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Jun 222015

Take me SHOPPING!!!          Something sexy from behind!

So I want to thank all of you that send me gifts and pick things for my “Wish List.” It is so nice and SEXY when I come home from a race or get an anonymous package from a fan with nothing but an email address and what they want me to do for them in their special outfit! It makes me SO wet!!! I LOVE taking “special” pictures for you or making hubby video me while I make you your own personal video, VERY HOT!!! But what I REALLY want and need is someone to cum take me shopping! Maybe we go get lunch and talk about what your fantasy is. We make a plan of what store to go to and after we are done with lunch, we head to the stores where you pick things out you want me to try on. Than I model them for you and pick out your favorites! (Maybe you could cum into the dressing room to “Zip me UP!”) Then maybe head out for dinner in one of those SEXY outfits and after, we head back to your place and see how they come off! (Or maybe you just FUCK ME out of them! Videoing the whole affair for hubby of course! Maybe we have him chauffeur us around?) Anyone interested in taking me shopping? Send pictures of yourself and what you have in mind and let’s get those juices flowing!!! WickedVegas@gmail.com is a GREAT way to get started!


Oct 022014

I am truly sorry for not being online the past few days … I would love nothing more than to be here in front of my computer playing with you all day!! Work has taken a front burner this week and my evenings are packed with sports for my children making life crazy fun and busy. Then when I get them tucked in at 9, it is a quick fuck and then I instantly pass out and up before the sun the next morning!!

Life is good and soon you will get your Wicked more! Please come and check it out here … I do get to pop in every once in a while, even if it is only for a minute!!

Licks & Kisses

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Dominate me

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Sep 262014

This is way outside of my comfort zone to write like this. I am a very good sub … I do love to please and makes it difficult sometimes to be the Dom in my marriage but it is a great challenge for me. I have never been a sub as I have written here and  maybe look forward to it one day from a boyfriend or two!



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