Hotwife Story Chapter Two Homework


“Oh no, I couldn’t possibly want to learn about this!”

“Why not Sophia; don’t you want your husband happy? Don’t you want him to be more attentive? Don’t you want him to please you like you are the Goddess of all Goddesses?”

”I already have that,” she said a little timidly; already doubting herself as the words came out of her mouth.

“Well then if that is the case, then making a few changes to your relationship will absolutely blow your mind!”

“How nice is that of you to say? How nice for YOU to be all comfy in your skin to be able to do anything you damn well please! I don’t know. This is all too weird for me. It isn’t right. There isn’t anything normal about it either! Sex between a husband and wife, should be just that, between husband and wife!!”

“Honey you don’t know how much we are alike when I discovered this lifestyle. Your mind explodes with all these thoughts that you have no idea what to do with. Your mind starts to play games with you and you wonder what is real and which are lies. You begin to doubt your relationship, your marriage, your husband and yourself. You’ll wonder if all he really wants is someone else, that you aren’t good enough and if he really loves you. The answer is simple really. He has fantasies. He has opened his mind to a world of erotica that turns him on like nothing else. He see YOU in these fantasies wanting to see YOU do all these things and to do things to and for him. He wants to broaden the sexual side of your marriage to enjoy all that life has to offer!”

“I need to go,” she says.

“I want you to think about this Sophia. I want you to do some homework and look up this lifestyle. Tumblr is a good visual study. Look at my blog and website to see what he likes. Look at HIS Tumblr and see what turns him on. What I do not want you to do is to go off on him. He has done nothing but fantasize of this lifestyle. Sit down with him and ask questions I know are burning within you to be asked. Open your mind and see that your husband just found a kinky side to him he didn’t know about until now.”

“Can I call upon you again if I need to?” she asked me after a gentle pause.

“Of course, please do! Here take down every way you can get ahold of me and whenever you need to talk, you know how to get me.”

And she did just that after she hung up. She began to research her husband’s fascination with this new sex lifestyle. She couldn’t believe what she saw half the time. Men with men. Women with women. Groups of girls with girls, boys with boys. Men’s cocks with contraptions on them?! Men dressing as women. Arms up to their elbows in someone’s  ass … how in the world?!?  “Oh what on earth am I getting myself into?” Hour upon hours; page after page; blog after never ending blog of the strangest sex she had ever seen. But then something funny started to happen. She found that she was drawn to certain things.  She found herself wanting to touch herself, so she did. “Oh,” she gasped as her pussy was a lot wetter than she had anticipated. “How is it possible to be turned on with all of … THIS?”

She was unusually quiet around the house for the next few days. She wanted to look at her husband, really look at him. She studied his every movement without trying to look too stalkerish. When he spoke, she looked as deep into those eyes of his as she could get. She watched him with the children very closely too. After a few days she saw nothing in him that would tell her that he had this crazy fantasy life she knew he had. He still looked at her the same as he always had. He acted as normal as she could ever remember and he loved the kids more than ever as well as herself. She wanted everything to make sense. She wanted logical. She needed to understand what in the world was happening to herself even in discovering her husband’s fantasy now that maybe she quietly unleashed a fantasy or two of her very own. Her head was spinning not know which side was up either.

A few weeks later she called me. “Hello Sophia, how are you?”

“I don’t even know where to begin. My head is all a mess. I really don’t even know why I called you.”

“I know why Honey. It is because I am probably the only person in the world right now who knows what you are going thru, correct?”

After a thoughtful minute she said yes. “You should be the very last person I should be calling. You should be slapped for what you put me thru in those first few days of finding out about you. Certainly not the first person to call when I need to talk to someone … but I wouldn’t even know how to begin asking one of my friends.” A huge sigh escaped her lips. “But here I am calling you. Calling you after I have exhausted myself over and over looking and reading all these blogs, your website and still needing to understand it all AND some even MORE things that I have discovered along the way!”

“Well, where would you like to start from Sophia?”

More yet to cum … To be continued……………………………………………………