The HotWife Story


My phone is ringing, I pick it up and a very distraught woman is on the other line and it takes several minutes of listening to get a word in.

“You have to believe me; we have never even met Sophia.” I waited breathlessly for a response on the other end of the line, for what seemed like an eternity.

“I simply cannot believe you Wicked or whatever you call yourself,” Sophia says with a tender little sob. “How could you possibly do this to my family?”

Oh good heavens, this is probably the worst moment I have been waiting for for nearly 2 years.  I have had conversations in my mind over and over on how it would go and what would be said. Now I can’t even utter a word. I was very true. I have never met her husband ever in person. We have only carried online with each other because he came to me for some assistance. You see, I am what you would call a HotWife.

A HotWife is: ‎(plural HotWives)

  1. (slang) A married female swinger; a wife who has sex with men and women other than her husband, with the husband’s approval.


Pretty accurate and I could go on about the subject longer but Sophia here is in dire straits. Lets take you to the beginning …

I have a very active Tumblr blog and a website that entertains me and hubby. We blog our lifestyle and through posts, we blog what turns me on. Through Tumblr, I met her husband Gavin, who at the time never disclosed that he was married, nor did I ask. What a sexy man. A gorgeous man with a hard rock body and one of the most beautiful cocks I have ever seen. Though I have the perfect cock for me with my husbands, I can only imagine this cock of Gavin’s had to be the 2nd most amazing cock in the entire world. After all, I am a HotWife and it my job to find amazing cocks to play with! When he 1st messaged me, I was flattered beyond belief and was acting like a school girl. The sexiest English accent is what I imagined as I read his words because he lived across the pond if you will. Unlike most messages I get on a daily basis, his words were kind, respectful and at the very same time sultry and naughty! How is that even possible? But he spoke to my pussy and whenever I saw his own sexy blog, I would get a little lady wood! Very cleaver Mr. Gavin was and I would fuck my husband magnificently while imagining I was being fucked with his beautiful cock! But oh so far away, why oh why? We wrote back and forth about me coming for a visit and just as I was on the cusp of hitting the purchase button for my plane ticket, he drops the bombshell. Although it was a crushing blow to find out he was married, we talked in length still and I have nothing but the utmost respect for him. He is a man. He has a sexual appetite that is huge and it is hard to quench like most men I know. I seem to have the same sexual appetite, though I believe I can out fuck anyone on the planet, but that is just my humble opinion. He also has a gorgeous wife that he loves more than life and two beautiful children that I have had the pleasure to see a picture of. He doesn’t want to ruin that. He isn’t looking for a replacement. He wants his fantasies fulfilled.

I can totally relate to this. Four years ago, my husband was fucking me and on top. His strong arms wrapped around me and every square inch of our bodies was touching. Something was amiss and I asked what he was thinking about. He said, “I don’t think you want to know”.” Go ahead, tell me. I think all the bills were paid.” He laughs sweetly in my ear and says, “No, it isn’t about the bills.” His breathing quickened and hot in my ear and then he starts whispering, “I was actually imagining someone else sliding their cock into my wife’s pussy” and the next this I knew as quickly as he said it, he is exploding inside me quite abruptly! Well come to find out, my husband has these fantasies that over the past few years, we have implemented and have a pretty damn fun lifestyle! I will say it didn’t “just” happen either. There were many many MANY conversations, 90% of them while he was fucking me I might add! I laugh and call his cock my Truth Stick because you just can’t fake it and pretend you want this lifestyle to explode like he does when he talks about his fantasies! Maybe more about this part of our growing together as a couple another time.

Gavin has these fantasies too. Albeit not all the same, no ones are, but everyone has them. Gavin uses his Tumblr to express his fantasies and desires. He would love for his wife to be more open like myself and wishes for his fantasies to come true. He and I had just gotten to discuss on how to let his wife know this is how he wants his marriage when she called me. So you are all caught up.

“I was simply getting on my computer to check in on my flights and I find his Tumblr on the screen. I never use his laptop but one of the children was on mine. All this, this porn staring me in the face. I click on the messages and there is your conversation with MY husband. He wants me to do WHAT? He wants me to do THAT?” I let her vent. She deserved to vent. I wanted to hear. I needed to hear what she had to say. I let her every word, though filled with venom and disgust, seep into my pores. I put myself into her shoes and allowed myself to feel how this heartbroken wife felt. I am very understanding and patient and let the line finally rest, well kind of, with her sobbing still on the line. She was done venting, for now. “Well?” she said after quite a long pause. “What do you have to say for yourself?” “1st of all, my name is _________ (Wicked to you my lovely readers!) and I truly want you to understand what is going on here. Above all else I need you to know right now that your husband and I have not slept together at all so please let that soak in and I think the rest of the conversation can go much better.” I paused for a minute and knew she was a bright woman because she didn’t lash out at me and was as calm as could be expected. I explained that her husband reached out to me and we had some sexy banter and to be honest I was becoming quite smitten with him. Then I told her I was very willing to fly to Europe to visit him then he told me he had a confession. That he had a beautiful wife and children. I told her I was a bit crushed but thanked him for being honest and turned our banter into more of like therapy for him. He shared with me his fantasies and desires for a lifestyle with you, his wife, but was not sure about how to ask for it. I told him to be honest and open up the lines of communication. Ask her 1st if SHE had any fantasies. “He did ask me!” she whispers to me. “What did you tell him?” I asked. “I don’t have any,” she said and I giggled. “Pardon me?” she asked “is this funny to you?” “No, no” I say “I’m sorry, but that is exactly what I had told my husband over 4 years ago when he asked me that very same question.” “Oh” was her only response. I paused for a minute then continued to tell her that I encouraged him to drop hints of what his fantasies were, not all at once so she doesn’t freak out too badly and she giggled. “He has been very forth coming when it comes to his fantasies lately. To tell you the truth, I had no idea of any of this.” I said, “Most men and women feel that they are going to be labeled freaks or even worse, rejected by the one they love the most. Confessing something so intimate opens your lover wide open and what you do with the information given will, depending on your reaction, can either be incredibly liberating or utterly disastrous. 9 out of ten times men or women will not confess because they assume the worse is going to happen. So in turn, they have these fester inside them and they close off a part of themselves to others and will not feel complete.” I allow this to sink in and let her process it. ”How do I go about all of this? Do I just go fuck the next guy I see? Do I let him fuck whoever he wants, even you?” “No.” I simply say. “What? That is not the answer I expected to hear from you. “Then what?” she asked.  “Go home and talk to your husband. Find out your limits, personally and relationship wise. Set clear and agreed upon rules on both sides. Establish the Lifestyle you wish to live, and make up your own rules. But sit down and talk it out, constantly. Have a wide open line of communication with each other and remember, if it doesn’t turn you both on, then what are you doing it for? There will be compromises, but don’t lose the bigger picture, your life together as husband and wife.” “You and your husband love this lifestyle of yours?” she asked. “Very much Sophia, very much. It is incredibly rewarding and exhilarating and more!”

More yet to cum … To be continued ……………

Chapter two ~ Homework