Sub for Your EVERY Desire


This story “Sub for your every desire” is a little HINT for hubby! I really want to be a sub to him on occasion. HOPEFULLY he will get the hint after he reads this story!!! I am publishing it AS WRITTEN in the first person to surprise hubby! I hope you enjoy! (also, if I can’t get hubby to do this, maybe you and a friend can make it happen and hubby can watch the video and read your account of the story after our weekend is over!)

I attach my leash to my collar with a click. Tugging it, testing its strength. The concrete is scratchy on my bare legs as I fall down to my knees. In and out, deep breaths to settle my stomach and mind. I am so nervous to meet you this time. I know what is store for me, kind of. I’ve fantasized this to you countless times. But still. Thoughts race in my mind I cannot calm. “What if they don’t like me? What if I displease them? What if is not at all what I had envisioned?” I whimper to myself. My hair falls over my face as I shake the thoughts out of my head. I trust you, completely like no other. You would protect me with your last breadth. Instant calmness overcomes my mind, body and spirit. There it is. My answer. “It’s now or never Kitten” I lift my head, and smile. “Kitten” the pet name that is written on the note left for me at home with specific instructions on it for me to follow to the T. There were consequences if I didn’t follow them as instructed. Looking down at my attire that was carefully selected for me, I can only imagine the consequences. My pussy throbs with anticipation. I look around me, in the street. Making sure there is no one around to see me. I am not a very public person when alone, so your outfit of choice has me nervous. I sigh, and pull the coat over my shoulders, and slide it off. The wind touches my exposed thighs; I am in my black outfit. Short, and see through in most areas, if anyone is looking at me now they must be staring. I quickly pat the coat down next to me, and grab the end of my leash.
Knock, Knock, Knock. Three times, just as ordered. I raise my hands, each holding part of my leash, and lower my head. My knees are spread, opening my bare pussy to you. I am giving myself to you for this session, The minute you open that door you own me until you feel the want to kick me back out of it again. I sit there, patiently waiting. You are making me sweat, making me feel the uncomfort. Testing me, how long can I stay still. A few moments went by, in the form of minutes or hours I do not know. The door opens, I do not dare look up, I just stare at two sets of shoes. I am frozen in time, I do not dare move a muscle before command. “You have a chance to run now, go back into your car and drive away. Forget about all of this. You will be tested Kitten. You will be hurt, but you will like it. You will be bound, but you will be safe. You will be used, and abused at our will, but you will never be put in a predominately harmful state. Do you accept Kitten?” “Yes Sir. I wish to please. I wish to be used by you, and made to scream by you. Cum on only your command, only as it pleases you. Please allow me the pleasure of being your personal slut Sir.” One hand grabs my leash, as the other grabs my coat. I smile to myself. My lips curl into a shriek of surprise, as my hair is grabbed, and I am thrown into the house by it. I land with a thud, and look up at you two for the first time. I am in awe, I’ve never had two guys tower over me in dominance. Yes, I have been the sub or dom in our playtime, but timid and unsure of what to do. I’ve grown since then, I am ready for this. My thoughts are interrupted as my hair is grabbed again. I am forced back on my knees, and my face is shoved in a crotch. I feel my hands being tugged behind my back. The cold feel of steel, and the pinch tells me I’m being handcuffed. “Come on then slut, take off my pants.” I am urged by your friend. He still firmly holds my face to his crotch. I hesitate, not knowing what to do here. “With your teeth” He pulls my head back, and grabs my cheeks harshly. Opening my mouth slightly. “Yes Sir.” I say, doing my best with the mouth he has formed into an O by grabbing. He releases me and I start to bite at his pants. Slowly pulling them over the button. I try to bite at the zipper but I can’t seem to grab it firmly enough. It keeps slipping away. After a few tries I have it enough to pull it down half way. After a few more it’s pulled down the whole way. I grab a belt loop in the same fashion, and bend over, causing his pants to fall to the ground. I rub my face over the crotch of his boxers, before sliding up to the waist and pulling those down as well. I see the “creature” spring up, and it makes me giggle slightly. It is so large, the only choices I have are to giggle or scream. How will I ever handle this. I lick the precum off the tip greedily. It tastes so sweet. I pull the head into my mouth and suck on it softly. I need to get used to this monster. You grab the back of my head and push me down on it. I brace myself against his thighs and try to relax as much as I can. I gag on him, and choke a little. Then he is pushing his cock down my throat himself. I feel myself resisting him, I try to relax more. I start to pull against him, feeling the pain in my chest, needing oxygen. He continues to pull me down on his rock hard cock. You hold me in place, and watch me squirm for a moment before letting me go. I cough and gasp, choking out the feeling of it that my throat doesn’t quite comprehend as a good thing. I want more. I catch my breath for a moment before attacking the creature with my tongue. I see you approaching me, feeling the cuffs fall from my wrists and I immediately wrap a hand around your shaft. My attention is now held by my cock beside me as well. I continue to stroke my cock, as I play around with his cock in my mouth. Licking it, up and down, suckling on the head, and bobbing it down my throat. Trying to get as much as I can in, but thickness is my weakness. My mouth just can’t seem to get it all in my throat and I’m getting frustrated. A few moments pass, before my leash is tugged by him. I look up at him, just in time for him to pick me up and throw me over his shoulder. You smack my ass, making me squirm, and wiggle around.
We end up in a bedroom, where I am thrown onto the middle of the bed. I roll onto my back, and look at the two men before me. Your eyes are fogged over with lust and desire for the piece of meat in front of you. He crawls onto the bed, and grabs my knees. Spreading them apart as far as they will go. He holds my thighs in place as he starts to kiss them, and rub them. Teasingly close to my pussy but without touching it. You unlatch my leash and throw it across the room. You silence my whimpers of desperation with a kiss. Hard and rough you explore my mouth, I try to keep up but this moment is so intense for me. His tongue finds my clit, and he starts to play, flicking it, licking it, biting it. I squirm, and moan into your kiss. You find a nipple and grab it, twists it, smacks it. I feel myself coming close to an orgasm already, but I try to hold it out as long as I can. His tongue is relentless on my clit, he wants me to cum, and he wants it now! “Please, may I cum for you, please!” I beg, escaping your sweet lips for only a second before they continue their assault. “Cum for me slut” he says, before returning to my sweet pussy. My body shakes in orgasm as I scream into your mouth. I lay back, trying to regain my composure. Then you grabs my hips and twists them, causing me to land on my knees, face in the pillows, hands secured behind my back. You toy with my clit using the head of my cock, teasing me. “Please fuck me Sir, please!” I beg, my mind is flooded with passion, it is all I can conceive right now. My pleas are responded with a hard and fast thrust into my dripping pussy. I scream as I feel myself stretch around my cock, my tight pussy hugging it so tightly I can feel every crevice of your thick cock. You grab my hair and start to thrust in me hard and fast. Then he puts my screaming mouth to use by shoving his own cock in it. I am gagged, yet still trying to scream out with pleasure as you fuck my pussy hard. I orgasm after orgasm, not being able to stop. I don’t know how to control when it’s this intense. You both pull out at the same time, and a whimper escapes my lips. You lay down, and pulls me on top of you, while he lines up behind me. You are kissing me, and play with my nipples while he eases his way into my inexperienced ass. I whimper, and shake with the pain, but you hold onto me tight, and try to calm me, relax me as he enters my tight almost virgin ass. When he gets his whole cock in, everything stops. There is a pause, giving me time to adjust. I nod my head that I am okay, then he starts to thrust in and out slowly. You slid my cock in my pussy again, and match his pace. I throw my head back and feel the pleasure mix with the pain, in a sweet harmony only a master of pleasure could create, or in this case two masters of pleasure. The pace quickens, I can do nothing but scream and orgasm. I’m pinned between your bodies, and frozen with orgasms one after the other. He pulls my hair back, and shoves two fingers down my throat to dull my screams of pleasure out slightly. I gag around them, but continue screaming with delight. I feel my body tensing more and more with every moment, every thrust, every grunt from the Masters taking my body and bending it to their pleasure. I am suddenly filled with cum as you both explode in me. His guttural cum voice fills my ear as he releases. Your sudden stopping, feeling my cock pulse a huge stream of cum. I feel myself suddenly empty as you both pull out, when I am rolled onto my back. I see two cocks above me, and I smile up at you both.
Unable to move just yet, pussy still twitching from the pleasure. He then strokes my hair, “Good girl” you whisper before kissing my forehead. “Now, about cumming without permission.”
I smile nervously, knowing I’m in trouble.
Delicious trouble that I can’t wait to be punished for.

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