue into her pussy and starts to eat her. He pushes his wife to the bed on her back. “Lick her pussy on your knees”, Brad orders me. He certainly didn’t need to tell me again. Such an inviting pussy. Dripping wet with what her husband had already done, I start to lick her. Licking the juices up with my tongue and I feel his hands grab my hips. He licks my pussy from top to my asshole. As I am licking the sweet pussy in front of me I feel the head of his rock hard cock slide in from behind. He pushes my face into Jen’s pussy as I release a scream into it because his cock felt so good. Brad slowly lets me feel every inch of him as he starts to fuck me. Nice long strokes. Making Jen cum in my mouth, drinking her up. He starts to fuck me harder but nice long strokes still. Then he picks up the pace and is very fast. God it feels good to explode on that great cock, and I do over and over again. Brad stops with his cock buried up to his balls in my pussy. “Jen Honey, please get my toy.” Jen gets up from the bed and goes to her suitcase and Brad rolls me over on my back. Slides his cock in me again and starts to fuck me again. I feel Jen climb back on the bed and I look. She is wearing a strap on that is so huge that I can’t even believe it! She looks soooo hot. She is going to fuck her husband’s boi pussy for him. And that I am going to have his steel rod buried in me. I know the moment she enters is ass. He buries his head into my neck and gives me a firm bite that felt so good. A bite that was nearly orgasmic. He liked his boi pussy fucked. His cock grew to an impressive size in me as he matched her rhythm with his own fucking of me. With the 3 of us cumming, that room was so loud. I secretly thought I would love for management to come and see what was going on … Maybe they would join us as well. Please!!

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  2. I can’t wait til my next Vegas trip with the guys. I’d love to sneak away and get a chance to meet you…I am a long time follower on tumble. I’m 42yodaddy. We should chat sometime.

  3. Hi I like to play

    • Well send me some pictures and maybe a SEXY intro video of the whole you and let me know what you have in mind!

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