Wicked Hotwife Training


You would not believe the emails, notes and messages I get on how do I get my ____________ (insert wife, girlfriend or significant other here) to be just like you?

I want to be a cuckold or I want my own HotWife! HELP!!

Well lucky for you, she is unique and special just as she is! As for wanting your own HotWife yourself, well, that is a horse of a different color now isn’t it?

1st things 1st … Answer these questions:


  • Why do you want to do this?
    • Does she even know about your desire to do this?
    • Have you talked about this at any length at all?
  • What kind of HotWife do you want to have?
  • What kind of cuckold do you want to be?

#1 Why do you want this?

This could be a very simple answer. As simple as it turns you on! Nothing wrong with that! If you found me, you have obviously liked my posts and reposts. You enjoy porn and want to enhance your own sex life. Is it because you believe your relationship needs some spice and this lifestyle will rescue it? Nothing wrong with that! It is admirable that you want to aide in the health of your relationship. Is it out of curiosity? Nothing wrong with that! Life is too short right? Why not experience everything you can, right? There is no wrong answer here as long as there are honorable intentions. No room for lying or deceit in a relationship so don’t go there. Now you just need to learn how to go about it. Hopefully I can assist in your journey.

Bottom Line:

Search for the reason why then make your plan to make it reality!

#2 & 3 Does she know about your secret desires?

We are amazing goddesses us women, mind readers we are not. And much to our dismay, we know that you are not mind readers either … though you are getting pretty smart on picking up the tones in our voices. We need to hear these things out loud. For a few of you, maybe letter writing would be more comfortable. However it is said, it needs to be said. Open a line of communication with your chosen one and above all else be patient! You may have always thought of this, but she is just now finding out about this and will go through an array of emotions to be able to come to terms with this. Here is a part of my story:

Unbeknownst to me, my husband longed for a lifestyle such as we are living now … but entered our relationship NOT telling me. We were swept away with each other from the word go, and he never had a chance to catch his breath to tell me a single thing. So, realizing we were almost a year into our relationship and never mentioning a thing about his secret desires, his fantasies, nothing he decided one day to start whispering in my ear while he was fucking me (brilliant idea by the way). He told me he wanted to see another cock fuck my pussy. Two things happened. #1 Relief that he had finally said it I am sure and #2 he came instantly … and to be more accurate three things happened. His wife was instantly in shock! WHAT? Did you really say what I think you said? And WTF? We just started and you came already??

That is how I found out about this lifestyle. Tumblr was my 1st place to go and I self taught myself on what this wild, amazing and wicked lifestyle world is all about, holding my husband’s hand the whole time. There were a million questions to be asked and answered … but the 1st question I asked was “Am I not enough for you?” The most reassuring eyes in the world looked into mine and said of course you are! This “stuff” is just extra! It turns me on and I really want to do this! Well, my mind believed him for sure, why wouldn’t I? Crazy head over heels in love with this man AND I also got to have the most mind blowing sex I have ever had in my life … of course my mind believed him … But my heart …. my heart was crushed, shattered beyond all recognition and couldn’t believe a single word he said.

I do not think I am unlike most women in what I am about to say. Heart and mind do not see the same things at all. My heart is the most tender of any heart on this planet I believe, it hurts for the smallest of things … but yes I will crush a spider to pulp though and not shed a tear and my heart and mind will audibly thank me every time … Empathy I think is what I suffer from. Wayyy too much empathy. But I am not a crybaby … it does take me a lot to make me cry for your information. But it is what I am. Can’t fault me for it. It is what it is. What my husband was suggesting was incomprehensible and went against everything I believed in for my marriage. A mutually magnanimous relationship. He wanted what? He would ENJOY watching his wife being fucked by another man … or woman? Then I began internalizing this whole idea. I am a horrible lover. He doesn’t love me any more, but doesn’t want to ruin our family by leaving so I’ll talk her into this. Or worse, HE WANTS TO FUCK OTHER PEOPLE TOO!! Hahaha the mind can play so many tricks on you, and with dealings of the heart, hardly anything in the world can calm the storm that is brewing within. My poor husband has the mind of a genius and a tender caring heart to help me get to where I am today in this lifestyle and the patience of a saint (well he did have his moments LOL). He was able to calm the storm in me and reassured me that everything was perfect, I WAS enough and this is just something he wanted to ADD to our relationship to enhance it and he just wanted others to enjoy me too and it would make him very happy. We dissected this lifestyle to its very core. Separated every aspect of it and built a lifestyle we can both be very happy with.

I do not think you could possibly imagine ALL the different relationships we read upon in our research! Some of them so scary that it nearly made me run for the hills … no matter how much I loved this man! Ha! It was then that we realized we can make up our own rules for OUR own lifestyle! With doing our homework thanks to Google and Tumblr, we took bits and pieces from nearly every blog we visited and melded them into what we needed.

We planned our lifestyle down to the minute detail so that we could be happy with our choices, together. What we needed to fit our ideal lifestyle was decided upon and the green flag thrown but all the while communication was and will always be an integral part of our lifestyle. Assurance by the both of us is necessary for this to thrive and at any moment of this, whether I am getting ready for a date or with someone else, if one of us says stop, we stop. No questions asked, no pleading … nothing. Lifestyle play is not worth deteriorating a relationship. If you both aren’t having fun, you should look at other options to help each other out. More about that later I am sure.

Bottom Line:

3 Integral aspects to make a lifestyle decision:

  1. Communication
  2. Respect
  3. Patience

If she doesn’t know your deepest desires, how is she supposed to make them a reality? Open the lines of communication. She loves you and wants to please you. If you are starting a relationship … PUT IT OUT THERE RIGHT AWAY. Don’t set yourself up for failure. There is a soul for everyone and you’ll find her if you are honest with her and yourself. Respect the choices you make and each other. Be patient, let her catch her breath. There will be no room for ego or anger. Those two will certainly be the death of making any lifestyle choices. You too can have all you have ever wanted if you work at it!

#4 What kind of HotWife do you want to have?

What does your wife or girlfriend look like in your eyes being a HotWife? Is she dressed to the nines all the time? Is she on the constant hunt for cock? Does she speak to you differently now? Is she going to tease you relentlessly sexually? Does she get to have as much cock as she can handle that doesn’t include yours?

#5 What kind of cuckold do you want to be?

9 times out of 10 your typical cuckold is an alpha male. He makes a million decisions, makes important decisions all day long, provides handsomely for his family and just wants a break from it all. He doesn’t want to tell anyone what to do when he is off the clock. He wants to be told what to do and to be ordered around. He wants someone else to have all the control. He wants his woman to dominate his sex life and be in charge of his most prized possession … his cock!

Are you the cuckold that has your prized possession locked up in a cage handing the key to your woman? How do you want her to treat you while your cock, correction … HER cock, is locked up? How do you want her to talk to you?


Licks & Kisses

(¸.•´ (¸.•` Wicked